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After the climatic battle between the two Legendary Pokémon who rule over Time and Space respectively. The Ruler of the Distortion World did not find this sight to be pleasing at all, forced to watch over the Distortion World as it is linked to the Pokémon World. Giratina couldn't do anything but watch, if he were to interfere in the conflict between his fellow brethren then the destruction that was already caused would've worsened if the representative of Ghosts-Types indulged in such matters.

The distress of worry soon turned into anger for the Dragon, to not only watch his World crumble, but as well for the World that they created together since birth.

With the battle destroying the Planet and every living creature on Earth. The Distortion World was no longer linked to the Universe of Pokémon.

Instead of dying with his now destroyed World, Giratina was instead transferred over to a new Realm filled with Dragons, Griffins, and.. Ponies?

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Is the Pokemon World/Earth really get destroyed?! 😫

Edit: Can you please answer?

This is a nice story please continue.

Captivating start ! Added tomy following, waiting for the next update.

This is the first Pokémon crossover story that is good to read! :)

"AAAAAAA!" They all screamed before bolting into different directions.

The six of them all ran in different directions in two groups and all of them tried to look behind them, hoping that strange being didn't follow either one of them. That was until they crashed into something.

All six of them looked up and noticed that they were finally regrouped which was awesome! However...

The shadow continued to loom over the six of them, quietly eyeing the ponies. The creature with six feet was still standing there, with a glare that would have anypony shaking in their hooves They all screamed once again and ran in different directions once more.

After a few minutes of running, they bumped into each other once again and all caught their breaths. However, the strange creature was still right there.

This went on for an hour as the ponies desperately tried to outrun the creature only to return right in front of him.

Seriously?! This is totally embarrassing and a little pathetic on the Ponies part. :facehoof: :rainbowlaugh:

And Giratina didn't even do anything?!

Exhausted, all of them were laying in a pile on the ground with Twilight on top. The creature began to approach the ponies, which made Twilight roll down to the ground and create a barrier to protect her friends from this demonic pony.

Wow! Prejudice much?! 🙄

"You...You won't hurt my friends you..!" She said, out of breath and exhausted like her friends. "If...If you don't back up... We'll use the elements of harmony against you..!"

Oh please!!! I DOUBT that it will work. One, he is a equivalent of a Demi-God for Pokemon. Two, he can just use his ghost powers to Intangible himself. So that the "Friendship beam" can go THOUGH him. Without getting harm. But most importantly, he is NOT a Bad Guy, or "Evil" Pokemon, he is just misunderstood like Darkrai.

"Ngh- Stop that!" Twilight said, hoping the creature would listen. When it continued to make that noise, she fired a small beam of magic at it, hoping that would stop the creature.

And it did, however. He stared with his menacing red eyes, she could tell she made a mistake and angered this being. Although she was ready to defend her exhausted friends even if she was exhausted herself.

"Twi... Why'd you do that!?" Applejack asked, trying to get up on her hooves to help Twilight.

"It was just being obnoxious and it wouldn't listen to me!" She said as she watched the rest of her friends stand up as well.

Rainbow caught her breath and began to fly next to her friends. "Well, if you're gonna start a fight, we'll help you out-"

"Yeah! Cuz that's what friends do!" Pinkie said, returning to her cheery self.

Twilight, you JERK!!!! He is just trying to talk to you, you Idiot!!!!! Plus, it's suicide to face a powerful Legendary Pokemon ( without having any Pokemon yourself to back you up.). You are all just pure dead meat.

Giratina couldn't help but be a bit angered, all it did was try to ask for information and now this purple unicorn tried to strike and her friends are joining her too? He was a little frustrated over why they did not just give him answers although he kept his anger all to himself and continued to stare at all of them. However he did pick up on what they were saying, he began to calm down, realizing that they couldn't understand him.

See! I agree with him that the Ponies are just jerks!

"W...WHAT!?" Rainbow said in shock. "IT CAN TALK?!"

