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Welcome to Luna's Vanguard! Here we discuss stories that contain interesting techniques, styles, plots or characters. Sometimes we'll also look at less successful stories to see why they didn't get as far as they could. You can find all discussed stories in our folder, along with corresponding discussions in the forum. Depending on how many discussions we actually get around to, I might set up a google document to act as an archive. For the time being, I'll settle with one story a week to be discussed.

Should you want to join this little 'reading club', drop me a PM with your reasons for wanting to. Again, just to clarify, stories will be discussed here. You don't have to read the entire story, but it helps if you know a little about it before getting involved. If you have any suggestions or ideas for this group, feel free to let me know!

Sierra, Luna's Emissary of Words

Important Threads:

The Introduction: Start Here!
Questions and Suggestions


1) Do not post comments or stories to the front page. Stories are to be assigned into the folders, and comments can be directed into the appropriate thread. If you have questions, mail an admin.

2) Do not make irrelevant threads. If you are unsure as to whether a thread is relevant, mail an admin. As long as it contributes to the purpose of the group, it should be fine.

3) When discussing a story, do not make personal attacks against the author. Remember, you’re here to talk about what they’ve written, not to tell other members what you think about who wrote it.

4) Do not put your own stories forward for discussion. If you think your story is worthy of being discussed, have another member read it and let them decide if it should be selected.

5) Remember that the points put forward here are purely their own opinion. We’re not here to talk about exactly how the story could be improved, only to talk about things we found interesting. This could be related to the characters, plot, grammar, stylistic techniques or world-creation.

6) Seek an author’s permission before putting it forward for discussion. This only applies to smaller stories or those where the author may take offense to having it talked about. I’m not expecting you to go and get permission from Kkat or SS&E, for example.

7) For the love of all that is holy, respect other members. Slamming them just because you believe MLD is a terrible story isn't acceptable, though pointing out the flaws is. Remember, people have different tastes in different stories.

Disclamer from twow443: WE ARE NOT A REVIEWING GROUP. Please keep that in mind if you plan to join!

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