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The tensions of estranged family run high when Cloudy Quartz's mother, Change, comes to see her newborn grandfoals. Things only get worse when Change makes a discovery that spells hope for her species, and promises disaster for her relationship with her daughter.

Pinkie Pie has the soul of a draconequus.


Originally Written for the June 2015 Write Off: A Matter of perspective.

Special thanks to Softy8088 for help with Igneous Rock's dialogue, and to Feathers for the cover art!

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Oh hey, I remember liking this a bunch during the writeoff. Glad to see it finally on Fimfiction.

Wow :heart: You really did a good work, not only with the narration but also capturing the feelings of the characters and the atmosphere in the story :pinkiehappy::pinkiesad2:
I really hope to see a sequel.

This. I Like it.
Seriously, i love how is the Regretful Change, the Ressentful Cloudy "Fortune" Quartz, and how, as the story progress, Mother and Daughter are finaly repairing their broken bonds over Pinkie...
And Holy Shit, I want to see a sequel to this.
Even if there will be extremely difficult moments. Pinkie got traumatized by her own great uncle, just discovering they are related will hit her hard ! There will be also the rest of the mane six's reactions... yeah, telling Pinkie about her heritage might be a good idea, but i hope that Change will show some tact, and be progressive over the revelations. After all, Drama is inevitable, but Change need to avoid finishing in the same state as her brother... that wouldn't be good.
Well, i'm not the author, so i'll await what you will do, if your muse ever thirst for a sequel ! :twilightsmile:

s sorry

This is awesome! :pinkiehappy:Are you going to be continuing(?) this? (not english so sorry for the grammar XD)

THIS NEEDS A SEQUEL! :heart: :heart:

I need a sequel to this

Ah yes. A fond memory from the Writeoff, now "Hearthbreakers"-compatible. Great stuff, especially working around that whole "Why would draconequi agree to any kind of rule or restriction?" issue. Great family drama. And you have made yourself a lovely little sequel hook, should you choose to use it.

This is some excellent head-cannon material. I do hope we get a sequel or continuation.

Oh damn, that was good.

Interesting idea of Pinkie being like Discord... Seen it before but not quite a well executed as this one.

~Skeeter The Lurker

This is not the first time I have seen Pinkie's powers explained by her being part draconequus (in the other story it was her father who was impersonating a pony). Draconequui are a very unexamined topic in pony fiction (aside from Discord of course), and you have given us an interesting and intriguing glimpse on what a "regular" (ie, non-"evil") draconequus is like. And the thought of Pinkie knowing this part of her heritage? She would be unstoppable! :pinkiehappy:

My own headcanon about "Granny Pie" is opposite to yours. To me, the fact that she's Granny PIE seems to indicate that she was Igneous' mother. This would leave Nana Pinkie as Cloudy's mother, and I would assume it is from her that Pinkie gets her color. Yeah, yeah...to quote Paul Newman's Butch Cassidy, "you didn't say anything but secretly I thought you wanted to know, so I told you."

My own pet theory about Pinkie is that she is the Equestrian world's counterpart of Pennywise the Clown...only good and benevolent instead of evil (same Paul Newman quote).

I always enjoy it when authors give Pinkie's cartoonish antics an in-world explanation, and I think you did well here. The link between "cloudy quartz" and the traditional crystal ball (and by proxy Pinkie's skills as a Gypsy-esque prognosticator) is a cognitive juxtaposition I haven't seen before but which feels very natural.

That was a really great read. Loved it form the start to the end - great pacing, well made characterizations and dialogues... loved it all.
Wouldn't mind seeing a sequel myself, but only if it's not forced of course :twilightsmile:

4.2 / 10

Interesting. I'd like to see where you'd go with this; revealing to Pinkie, etc...

One thing that irks me is that Cloudy never apologizes. Not once.

6716801 Pinkie could also simply be related to the Warner Brothers (and their sister, Dot!).

Beings with incredible cartoon powers exist in many series... perhaps they're ALL DRACONEQUESSUSSES!!! :pinkiegasp:

Bugs Bunny... it all makes sense now...

Title is Random, chapter name is Random but genre is not Random. I am disappoint.

“Perhaps not. But whatever her cutie mark dictates she’ll do, it most certainly won’t have anything to do with terrorizing innocent ponies or disrupting their way of life.”

Cranky Doodle would disagree with your prediction.

Back to the pot again. “She’ll be a productive member of society working together with other ponies to help benefit all of ponykind. As any normal pony would.”


Draconequi were a powerful race to be sure, but to directly defy Fate? Were there truly individuals who possessed that kind of power?


