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Welcome to the group of art commissions! Join if:

.You are looking for someone to draw an OC or MLP fanart idea of any kind.

.You want to draw someone else's ideas.

.You want to promote yourself. (Your artwork, commission prices, etc.)

Commissions may be free or with charge. Make sure if you're promoting yourself to say whether you want someone to pay for your work on Deviantart or some other site, or if you'll do artwork for free.

Only post these kind of threads:

.Promoting your artwork and/or commission prices.

.Asking if someone could draw something for you. (Make sure to specify if you want to pay the artist you're looking for, or if you'd want to have them do it for free.)


.NO mature pictures/threads. If you want to ask someone if they could draw a mature picture for you, set up a thread saying you have a mature idea you want someone to draw, and then asking for the artist in question to PM you for details.

.Please love and tolerate. Respect the other members of this group, even if their art isn't what you were looking for. If you are rude and bashful to others in threads, you will be removed from the group. Examples of this would be saying someone's artwork is bad, telling them no one would like their work; anything like that.

.Do not be rude to someone just because you think they shouldn't be charging money for their work. Whether someone wants to charge or not is their choice. (This ties into the rule above.)

.Art may be made/commissioned whatever way you want, whether that be digitally or with colored pencils on paper.

Well, have fun commissioning artwork!

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Hello everypony,

I'm Suki and I am a digital artist for hire.

The samples along with my prices are located here:

The rules and etc is located on the link so make sure to check out the offers I provide and if interested you could message me about it

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