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https://discord.gg/FnXwNdM My small MLP discord server. Mostly post i find on pinterest, rants and theories about the show, and the pandemonium of ideas that turns into my story


The CMC is always ready to help their fellow students at CHS with any problems they may have, with almost magical results at times. If you have problems with a subject, are too shy for a confrontation or lost an important (pillow) pet, they'll help.

They are also famous for helping victims of bullying, which Diamond Tiara personally knows, since her and Silver Spoon are the reason why most students seek the CMC's help. But now she herself has to shallow her pride and ask for help.

PS: Yes, Sweetie Belle dyes her hair.

Part of the Noctris-Verse

Cover made by my awesome editor eggsnail

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