A delightful read with interesting headcanons. The pinkie draconequi connection is pretty plausible (would certainly explain Twi's utter failure to quantify the Pinkie Sense with tools meant to measure Pony magic) and one I have begun to play with for an altheadcanon fic where there are no duplicates among the element bearers.

And Igneus in this is fantastic.

Very good. I would be happy to see this continued but I doubt it would be easy to keep the same tone or even really come up with a plot that would match the length of this story. Seems like something that would fit into a Slice of Life story line.

I've had an idea similar to this, although mine was about some ponies just being "infected" with chaos, and they just pop up now and again across Equestria.

This was really, really, really cool.

This feels like a prologue to a seriously fun story. I hope you decide to expand this.

Author Interviewer

I'm so glad to see this on Fimfiction finally. :D


I'm glad to see that folks seem to think I managed to to fix that problem. It was a reasonable portion of why this took so long (but I'll admit most of the delay was just due to being busy in other ways), so knowing it was time well spent is pretty nice.


In the original draft (the one for the Writeoff), Change actually did go by "Nana Pinkie". I had a few reasons for choosing that over "Granny Pie", but ultimately none of them ever came up in the story as they just weren't important (in either draft). However, someone commented that having two characters named "Pinkie" (Pinkie Pie, and Nana Pinkie) was slightly confusing, especially in a story that already has three characters with two names. He suggested changing her to "Granny Pie," and after considering the pros and cons, decided it was slightly better.

That being said, I'd have easily used "Nana Pinkie" if I had a better reason to do so. If only because I think it sounds better.


Hah, yeah. I actually forgot Random was a possible tag, to be perfectly honest. But I don't think that would have influenced the title of the story in any way.


Would you believe me when I say I was specifically thinking of Cranky when I said that first line you commented on? :raritywink: I don't actually remember if that was the entire basis for it anymore, actually, but it (and similar Pinkie-esque disturbances) definitely prompted it.

As for the third... I think you're the first one to comment on that. I'm glad someone caught it.

But most importantly, thanks for commenting on liking Igneous Rock. In the original version (which was written well before Hearthbreakers), he spoke more normally, so I'm glad his lines translated well (BIG thanks to Softy again for that). Igneous's attitude throughout is also something I'm kind of pleased with. So I'm really glad he's managed to garner some fans :pinkiesmile:

:pinkiegasp: This WOULD explain why she is so random all the time... :pinkiegasp:

6719293 Please choose whichever name you wish. Though personally, I would think Nana Pinkie would have been a better choice (plus she's the one who told Pinkie about the Mirror Pond).

Oh, hi my new headcanon.

This was good. I liked the story a lot.

I demand sequel! This is absolutely amazing, and as nice as imagining the meeting of Change and Pinkie is, I would really like to see your take on it. Please?

Having her be "Granny Pie" works, I think. It's a made up name anyway, so it doesn't necessarily need to fit the rules of a real name. And that's putting aside the weird rules (if there are any) that pony names are dictated by anyway.

Favd 10/10 would read again

Please make a sequel, a whole story arc itself would also be amazing on how Pinkie goes through with being a Draconequus.

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say, this would go very well with a sequel, or maybe even just another chapter.

I, too, demand a sequel! ...if it's not too much trouble, of course. :fluttershysad:

On a minor, grammatical note:

Fortune rose raised an acquising eyebrow at the unprompted gift

I'm pretty sure 'acquising' isn't a word, and 'rose' only refers to things that raise themselves.

Excellent work.

"Acquiescing" is a word, but 'acquising' is not.
...at least, not yet. Give it a few years of thumb-typed chat misspellings, and the dictionaries will catch up with popular usage eventually. :trollestia:


Ah... I didn't notice it was misspelled... :twilightblush:

Hehem. Carry on. My apologies.

sad story, happy end. :pinkiesad2:

There needs to be a sequel where Change explains everything to Pinkie. I must see it!

When I first saw this I was really hoping for some Pinkcord:heart:

“Why didn’t any of you stop him?”

“There were rules…” the answer sounded as weak to me then as it had the first time she’d asked me over a thousand years ago. “I know it doesn’t sound right, but… we’d long since decided not to interfere with the descendants of Order.”

Fortune made a noise somewhere between a snort and a sob. “Since when do beings of chaos care about rules or agreements?”

“We may be descendants of Chaos, but that doesn’t mean we’re bound by it. And, at the time, it was the decision we thought was best.”

So essentially, they are bound by rules and agreements... But when someone is blatantly breaking the rules, twisting it into a dancing confetti spewing marionette, and yet everyone is like "Yeah, we do not interfere.. nor actually enforce the actual rules set". I can quite clearly see why she's very distrustful of her kind when they aren't even willing to pay lip service to what should be a basic law.

under her own free was

Free will.

Amazing story! I want to have the sequel.

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