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This story is a sequel to A New World, a New Way

It has been months since the Pokemon came to Equss, and so far both species have slowly learned to coexist and accept each other. Humans are virtually extinct with the unworthy ones still stuck on Earth, and the chosen turned into Pokemon against their will.

Arceus has slowly begun to regain his power and assert his authority over his Pokemon children, all the while making it clear that humanity as a species is done and that no former humans will be reverted back to their original forms.

However, when a mysterious incident occurs in the area north of the Crystal Empire, so begins a series of events that not only starts to unravel long forgotten secrets of the world, but a conflict that will determine both the future and "history" of the planet itself.

This is a NON-CANON story set in the "A New World, A New Way" universe as well as a crossover with Fate Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt. It is set after the events of both series First Arc and acts as an alternate sequel. Reading the main story is highly recommended to understand some of the characters and settings.

Cover Art by juneartcraft19 .

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This story is a sequel to Prince Solaris Marries Arceus

Pokemon Masters have long been revered in legend and myth as the greatest and most skilled Pokemon Trainers in the world, and today many people seek to attain that title however way they can. Now, as the world becomes more unhinged with the rise of new threats, both internal and external, the need for Pokemon Masters have become greater than ever.

And only Arceus knows just who may be able to be those masters...

Featured on 4/11/17

Editor: Evowizard


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This story is a sequel to Fanning Our Flames

The Black Knight, an ancient myth with many rumors surrounding it. Some claim he was trained by Nightmare Moon herself as her most powerful servant, others say he is human super soldier created to slay Princess Celestia, some even speak of him as a personification of death. Nevertheless, many ponies have reported sightings of this being throughout history, most of which never amounted to anything.

However, only several months after the return of Nightmare Moon, the fabled knight shows up at the doorsteps of Canterlot Castle for reasons unknown.

And the ponies of Equestria soon discover that the myths associated with him could not be any more wrong...

Part of the Shimmerverse

Recommend reading A Different Sunset first for better understanding

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This story is a sequel to Prince Solaris's Unexpected Visitor

After dating the goddess Arceus for quite some time, Princes Solaris of Equestria must go though a series of steps in order to make officially make the mother of all Pokemon his mate.

But instead of a normal wedding like Solaris expected, Arceus says that since he is marrying a deity, Solaris must go trough a 4 step Union conceived to wed Gods and mortals. An ancient Ritual called the "Conjux Ritus".

Step 1: An "Act of Acquaintance"
Step 2: An "Act of Profference"
Step 3: An "Act of Disclosure"
And the final step: An "Act of Devotion"

Shouldn't be to hard...right?

Part of the Masterverse

Artwork by Spinoone, used with permission
Editor: Evowizard25

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When Arceus brought both Pokémon and humans to a new world, he also changed the accompanying humans into Pokémon as to prevent future sins committed by mankind. He did this without the consent of anyone except his Legendary Pokemon and in the pursuit of equal rights and treatment for Pokémon.

However in doing so he violated one of the most important rights a sapient being can have: Freedom of choice.

The Alpha Pokémon expects everyone to just come to terms and move on despite the circumstances. But a few like minded group of people aren't gonna go down quietly.

Call it stubbornness or courage, these few former humans and their Pokémon plan to go against the world with the goal of regaining their humanity and going back home however slim those chances are.

After all, revolutions have been built on less....

Takes place alongside Book 2 of "A New World, A New Way"

Edited by glitchhunter5000
Pre-Read by TheOneVolcarona

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Arceus, God of Pokémon, Master of Creation and Leader of the Legendary Council has made Equus a new home for his Pokémon hoping to give them a fresh start and escape the Darkness and evils of Earth and protect his children.

But little does he know that Equus has been in the crosshairs of Darkness for One Thousand Years.

Oryx, The Taken King, First Navigator, Lord of Shapes, and harrowed God has come to Equus to avenge the death of his son who was killed by the Princesses. With his army and his fleet at his disposal he arrives at the planet only to find resistance in the form of creatures known as Pokémon, united in an effort to defend their new home.

But what Arceus and the people of Equus don't realize, its that Oryx is called the "The Taken King" for a reason.

And the answer will horrify everyone involved.

Non-Canon Wayverse Crossover with Destiny.

Takes place after the end of Book 1 in the Wayverse

Note to Pokemon fans: knowledge of Destiny is not required to read this. I'll take care of that :D

Prologue and Chapters 1-3 Edited byScript and metallusionsismagic

New Editor: tdnpony

EDIT: Made the Popular Stories list!

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Prince Solaris planned to spend his day off drinking his tea in peace

He did not expect a rather attractive goddess show up in his room.

Part of the Masterverse

Edited by Zaleros

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After playing an ambitious and well thought out prank on Crystal Clarity, Prism Bolt believes he has gotten away clean.

Oh how wrong he is.

Characters by Kilala97

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Sequel to Transformers Prime: Magic of the Dinobots

Warning pony character deaths are in this story

Arc One summery( chapters 1-

The ponies have been stripped from Equestria and are now on Cybertron, they are unfamiliar with the barren planets landscape, and what worse is that their is no organic food source to feed them, without a way back home, the ponies best chance for survival is Earth, a planet similar in landscape and life, but their are two problems: The Decepticons leader Megatron is on that planet, and he will not hesitate to hunt them down for their secrets.

MLP Fan Art Wiki page link

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Based on the Transformers Prime: Rage of the Dinobots comics and Fall of cybertron

Arc 1 summery (chapters 1-5)

After helping all the remaining Autobots escape Cybertron, the Dinobots are the last Autobots on their home planet, they must leave but when they do so an accident puts them in stasis for thousands of years, motionless until a cretin sonic rainboom wakes Grimlock up. Now the Autobots must learn to survive on this new world. however the Decepticons soon arrive and start to make problems for the ponies while keeping their existence a secret.

Arc 2 summery (chapters 6-11)
The cybertronians are no longer a secret, now they must locate the fabled Allspark, the source of all cybertronian life while battling a new enemy, Thunderwing who has a mysterious agenda of his own.

Arc 3 Summery (chapters 11-20)

Unicron has awakened, and the Autobots and ponies must work together if they have a chance of defeating him, will they succeed, or fail? The final chapters in this mind blowing story will end in a way it began.

Wiki page for this story right here.

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