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When time began there was one being, his name was Parasprite.
He then proceeded to eat the universe he inhabited, and what he shat out became the new order of things, like the God he is he molded his shit into something horrifying.

We would not be here if it was not for Parasprite, and for that we shall worship him for his mercy.

Also our God commands that you create a blog dedicated to the religion in order to convert more peasants.

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And as our Lord and Savior Para once proclaimed, "We're all equal here!... Except for me. I'm the best one."

And thus it was said.

And here I thought he was a chick. Huh...I better...I better go erase a few passages from my dream journal....*ahem*...yeah....

329397 *kisses Garbo* You are accepted here

*makes group exactly like this months ago*
*dosn't catch on*
*other person's does*
Eh, what the fuck ever.

Funny how none of our lord's stories are in this group, when it's dedicated to him.

Heil the parasprite, the furer.

Some of the faithful have been promoted.

now this is a group i can support.

Now in 4:1 format.


but it's the parasprite

That parasprite looks stretched. Just a bit, you know.

All Hail Parasprite!! The one true ruler!!!

  • Viewing 1 - 17 of 17
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