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The strangest and maddest of myths, are often merely symbols or allegories based upon truth.- H. P. Lovecraft


While on a trip to the Crystal Empire, Lavender and her siblings, Turquoise and Crystal find themselves in a lot of trouble after damaging an important treasure in the palace. In a desperate attempt to escape punishment, Crystal uses a spell to try and force their way through a certain magickal mirror, only to send things into chaos by warping her and her siblings back in time, years before they were born. Now the three siblings must find their way back to the present, without changing anything that might effect the future.

The character Lavender belongs to Siansaar
The characters Crystal and Turquoise belongs to kilala97

This story was a request done for DarknessRising (Please read the authors note at the bottom of chapter one before pestering me about requests.)

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 22 )

A story with Sparity's offspring? Haven't read it yet, but have my like anyway. :pinkiesmile:

Where's Gem? That guy was the best designed sparity child in my opinion.

Thirty years???? That's a lot of time.....

How old are our little rascalions, anyway?? I have to believe that there are no older than 14, that would accomdate Spike and Rarity dating, marrying, having three kids, and have been born enough that our three time travelers have distinct personalities.

In all honesty, age wasn't something I took much consideration of. I'd say that Crystal would be the oldest at... sixteen maybe? Then again, they're not my characters so maybe you should hit up the artist's pages if you want more info.

Ah, so someone did take up his request.

I got a PM asking the same thing acouple of months ago, but I turned it down.

I did say I would be interested in seeing how other people would do it, though.

unusual choice to go for the ego-perspective (lavender) and present-time writing style. still, very engaging. pulls you right in. can't wait to see what happens next.
though one thing, you might want to add the "alternative universe" tag (i think it's called?). beside the fact that sparity offspring is alt. universe by default, usually lavender and the other two exist in seperate universes as well ^^


Yeah, I don't know what triggers it but whenever I write the writing style usually just comes on its own. When I start a story I usually just mess around with the POV until I get one that just sorta feels right and then I go with it.

Glad you like the story by the way. :pinkiehappy:

4340707 I have Claire as 22 and Turquoise as 16 in my universe :) Not sure how old Lavender is though.

Finally read it. :rainbowdetermined2:
Please update when you have the chance. :twilightsmile:

Go on, please.
I'm begging you!!!

Comment posted by SECURE0777 deleted Jul 14th, 2014

This is a good start, keep going.

please pinkie swear you will release the other one soon :pinkiehappy:!!!!

Oh thank god the story is not dead! :pinkiehappy:

Well, I foresee a number of problems in the future, the biggest being Claire's spell cutting out in front of Twilight and Spike in the middle of checking out the the book just after she found it.

I get the weird feeling that unicorn Twilight will know what's going on with the three new 'ponies' in town---as in even when Claire finally comes into Ponyville as a unicorn (preferring with her hair/mane in the trademark quaff or curl as her mother Rarity), I think that Twilight will be able to see the camoflauge between Claire's pony disguise and her true dracony/kirin form.

I bet that Twilight can help with Turquoise and Lavender as well with the disguises.

And I also believe that Priority 1 is to get Fluttershy back. Reason---in the future Fluttershy adopts Annie and lives in Ponyville in the same cottage. Annie meets T when Spike and Rairity (obviously as husband and wife and probably had the two daughters) decides to move back to Ponyville from Canterlot.....and that starts a beautiful relationship. If Fluttershy is startled to the point that she's running away, there is the possibility that she may not live at the cottage longer....which means that Flutters is not the one that adopts Annie, which means that T and Annie never met. And that's just a minor/major thing that saw.

Sad to say, This is gonna be hard for the three siblings, considering that everything that is happening now more than likely will affect things that happen up to 20 years from now.....whoops :twilightoops:

Ok now there is more than one oc named crystal here

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