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Fic writer/reader. Humor, romance, drama. You can read stories by me about other fandoms at my ff.net account :) And please support me on patreon! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=319852&u=319852&ty=h


Cadance, Shining Armor, you had one job--don't make a baby that will bring about the apocalpyse of ponykind as we all know it.

Well, so much for that plan of action.

Yes, Flurry Heart is here, she's powerful, she's an alicorn, and she nearly took out the Crystal Empire just by crying! Time to take a look at some 'off screen' moments about how exactly everypony is coping with this information and all of the events it set into motion.

Looking for a clear plot? Ha, I dare you to find one! This story is as slice of life as you can get!

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I give you all my applause! (until the next story)
You really captured everypony's personality, especially Luna and Discord. I do admit that I can't find the episode yet, but I'm pretty sure this fit in with it.
Good job!

7086113 Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it :) And thanks for the fav! And for favoriting We're the Same! too :twilightsmile:

7088682 You're Welcome! They're good stories, and you write Discord well.

“For Equestria!” both sisters announced together before flying up and putting themselves back to back to spin in a circle blasting as many clouds as possible all at once.

Am I the only one who pictured this scene as being similar to the FOR NARNIA! battlecry?

Ladies do seem to love the beard. You know, once she recovers from pregnancy, the Princess of Shipping is going to discover the feelings her daughter's Chrystaller is harboring, and then she shall begin her Holy Work!

7093703 Lol, I would LOVE for her to make setting them up a priority! :rainbowlaugh:

7170065 I am planning to actually, but I do want to see some more of both of their characters first so that I can make sure I have a good handle on their chemistry. But seriously, the two of them at least thought about it when they saw each other--if it doesn't happen right away, it feels bound to happen down the road lol. :moustache:

Hm. Short, but cute and to the point, and you definitely have the slice of life down.

I like it.

Spike, however, just smiled and then took a seat beside her. “Starlight,” his grin became cheeky, and his eyes hazed, “do you like Sunburst?”

Someone needs to hire you as a show writer. This isn't fanfiction quality. This is novel quality.

You stay on target with the source material.

7673440 Awww :raritystarry: Thank you so very much! That's so kind of you to say! :scootangel: And thanks for the favorite!

(I'm actually finishing up an internship at an animation company right now, so we'll see :yay:)

I'm thinking about writing another one shot in a similar style to this soon (the different glances at everyone's perspectives). I hope you enjoy it if you get to check it out :) It'll be based on the season finale.


(And I had that Spongebob thing in mind when i wrote that, lol!)

Man this was on my list for a long time... After reading this I loved it! Oh man, you should do a series of Discord and Smooze watching the whole series in the background doing commentary :rainbowlaugh:

Lol, thanks, glad you liked it! :twilightsmile: And omg, that is a hilarious idea! Discord and Smooze just doing a 'Mystery Science Theater' of the series, maybe with random guests popping in (Chrysalis, Flurry Heart). Or even just a blog of the two of them reacting/responding to stuff. If I had the internet/artistic skills, I'd love to make that as a web series or blog. If you ever want to, go for it! But otherwise I'll keep in mind doing another one shot like this if another ep inspires me for it. Thanks for the idea : )

I might do that... I've been always wanting to write something simple first but after reading the part about Discord and the Smooze and now your idea I'm like man this would be perfect comedy story!

“Are we sure she’s not a minion of Sombra’s setting the stage for his return?” Luna couldn’t help but ask with a cheeky smile as she flew by Celestia and blasted away the cloud that had doused her sister.

Okay. I want to call major horseshite on the fandom's obessesion with Flurry being evil of some kind. She's a baby for crying out loud.

Babies are genetically programmed to throw temper tantrums. It does not make them evil.

And no I don't care if this is meant as a joke or not. This is horrible, and peeple should feel horrible for even thinking it.

Since you’re aware it’s a joke, I suppose reminding you of that fact won’t be very helpful lol. I’m not sure what’s caused you to be so negatively emotionally invested in half a line about a fictional character from an amateur story. But I hope the root of whatever’s distressing you finds some relief soon. Take care :heart:
And thank you for the favorite...I think.

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