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There has long been a secret in Equestria, known only to those who have become mothers. It is known simply as the 'naming dream', a personalized dreamscape greeting from one of the princesses, where they praise the expectant mare for bringing forth new life, and give them a suggestion on what to name their foal. As almost every pony in Equestria has a name that lines up with their future endeavors, this suggestion is almost always taken to heart.

Unfortunately, it is not always the case. After seeing her daughter turn over a new leaf to help the "blank flanks", Spoiled Rich takes a look at herself, and her life. She has lived a privileged life, and is indeed spoiled. But why was she given the name Spoiled Milk? Only one pony in Equestria would have that answer: Princess Celestia.

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I would love to know why her mother named her that, because it did ruin her future, and her mother must have been aware that would happen.

So, I tried to imply it with subtext. Perhaps it didn't hit the nail like I wanted. Sweet Cream saw Spoiled Milk as spoiled milk, AKA useless and unwanted. An unwanted pregnancy and second child when she already had borne a son to take over the family business. She then groomed Spoiled to be an upper class snob to attract a wealthy stallion who would take her off her hands. Spoiled was made into a rich bitch, not born one, and thus can be redeemed, just like her daughter.

I'm with you Plus if the old girl is going to reform then why not learn jewelry and stone cutting. True she is starting late but it could be a hobby and perhaps turn into something for both her and DT.

I like it. You don't see many attempts to humanize Spoiled, and it's interesting to see a try at it. Particularly one coming at it from the angle of the name. If I had any criticism it would be that this almost seems a bit too abrupt near the end - while I of all writers can't throw stones about making things short, this almost feels like the opener rather than a complete story.

Nicely done. :3

I really enjoyed it. It did a great job of humanizing er ponyizing Spoiled.

Well done wordsmith!

I love this sympathetic portrayal of Spoiled. Never knowing a mother's love, she couldn't express it to her own daughter.

I don't really have anything to add beyond what others have already stated. Spoiled Rich seems to be one of those one-note characters the show created for a purpose then never thought of again, like Hayseed Turnip Truck. Except, she did return, which makes her one of the sadder character types: one made for the express purpose of being a terrible person.

Are you planning on doing something similar to this story, but with Fluttershy's brother instead?

No. Zephyr Breeze, for all his faults, got his redemption arc in his own episode. Besides, this isn't really a redemption story. More my take on why anypony would be saddled with a name like Spoiled Milk. With a hint of generational abuse.

This was both interesting and heartwarming.

It's always lovely to find a story, you can just sink into and enjoy.

Brilliant work.

As upsetting a scenario that may be, I like that as a back story for Spoiled a lot. It would make a lot of sense. And the whole concept of the Naming Dream is a great way to explain how parents naming their foals something appropriate to their future isn't merely coincidence or contrived by the show. Great bit of world building you've done. I tip my hat to you. :twilightsmile:

The naming dream is a concept I have headcanoned for years. In my mind, the only way that ponies are (almost) always named in conjunction with their future talent or job is through some kind of outside inspiration. And I maintain that Celestia can see the future, or predict destiny, so it figures that she would be able to make such premonitions.

That actually makes a lot of sense. Spoiled mentioning the "whole name change" when married can also tie into why Mrs. Cake said she was originally Chiffon Swirl, that she changed her whole name when she married Carrot Cake. Although I personally think "cupcake" is a nickname given to her that references both her new surname and her cutie mark.

"I certainly thought so," Celestia replied, placing a wing over each pony before her, "I suppose your mother wanted to keep the naming theme, with each of her children bearing the family name. But I fear that she set you on a path most unlike what I had envisioned."

Think you needed to add a space between these two final sentences.

Sour cream uses spoiled milk.

The princess seeing the future only came up once, and then never again.cThe princess seeing the future only came up once, and then never again Of course mrs cane easily changed her name completely

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