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Tattered Ribbon

You will learn nothing of me by reading this, but you will read it all the same... You did didn't you? You sick monster.

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Tattered Ribbon as been in ponyville for awhile now, not even one full year, and yet she's established herself has a talented Smith and owns her own shop. Thanks to her friends she never goes hungry and thanks to the mailmare always has business. Now with a letter in hoof stating she needed in Canterlot and Rarity also in Canterlot, she can't help but think her friends generosity is going to get her killed.

One of my friends wanted to do a cross-over with JAR so this is Ribbons PoV of the story. here's the Link to his story.

It's cancelled, sorry. I keep getting burned out helping my friend write his story. I can't keep up with him and if he had his way there'd be three new chapters a day!

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#2-27 was hatched like any other changeling, She was trained like any other changeling, and failed her training like some changelings do, and was put in a group like any other changeling, and was then given a mission to do like any other changeling. She was meant to die at the end of a pike in the name of the Queen, what she didn't do, was just that. She went rogue.

This is my first ever story so criticism -if useful- would be much appreciated as I'm not used to having an outlet for my creativity.

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