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This story is a sequel to A New World, a New Way

It has been months since the Pokemon came to Equss, and so far both species have slowly learned to coexist and accept each other. Humans are virtually extinct with the unworthy ones still stuck on Earth, and the chosen turned into Pokemon against their will.

Arceus has slowly begun to regain his power and assert his authority over his Pokemon children, all the while making it clear that humanity as a species is done and that no former humans will be reverted back to their original forms.

However, when a mysterious incident occurs in the area north of the Crystal Empire, so begins a series of events that not only starts to unravel long forgotten secrets of the world, but a conflict that will determine both the future and "history" of the planet itself.

This is a NON-CANON story set in the "A New World, A New Way" universe as well as a crossover with Fate Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt. It is set after the events of both series First Arc and acts as an alternate sequel. Reading the main story is highly recommended to understand some of the characters and settings.

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This was a new world, and now they had to find a new way to live in it.


I feel conflicted about this prologue. On one hand, there's a lot going on and there's a lot of grammatical errors, but on the other hand, it's suspenseful.

I think I found one of the best songs that would fit a human who is against Arceus and the change

Actually some of it Is written intentionally that way

He then entered one house, it was home to a nuclear family of Cubone and Marowak.

Yes, surely the whole of Equestria would glow in a great light.

Yes, do it
A great nuclear explosion XD

Arceus: Creates a time space anomaly that threatens the human order.

Chaldea: “Ah shit, here we go again”

So, how long do we need to wait until Chaldea makes their first major appearance and reveals to the world that humanity ain’t dead?

I’m pretty sure that this is indeed the Nasuverse humanity and not the Pokemon Universe’s humanity, but the fact that they are still humans is more than enough to put Arceus and the other legendary Pokémon on edge. And something tells me that Arceus won’t be able to just will away the humans of Chaldea or the lostbelts, or change them into Pokemon, since they probably have their own nasuverse-brand conceptual bullshit protecting them from his godly powers, which will surely put him into a very agitated mood.

On top of that, given how these humans also have magecraft and heroic spirits aiding them as well, any Pokémon who gets in their way are most likely in for a really nasty surprise.


I see you know your Nasuverse lore, good

As for when Chaldea will appear, you’ll have to wait and see. It’s soon, but not now.

Or he is trying to perform some twisted magic ritual and is using the family as the sacrificial catalyst for it.

We have to remember that quite a few magi in Type moon tend to be cutthroat and would use other people and creatures to improve their craft. In this case, Pokemon would be seen as phantasmal creatures that can be harvested for resources to fuel ones magecraft.

I don’t know who our mystery man is here, but he is definitely a mage if some sort. And I fear whatever he has planned for that poor Pokémon family will bring about a grim tragedy for them.

I’m looking forward to it. I’m also look forward to all the juicy interactions between the Ponies, Pokemon and Type-Moon characters.

Best of luck to you, fellow Master of Chaldea.

Well, that's definitely Meph. That's going to be fun.

Arceus had it coming ,thinking like if he and alicorns owned the whole planet

Do my eyes deceive me? Did we just witness the man, the myth, the Regend himself take on a Hydreigon? I can’t help but pity that poor Pokemon, for no dragon alive can ever defeat the legendary savior of France.

This Chapter was amazing, we got to see a glimpse at what our antagonists plan to do, the potential power gap between Pokémon and Servants (though I don’t expect future battles to be that clear cut since the Pokemon probably aren’t going to be complete pushovers when they start to take the servants seriously), and the mystery behind the appearance of the lost belts and a new humanity in equis deepens.

One can only imagine what the Crypters and Alien God have in store for the Pokémon, or why they are even interested in them to begin with. The Crypters are simply out to restore the Age of gods while the Alien god is out to fulfill its role as a Beast class and try to eliminate humanity, so seeing them target the Pokémon raises many questions. Keep up the good work.


Actually it’s not Regend.

