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This is the war room.

A general group for discussion and updates on the conflict in Syria.

If you need to get caught up on what's happened in the war and how it got their, just watch this short video that sums everything up to this year.

This conflict has spread much more from a civil war, to a global proxy war with many foreign nations getting deeply involved.

The outcome of this war will have a lasting affect on history and the major nations that are involved in it and not just the people living in the country.

We want to keep a close eye on everything involving this war, so if you have information involving military pushes, gains/loses, etc, all can be posted here.

Main factions

Ba'ath's Government (Syrian Arab Army)
This is the government that currently holds power in Syria military force, and are the ones who are loyal to present/dictator Bashar al-Assad.
Main Supporters

SAA: (Syrian Arab Army) this is the main military force that are loyal to present/dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Iran: Iran is one of Assad's biggest benefactors in the conflict, supplying him with military officers, weapons and ammunition.

Hezbollah: A shiite muslim force that is run and backed by the Iranian government.

Russia: Supporting the Government with air support, tanks, and military advisory. (recently been reports of Russian boots on the ground.

Opposition Forces (Free Syrian Army)
This is the main faction that has reeled against the government. Though, there are many small rebel pockets that are run by different leaders, they are all still fighting for the same cause under a similar banner. However, within this faction are also Islamic fighters who have affiliations with Al-qaeda.

Main Supporters

FSA: The main group that started the civil war, it was made up of military forces that had defected from the SAA, and is the main banner that the opposition is recognized under.

Islamic Front: A rebel group made up of several other Sunni muslims who are widely backed by Saudi Arabia.

Al-Nusra: Al-Qeada's branch in Syria that was formed during the beginning of the Syrian war. It backs the rebel opposition forces and works with other rebel and jihadist groups, excluding ISIS.

U.S., Nato, and Gulf States: These nations back the rebel groups with money, weapons. Though some are split in helping the rebels as they work with other groups that are considered terrorist groups, e.g. Al-Nusra.

Rojava (Kurdistan)
This faction is made up by the Kurds who've made up most of the population in north-eastern Syria. After the war broke out they took control over swaths of the upper eastern lands. They do not fight Assad, they have a truce with the government, which is why some parts of the area are still under government control with no interference by the kurds.

Main Supporteres

YPG: ( People's Protection Units) the main armed service of the Kurdish Supreme Committee, the government of Rojava . The YPG are primarily Kurdish, but also recruit Arabs, Turks and westerners, and there are Assyrian/Syriac Christian units integrated into its command structure.

YPJ: (Women's Protection Units) A military organization that was set up as the female brigade of the YPG.

PKK: ( Kurdistan Workers' Party) A left-wing militant organization based in Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan. It is considered the world's most powerful millitant Kurdish organization.

U.S. coalition force: The U.S. and other European nations back the kurds with weapons, coordinated air-stricks, and military training.

ISIS (The Islamic State)
Isis was originally an Al-qeada branch in Iraq, but defected and formed as an independent group. The group expanded when a chunk of the U.S. trained Iraqi army defect from the Shiite government in place by the U.S. and joined the militant group. Later the group would expand in Syria once the civil war broke out, and parts of the rebel forces would break off and join the jihadist military force.

Main Supporters

Foreign fighters: Once the group had planted it's foot firmly in the soil of both Iraq and Syria, they caught the world's attention with propaganda videos where they held western hostages and beheaded them on camera, calling for a global jihad. It is estimated that at least 20,000 fighters have traveled to Iraq and Syria to fight for ISIS. Source

Turkey: Although Turkey is a key Nato ally in the middle east, the government has been shown to back ISIS with transporting of it's forces across the Turkey/Syrian boarder, economical support by buying it's oil, transporting weapons across the boarder, provided medical care and safety within hospitals on the Turkish boarder. While they claim to be taking the fight to ISIS, they're actually bombing the kurd forces that have been the major force fighting against ISIS. Source

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