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Though Starlight knows a great deal about Twilight and her life in Ponyville, she is nevertheless curious about what that life was like prior to her arrival onto the scene. Discord, who is always up for getting involved with things like this, decides to show Starlight perhaps the most important part of Twilight's earliest days in the town.

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whoa great meaningful heartfelt story

This was sweet. Nice to see Discord be helpful here.

Excellent job on yet another beautiful one-shot. Yeah, I can see Starlight reflecting on Twilight's first home in Ponyville and Discord bringing it back. And, yeah, I can ESPECIALLY see Twilight being grateful for the gesture.

All in all, the exchanges, characterizations and general wrap-up were all well done in all the right places.

Got a little misty-eyed reading this one, great heartfelt story James! :fluttercry::twilightsmile:

Looking down to the photos, Starlight gently placed her hand upon one right in the middle, featuring Twilight and all of her friends standing in front of the Golden Oak. "So this was her home? Before she met me?"

I stopped reading here, to go check if the story was anthro. Typo, I guess.

9949737 Thanks for telling me :twilightsmile:

This was nice reading. I like the way you brought across Discord's lingering guilt or embarrassment over the S4 finale without being too overt or telling it directly.

that and it's be

It'll be..... Ps great story.

9950753 Sorry, but where was that one?


One more remark like that and it's be five goblin armies

...Oh, great, this story made my throat tighten...

I’d almost say this warrants a sad tag.

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