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Russian Bank Teller

The worst type of person alive, a bank teller. (and also not a brony)


Reichtangle must anschluss equestria

weirdest thing i've ever written
feel free to criticize, as i'm never going to update this damn thing

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R.I.P Russia
R.I.P Poland
1025-1815 1918-1939 1991-????

now this is the quality content I was promised!

I am dying of laughter, my brother!

Uh oh, someone with "Sonic" in their name added this to every category of the "Absolutely Disgusting" group lol

WHAT!? Why every single one, though!?

I dunno, probably can't take a joke

even added it to the sexual categories, fetish, and anon lol

thats one big thonk right there

Yeah...wish the A.D. mods were actually active. :ajbemused:

Congratulations, you just made GrayonBlue look like William Shakespeare. I honestly don't know how this, or any of your other stories for that matter, passed moderation. Apparently though, their standards for what they allow have plunged to the point where as long as it is 1,000 words and a pony is mentioned once, it will be allowed.

You did put the dialogue in quotation marks so I suppose this isn't a complete and absolute dumpster fire though!

this one and the other one are intentionally bad

the third one was a failed attempt at a weird idea I had


Well then I will give you a pass since they are intentionally bad....hopefully you enjoyed writing them though.

Did give me quite a chuckle when I read it again


I know how that is. Every time I re-read "Cozy Glow Drives Tirek Nuts" I have the same smile on my face as I had when I wrote it.

Sometimes, one can laugh at something they've made with no explaination why other than "its funny"

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