I’ll give you a hint, who is the manslayer who hates when people laugh at him?

Oh, so it’s that assassin then, ok. Wait minute, doesn’t he usually have two swords though? He usually always has one sheathed away on his hip, and the other held in his hand, save for in his final ascension art where he has both drawn out and is near shirtless with a white scarf around his neck and a cool looking headband.

Well that’s a short sword used for prolonged battles, and also when he gets serious. Which meant that he didn’t see Hydreigon as a big deal.

Alright, that makes sense, especially given his personality, I just found the lack of mentioning the second sword in the story to be confusing.


Yeah, I was picturing him holding his main katana in his hand. Plus I kinda forgot his short sword was in his base ascension

Comment posted by Hellshooter deleted Oct 28th, 2020
Comment posted by Hellshooter deleted Oct 28th, 2020

That is an understandable mistake. Still, good job with this chapter.

I can’t wait to see where you go from here. I and I can’t wait to see more of the mystery surrounding the Crypters’ intentions for the Pokémon, because something tells me they aren’t just here to kill Pokémon.

While I agree that Arceus is indeed in need of some humbling, I don’t think you want the Crypters to be the ones doing it.

They should also recruit humans turned pokemon as allies.
They have a bigger motive, more determination because it would be their revenge

Karma likes to be a bitch and take the interest when taking the debt.
For Arceus actions, his family and everyone else tasted death.
He thought he was on the top of the food chain, the power hierarchy but he is just a bug

Comment posted by Hellshooter deleted Nov 18th, 2020
Comment posted by Hellshooter deleted Nov 18th, 2020

I killed off Korrina because at the beginning, she was one of the more vocal characters who didn't like being a Pokémon. And while she may have gotten over it, I thought that it would be a cruel irony for a character who didn't want to be a Pokémon, to die a Pokémon. Plus, when looking at my options, Korrina didn't have much impact or relevance in the original story other than her relationship with Lucario, which just ended up becoming another romantic subplot alongside the growing number of others.

And no, she will not be back as a servant or otherwise.

As for putting the FGO opening theme, I know that some authors like TDNpony used the Magic Kaito Opening for all of his chapters in "A New World, a New Stage". But I might just do it once and not every chapter. I want the story to speak for itself.

Oh boy, I guess this is where the fun begins. This was an amazing chapter. Not only did you manage to kick off the story proper with such a strong prologue segment, but you also managed to raise the stakes by having Izou take out three legendary Pokémon, showing just how much of a threat the Crypters and lostbelt servants are to our heroes. Maybe, after this traumatic experience, the Pokémon and ponies will approach combating servants with more caution, realizing that fighting them is nothing like a Pokémon battle. Then they will be ready next time and able to actually fight back without getting completely stomped.

On top of that, I like how Arcues was able to recognize the presence of the Alien god when he tried to sense the “Meteors” that were falling onto the planet, it makes sense that one god would detect the influence of another.

I can’t wait to see where you go next with this, and how Chaldea will get involved in the story. Keep up the good work.

PS: Why did you have to do Korrina dirty like that? I’m confident that she’ll be back somehow, either through the throne of heroes or the resolution of the lostbelts. But it still stings every time I read that scene. And I can’t help but feel bad for Lucario, the poor boy is utterly distraught.

And one more thing, since this is the end of the prologue. I think it’s time that we have an opening theme and a title card to get everyone pumped up for the story, in true FGO fashion. And think I have just the right theme for the job.

Though it may be very vanilla, I find it to be fitting given the crossover.

Understandable. As much as I would like to not see a character killed off like that, that is your choice and I will respect that. I can also understand why you would kill her off given her minor role in the main story and the irony of said death.

As for the opening, I was mostly referring to playing it to symbolize the begging of the story now that we’ve finished up the prologue. Just like in FGO when they play an opening theme to signify the beginning of a story arc in the game.

Whoo boy! This was certainly an amazing read so far!