Your a hypocrite! Because technically, in Human standards. Ponies DON'T talk as well. So it is hypocritical of you to say. Plus, they are other sapient races that are NON-PONIES, but they can talk as well. Heck, I remember that the Apple Family Cows can talk. What's the difference with a having a Pokemon that speaks?

"We'll use the elements of harmony then-"

"Yeah! You heard that! We'll use the elements of harmony against you if you start attacking!" Rainbow Dash shouted at the hexapod being, who was merely unfazed by the threat.

Like I said. I DOUBT that it will work on him. You really need to STOP relying on your "Friendship Laser".

"Alright big fella, we'll start answerin’ any questions ya got." Applejack turned around and began to speak in an impatient tone, looking at the hexapod being.

Ok! Enough with the stupid hostility, or I slap you!!!!

"So that's something you're not willing to share," Twilight took note as she began to question whether he came from a dangerous and evil place.

You will regret saying that. The Pokemon world is a beautiful and awesome place. And the distortion realm looks cool as well.

"It's not armor, it's a part of me," Giratina explained.

"Right, as if we'd fall for that!" Rainbow dash laughed.

You also regret saying that. Because, he is literally telling the truth.

The main six and Giratina board the train and a few hours have passed, they finally arrive at Canterlot. Once they exited, multiple guards came, pointing their weapons at Giratina. From his appearance, they assumed he was a villain that the main six have caught.

Those guards can't do crap anyway to a OP Legendary Pokemon.

"Twilight, my faithful student. Who is that?" She asked, confused and worried as his appearance gave off a villain presence.

Seriously?! You too?! Don't you remember "Never judge a book by it's cover"?!

"Princess, we brought him here because we came to an assumption that he might have been teaming up with Discord," Twilight explained.

"I mean, look at him! He has six legs! Clearly, it has to be Discord's doing!" Rainbow dash added in.

I doubt that he will ally or befriend the likes of Discord.

"I am one of the creators of the universe and the embodiment of anti-matter, as well as the representative of the Ghosts that roam the land" He explained calmly.

"Creator of the universe and the embodiment of anti-matter!?" The six said in unison.

Hah! They are gonna crap themselves that they almost piss off a God!

"Uncontrollable powers!?" Twilight repeated. "How do we know you have it controlled? How do we know you aren't going to destroy Equestria!?"

Really?! He is no amateur. Plus, he might have been to that distortion realm for a LONG time. So, he should definitely mastered his powers before your are even born Twilight!!!!

"Well, take anti-matter and matter together, what do you get?" He asked in a pretty sarcastic tone, leaving the Unicorn dead silent.

"Twilight... What's the answer..?" Rainbow dash asked leaning into the unicorn's side.

"An explosion..." She answered.

"Oooooohhhhh," The rest of the main six said, remaining silent as well.

See! This is why he is OP in the first place.

"Yes, however, it must have replicated and reversed this new world," He explained, "Now I'll need to watch over this Realm from there."

Thank Arceus that his home is okay, somewhat? But, what about the Original World of Humanity/Pokemon?! Did Access even stop Palkia and Dialga?

"A little, however," Celestia continued. "That leads me to question, will you be willing to aid us for when conflict arises?"

Why should he? I mean, you all act very hostile to him?! You should owe him a Apology! Plus, Equestria is not actually his world to watch over.

Giratina was silent for a moment, lingering in his thoughts before he answered. "It depends. If it is a serious threat, then I shall. Otherwise, I will leave it up to the rest of you. After all, these six spoke of using an... 'Elements of Harmony' if I were to act out of line."

Again, doubt that they will work on you.

Other then that. He is actually Nerfed??!! That sucks! And you still can't tell us of what happened to poor Humanity and Pokemon?! What about Ash, Pikachu, and their Friends?!

At least Giratina make Nightmare Night better for Luna. But, I'm a bit annoyed that they forgot to apologize to him for their rude, prejudice attitude. And it doesn't help that some of them were a bit rude to post Luna as well.

But, Giratina help make it better I guess.

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wat? mentioned discord, but... didn't that happen in S2? the events in this chapter are from S1 i'm pretty sure...

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P.S. The author didn't respond back to my comments, or yours. They have been gone for a long time.

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