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Hi there! Thanks for stopping on my page! Read "Crusader Saviors" my new book! I am pretty sure you will like it... Feel free to comment or ask any questions! Thanks again! ^-^


It was all started even before I was born. Ponies tell different stories about it. The one thing I knew is that whatever is existing out there, whatever is trying to harm ponies, I must be the one to stop it. It was now time for the world to know the truth. The truth behind all the laughter and happiness, is actually what is tried to be shown and to be tricked by the viewers. It was now time to reveal everything, the true story of the past of ponies and their sorrow.

The marriage should be prevented and the baby must be stopped. They called her the evil queen but everyone had their own side. The pegasi had wings, the unicorn had magic and earth ponies had engines and griffons. The problem was who would win the fight?

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