I love the Fate series, especially Grand Order. I am very happy with seeing a story that is mixing in Cosmos in the Lostbelt with MLP (plus Pokemon).

I don't think Chaldea will be welcomed very readily after this, though I'm sure they can talk their way through it. If they just explain what's going on, though I doubt Arceus would care for any explanation they can give. Luckily, if push comes to shove, Mashu does have the Black Barrel... that thing killed ZEUS! The God who was able to defeat the White Titan of Tassili n'Ajjer, Sefar! There's no way Arceus could survive a hit from it.

Though, that will only be necessary if Celestia and the others aren't able to convince Arceus to at least hear them out. After all, Arceus is trying to take in other's opinions instead of just going in gung-ho about everything he does, after all.

I wonder if Tamamo Vitch and her "Failed/Pseudo Beast" form might even be able to give Arceus a good fight. She IS a candidate for Beast V, and we all know that Beast VII might just be stronger than Arceus. Plus... there's TYPE-Mercury AKA ORT (different from TYPE-Ort, who is described as a forest of trees with a Xibalba in its womb) hanging out somewhere, just chilling.

Also, really glad that Beryl has not yet mentioned his name. If he does, a Rhongomyniad blast will hit there about a minute afterwards. Nice that you kept that touch of none ever actually saying his name out loud, never revealing his identity.

I'm guessing Equestria is itself a Lostbelt? Though... if that were the case, where is its Fantasy Tree? Maybe it's not? Hmmmm... So many questions...

Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to any updates.


Thank you for the comment and favorite, I also appreciate a fan of Fate reacting to my story.

BTW Beryl has yet to get to that point where the Faries are trying to kill them. Me not mentioning his name was just for suspense.

Arceus has "Threat to Humanity" then Enkidu who has Anti-Threat to Humanity is summoned. I see what you did there.

I was supposed to be neutral but after this-

“My children, I am truly sorry that this has happened. It seems that humans are not done with us yet, should you ever come across a genuine human, please report them to the authorities. Do not engage them, for some of these humans may look more dangerous and powerful than they appear.

Arceus sensed as everyone took in that information, wondering what they would do with it.

“Now, some of you who are in different parts of the world, namely in places like Zebrica and Saddle Arabia, have come across large and mysterious storm walls. Beyond these storm walls, are what are known as Lostbelts, completely different worlds separate from our own. These Lostbelts are alternate histories of this world, pocket dimensions that contain different versions of humanity. These Lostbelts will continue to grow until they consume our world, and our reality is replaced with one where only humans exist.

“Now, as the god who brought you all here, that means I am partially responsible for getting us all into this situation. And to my Pokemon, for that, I am truly sorry. However, I will not let my mistake mean the end of our kind or this world. To the people of this world who hear this, I and the world leaders will be working together from now on to support each other in this coming conflict. Our world, our new lives, everything we worked for will not be destroyed at the hands of humanity. I swear to you, that we will be the ones to inherit the future!” Arceus mentally sighed as he finished.

-bullshit propaganda,lying about the situation and calling for genocide, I'm 100% on other lostbelts sides

But today that changes, from now one, you must be willing to do very questionable things in order to survive. Yes, you will have a lot of blood on your hands, you will never be able to pretend like it didn’t happen, but it must happe

They just tried to do the opposite
They literally lied about this situation to make it as if they don't do nothing wrong and can wash blood from their hands

I don't care which one of lostbelts wins,as long as this Equestria loses.
For all, I care Warhammer 4K Space Marines can brutally slaughter them, glass the planet or Galactus and similar can eat it or destroy it

I don't know if Harmony is being manipulative or oblivious but she did not tell them on what Tiamat's other title is and didn't show on what happened in Babylonia or was it erased/rewritten to not show the presence of Chaldea. And I weirdly expect the irony that they will be defeated by the power of friendship itself with Ritsuka's charisma to basically befriend everyone he/she(which gender you pick) met.

