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After much convincing from Twilight, Sunset Shimmer decides returning to Equestria for a day wouldn't be such a bad idea. After all, a quiet afternoon with one of her closest friends wouldn't be much of a problem... right?

Well, possibly so, if Sunset didn't return as an alicorn. Now, Twilight has more questions than answers, and is determined to figure out everything and not let Sunset leave until she's finished.

Now, as Princess Celestia thinks Sunset's a princess and Twilight seems to be continuously persuading her to get her to stay, Sunset can't help but wonder: will she ever make it back home?

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Wow, a new story. This one separate from the Chosenverse?

Oh! I love Alicorn Sunset stories! This story is really interesting, I look forward to reading more!


I'm glad you think so! The next chapter should be out fairly soon. :twilightsmile:

This sounds really good. I can't wait to read more. And is this Pony SunLight? Not a big deal otherwise.


Nope. I just started writing this today :twilightsmile:

I'm glad! And I can't say what it is, but there will be a ship in the future. :trollestia:

Ah okay. I don't have a problem with that.

AU Story.

I think this story is going to be interesting, even though I like the idea that Sunset is still a unicorn.

This could be interesting. I will be waiting for more.

Interesting start... felt a bit rushed at the end there. Twilight just teleported them to Canterlot?

I don't know, felt like she should have given Sunset some time or something.

But I will keep reading to see how this goes.

I'm a simple man. When I see Alicorn Sunset my interest is caught :yay:

Sunset chuckled. "I guess so. After all, what's the worst that could happen?"

Oh no, you didn't, Sunset. :pinkiegasp:
This can only end one way now.

We're going to need a lot more popcorn! :pinkiehappy:

Okay I'm calling it now, this is BEFORE the second Changeling Invasion, that's why Celestia was acting so odd back there. Not to mention she should have been overjoyed to see her long lost student/daughter like figure having returned to Equestria after so long.

Yeah, pretty much this. That's actually my guess too.

Great second chapter except for one thing. Celestia should've been crying or be overjoyed or both! Her reaction was basically ,"Oh, long lost student I haven't seen in over a decade? Cool, it's nice to see you," Unless she's a changeling or something, I don't really get it. :rainbowhuh: :applejackunsure: :unsuresweetie:

sunset also giaend wings as daydream shimmer

I would say she be the princess of the human world

I think this takes place before the season six final.

I'm like number 50 :twilightsmile:

A cool story so far, hope you will write more of it.

Should I even bother tracking this or is it just dead?

Not bad, I would even say a good start, and I'll keep up with (if you'll be able to do next chapters of course).

Wow, Celestia's reaction was seriously stiff. I've seen more flexibility in a lead pipe. She practically showed none of the emotions you'd expect from that kind of reunion. She's definitely up to something

Do you have to go around on like every story and post that?

God I love this so far, but I thought the emotions between Sunset and Celestia should be alot more strong but thats about it.

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