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The wind blew on a mountain, whistling past a cave's entrance, the walls creating a hurricane of noise. It tried to hide what occurred within the cavern, assisting its sibling darkness.

The Sun tried to reveal what occurs within this sanctuary every day, but its morning light never managed to cut away the darkness enough to show anything, damning or otherwise. The two brothers remained successful in keeping their secret.

What happened within this maw? What did the wind and darkness try so hard to hide? If you were to ask a certain purple dragon, he may remain silent all the same. Yet that same shadow continued to come by fall of night and hide in its cavern.

If the Sun were to rise one morning on the eve of Summer with you there to observe its glory, a glimpse of something within the cavern would catch your eye... a light sparkling, much like dew in the dawn haze. The sparkles varied in color, creating a rainbow of reflected light, and one of the brothers would fail in keeping their secret.

If you were to dare venturing in further, you would see these sparkles belonged to gems... and not just gems, but gem-adorned books. Hundreds, thousands of them, all hoarded by a single beast of the arts. How could one assume such a thing though? What kind of dragon would hoard books?

To speak of this would be like poking a slumbering Ursa Major with a stick. The dragon prefered to keep his hoard a secret, a hidden treasure trove, protected from wandering eyes.

Perhaps that was why the current book market was so flooded with stories about questionable things? What was to be done about a dragon who hoarded literature?

What if he told you that he was storing it all in a single place? That all these books were considered 'hidden gems', things that he enjoys having around? And what if you suggested to help in his hunt, in exchange for bringing your friends by?

He would accept, though his glee at accepting the offer would go against his scaled, near-demonic exterior. And so would begin the hunt for gems, jewels, and books that bring the mind to another world.

A world the dragon was all too happy to inhabit.

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Comment posted by vadram deleted May 12th, 2013

295205 Ain't it the best?

And our back story is built. I love spontaneous writing.

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