Question 1. What is this group?
Answer 1. This group focuses on these stories which have unrequited love, love triangles, and crushes.

Question 2. What is unrequited love, love triangles, and crushes?
Answer 2. Unrequited love is when a character, say Spike is in love with another character, like Rarity, but the character doesn't who them back. Love triangles is when two characters (Ex. Twilight and Applejack) are in love with the same character (Ex. Rainbow Dash). Crushes are when a character is smitten with somepony like Spike's crush on Rarity.


1. Don't be a dick remember love and tolerate. Don't troll people or else you will be in some serious trouble if anyone is bullying you please tell me But you have to show evidence you are getting bullied so nobody gets an innocent person in trouble.

2. Please put the stories in the right folder, please. If your story does not have any
unrequited love, love triangles, and crushes please put it in another group, thank you.

3. No role playing (duh)

4. NO FUCKING FOALCON OR RAPE!! Seriously what is wrong with people who make those stories? What is rape? It is sex without consent. What is foalcon? It is sex with ponies under the age of eighteen. If you put a rape or foalcon story in a folder it will be deleted. Put it in another group.

5. No NSFW images (duh)


1. Unrequited Love

2. Love Triangles

3. Crushes

In every folder there is individual folders inside them all of them have the folders such as Mature (Inside Mature are folders for Gore and Clopfics) Teen, and Everyone.

That is all Cartoonlover13 is out!

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