Arceus kinda knows that Harmony is not telling the whole truth about certain topics. She so far hasn't told an outright lie, but she may have omitted certain truths and context.

Come to think of it she is the Lostbelt King so she may have been a someone from either history or myth as Equestria is technically post Earth so she could be someone from the age of gods which Harmony may or may not have cause the diversion in Proper Human History. Weirdly enough I've been theorizing for a while that in your story that the Tree of Harmony is the Lostbelt Tree.

I don’t know what game Harmony is playing at here, but the very biased depictions of the Babylonian singularity she presented to the Pokémon and ponies makes her out to be very suspicious. It shows that she may not be telling them the full truth about what’s going on here, or is unaware of all the details herself. Either way, it is blatantly obvious that someone or something is trying to trick Arceus into opposing Chaldea by appealing to his paranoia towards humans.

We can only hope that Arceus can see reason and learn to cooperate with Chaldea, finally setting his hatred for humanity aside. But then again, the world decided to pin him as a threat to humanity for a reason, so Chaldea might need to smack him around a bit first before he can finally come to his senses.

This was a very good chapter, and I can’t wait to see where you go next with this story. I also can’t wait to see what enkidu’s purpose in Equis is.


I’m just imagining the Mane six trying to use rainbow power or the elements on Chaldea in an attempt to beat them with the power of friendship, only for Ritsuka to then pull out an uno reverse card on them.

What if Harmony is secretly a Disciple of the Foreign God? Oh fuck, the Tree of Harmony is a Tree of Emptiness!

Yeah, totally fits the bomb happy demon Caster

Ah, Izo, the Manslayer who trained his art by killing 100 Cats....

That’s one possibility. There is also the possibility that this Harmony is just full of sh*t because I highly doubt equestria would constitute as a lostbelt and is simply trying to trick the ponies and Pokémon into fighting Chaldea. She’s already lied about the circumstances of the Babylonian singularity, omitting both the fact that Tiamat isn’t actually dead and that the one she showed them was just an avatar, that said avatar was classified as a beast of calamity which is an entity designed to bring about the end of the world, and that she was merely a pawn in the schemes of another beast who was trying to incinerate time and space itself in a ritual to reach the root of all existence.

She is trying to make humanity look like the villains in a scenario where they were actually the victims. With that in mind, It wouldn’t be to far fetched for her to also lie about the classification of equis to make the ponies an Pokémon feel like they have to oppose Chaldea. And with the presence of forces like the mirror portal leading to a parallel realm where humanity continues to exist, I find it more believable that Equis is more actually akin to the reverse side of the world while the human side of the mirror portal is the real side, not a lostbelt.

Granted, It’s also entirely possible that Harmony isn’t lying and is just grossly misinformed. The information she is spewing could be secondhand info she got from the Alien god, and she is being manipulated into thinking that Chaldea is an enemy.

I can see that working. Me and friends once joked Equestria is either the Reverse Side, or a land where the Age of Gods never ended and Phantasmal Beasts overtook humans


I’ll say this, Equus/Equestria is a Lostbelt, and their is a reason for that which will be explained at a later date. And the mirror world is something but not what you think.

Color me intrigued my friend. Color me intrigued.


pulse it breaks all known laws of how planetary orbit works.”

Did you mean Plus?
and B. With Izo here I'm getting Redline flashbacks, and also, why doesn't it surprise me Beryl fucking Gut is behind this? Why couldn't you have stayed in Lostbelt England where you belong?

Interesting. I look forward to seeing it.

I just had an idea. Avicebron meets the Golem Legendaries, plus Gollurk and whatnot.

I’m mostly looking forward to other interactions like the dragon legendaries when they meet dragon-related servants like Saint George, Saint Martha, Siegfried, Seig, and Sigurd. Or how Arceus is going to comprehend the being behind Abigail Williams. And I don’t even know how the legendaries are going to react when they encounter bb and learn about the existence of the Mooncell.

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