Torture (or 'The Darkest of Grimdark') 98 members · 87 stories

This is a group for fics liks cupcakes and sweet Apple massacre. This place holds the darkest, sickest, and most gory fics you will ever see.

Indulge your dark side. Everyone should once and a while.

This is not for the faint of heart. Grimdark Only. NSFW welcome. Psychopaths welcome.

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Added something.
This group seriously needs to be necro'd.
Where else are sick fucks supposed to find enjoyment?

How are stories added to this group? I would like to know because I have a fic called The Darkest Kind of Kindness that I think could go here.

I mean add it to the list

Did you do "120 days of blueblood"?

Any story witch celestial being tortured?

I find all of these stories sexually arousing

Except for the ones with sex in them. Ew.

What the heck... You only live once, right? Or in Pinkamena's case, a couple times...

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