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Next chapter coming March 11th · 4:00am Mar 5th, 2023

Either my job needs to stop giving me mandatory overtime, or I'm gonna find a new one.:ajbemused:

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New chapter Friday · 10:10am Nov 15th, 2022

I sincerely apologize for not updating recently. My job has given me mandatory overtime which means less time to work on writing. It’s expected to last till the end of the year

That being said, I want to make 2-3 more chapters before 2023, with the next one coming Friday.

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Arc 2 Chapter 3 coming Saturday · 2:58am Sep 19th, 2022

Apologies for the long delay, I had to sort out some stuff, and farming Grail Front plus the new version of Genshin Impact takes a lot of your time.

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New Chapter this Saturday · 3:46am Aug 8th, 2022

Hi Everyone. Just letting you know the next chapter will be published this Saturday.

Apologize for the delay, I am finishing Xenoblade Chronicles 3 which has absorbed most of my attention these last week.

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ANWANW: Requiem from the Lostbelt: Arc 2 Title Card Reveal · 3:09pm Jun 21st, 2022

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TVtropes Page for ANWANW: Requiem from the Lostbelt · 6:40pm Jun 15th, 2022

So now that Arc 1 is complete I felt that the story has enough content to warrant a section on the TVtropes page for the original story. I currently don't have much time to edit it, so I wish to issue a challenge to you, my story followers.

If we can get 20 tropes added to the section of my story before the 5th Anniversary of FGO NA, I will show off my entire servant collection once Arc 2 drops.

But that's not all.

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New Chapter out now. · 4:39pm May 21st, 2022

A slight delay, but here it is!

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Next Chapter to be released Friday the 20th, Arc 2 coming in June · 4:19am May 15th, 2022

Hello everyone, I’m making this post to inform you that the next chapter will come out this Friday, which will serve as the conclusion to Arc 1 after which an epilogue will follow before the end of May. Then, the first chapter of Arc 2 will release in June, what’s special about Arc 2 is that it will be made in collaboration with one of the authors of the “1st Canon” stories of the original “A New World a New Way” and will serve as a continuation of their story. So please read their original

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Next chapter to be released this Saturday · 12:07am Jan 17th, 2022

First of all Happy New Year to my followers on FIMFiction. To think that I am coming up on being here for a decade, how time flies! With the advent of Gen 5 I hope the fans of the new series will help keep this site alive for many more years to come.

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Currently on break for Christmas · 4:47pm Dec 26th, 2021

Because some of you are starting to ask, there will be no new chapters of Requiem from the Lostbelt until January as like many I am on vacation for the rest of the year. I probably should have made this clear before but I’m saying this now. The next chapter will probably be a long one so I will need time for that. I hope you understand.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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