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Wow when i thought i hated this guy this story makes me hate him even more. poor pinkie.:fluttercry: please continue this its pretty interesting so far.

Out of all the dark stories I have read, this is the best. Please continue...:pinkiecrazy:

2948732 Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by LOL3evee deleted Jul 29th, 2013

I love your story! It's amazing! (The reason I deleted the comment was because the link to the picture that I attached didn't work at all, and I had posted the useless link, so yeah.)

Congratulations, this story has good enough grammar to be included in the Good Grammar Directory, a comprehensive list of grammatically-correct stories on Fimfiction.

The only way this can get worse now is if Pokey has a justin Bieber album.

Welp, the Mane 6 are gonna get involved soon. This can only end well.

Also, if they can't find Pinkie for an extended period of time, they could just ask Luna.

Great new chapter! Can't wait for the next one!:pinkiehappy:

The amount of torture pokey is doing to Pinkie would be considered nothing to what I'll do to him for hurting my Pinkie Pie:flutterrage::twilightangry2:

After all this is over I think Pinkie Pie should snap, become Pinkamena and kill Pokey. Very slowly. :pinkiecrazy: Then go after any one who buys the videos of her or something similar. :pinkiehappy:

Are you planning on having Pinkie die at the end of this?

3036468 Sorry, can't tell you! Why would I go and spoil the ending like that? :rainbowwild:

I never doubted your writing abilities for a second! Great new chapter!

Chilling. A fantastic chapter once again!

And I feel sick now. Well done. :pinkiesick:

Out of all the ways to torture her you chose the eye!? why the eyes why!:raritydespair::raritycry: Anyway this is really getting good even if eye and teeth torture are the only things that make me:pinkiesick: I cant wait for pokey to get his well deserved ass handed to him and he must really hate mares if his MO is kidnapping torturing and murdering mares.

3010266 I know that, because this story is very well written and Pinkie is my favorite small horsie, it's natural to feel bad for pastel pony being murdered.

Still, don't act like that. It just makes people see an idiot when they read your comment. Take the story for what it is: a story; make-believe.

Good job, dear author. I haven't read something this chilling since Lucefudu's Borderline.


Is this that gore fic you were talking about in my comments section? :rainbowderp:

I find the plot interesting, but the gore goes above and beyond anything I've ever seen... so I skip it xD

Fun fact: this scene was the original cut of Un Chien Andalou

It is now safe to assume that all the mane 6 will die. Which isn't very good.
Wait, let me try it again, while I'm all up for killing all of them, such scenario is highly predictable. What isn't, however, is if they somehow overcome Pokey and get to live, forever tormented by the torture inflicted upon them.

Dear author, would you mind spoiling this to me in a PM? I'll understand if you say no, though.

Well, fuck.


At least I don't want to cum inside Rainbow Dash.

3170535 In time, all will be revealed... :raritywink:

So begins the mind-raping process of seeing one's friends tortured in front of oneself.

Jesus Christ, I can't believe this was written by a presumably sane human being. I've read a lot of Grimdark, but this is among the grimmest and the darkest

3530633 Don't worry, the next chapter will be posted by the end of the week! :pinkiecrazy:

....................rubs eyes. i can't deny it is fairlly well written, dark tale, if a little too exaggerrated in its violence.......

it can't work here because of cause and effect............. perhaps i think to much on it, but how likely is it that the REgal Sisters would not take a personal stake in helping someon who is not only the best friend of someone who is basically like daugther, and or perhaps neice, to them, but is part of their nation's most prominent defense? and how likely is it that they could not find this scumbag within hours with their ancient knowledge of magic? hell, they could have luna quickly determine the situation by having her visit pinkie's dreams, to both comfort her, determine her well being, and glean potentially useful information. she can even get an idea of what the captor looks like too. and considering how monstrous this captive is............. have feeling that Luna would probably be beyond tempttion when it comes to bringing a nigthmare that would make even his sick little mind shatter with fear.

pertty much that is my problem with the story. it is too easily resolved because the villain lacks anything that can hold up against the searching eye of the regal sisters, and the regal sisters would have far too much motivation, personal and national, to act against him. this is not them avoiding a battle with a creature on their level to avoid causing mayhem, nor testing twilight on some matter. this is a sadistic mortal that dares hurt someone close to them, and jeapardize their nation's most powerful weapon as well.

3544096 At this point in the story, Celestia and Luna are not aware of Pinkie's disappearance. The rest of the mane six only know that she disappeared for some reason. They don't know she's in danger, and the only two that suspect it, Applejack and Rainbow Dash, are deep in an uninhabited forest and have no way to contact any of them.
I don't know where you're getting the idea that Celestia and Luna can simply locate Pinkie on a whim. It's never been established in canon that this kind of magic exists. Even if Luna can visit Pinkie's dreams, that still wouldn't be any indicator of where she is. I haven't written anything about Pinkie's dreams, so who's to say she's dreaming about her situation? Maybe she's dreaming about home.
I do appreciate your criticism though, and I think it definitely needs more ellipses.

3544246 she would be dreaming period. the revelation of her predicament would come from Luna conversing with her in it. hell she knows his name and face. and i am pretty sure that luna could sense her distress, no matter her dream's subject. luna sensed that scootaloo was not actually afraid of mosnters, and sensed the actual source of her nightmares. with pinkie pie, even if it is of home, her dreams are born from pain and suffering either way, and her trying to cope.
and tracking magic does exist. the spell that celstia uses to send letters is half teleportation, ahlf tracking.

...........sighs, i have never seen a fanfic of this nture survive scrutiny. never. especially with the Luna argument.... if it were cheerilee, or a background pony, then this could sruvive perhaps. but as is, with the mane six involved........ it dies. luna would ahve too many reasons, both personal and national, to not immediately detect pinkie's idstress the moment she slept.

3544679 not sure if i'm correct or not but as far as i'm concerned luna only visits filly's dreams not sure because haven't seen the episode for a long time now just saying okay

3544679 Unless she was having nightmares about her torture -- which she isn't, the author had her dreaming about happy things instead -- Luna would never have any reason to talk with her in her dream. Even if she was having nightmares, Luna doesn't visit every single nightmare ever. She probably visits a vanishingly small fraction of them. Probably mostly foals.

Also, Luna hates Pinkie Pie and would let her suffer in a nightmare over any other random pony ever. There is probably always at least one other pony having a nightmare at any given time. :pinkiesad2:

:ajsmug:this is literally like the hottest thing i have ever read
fear like this is my fetish, i love how you describe the terror the ponies feel knowing they are about to bask in the nothingness of death
its fucking glorious
(i would take kindly to sweet apple massacre being rewritten from the fillies point of view)

3544885 for what reason would she hate pinkie pie? and even if she personally disliked her, she issitll one of the poiies that savedh er from remaining a fallen angel, and also that she is part of their fucking nuclear weapon basically. either of those reasons alone would be enough.

and it seems pretty clear that she ismply visits anyone's dreams. and its not the nature of the dream, but what fuels it, she senses. she knew clearly that scootaloo was not, in fact, afraid of monsters. she sensed and knew that the nightmares were prodcued from her fear of something disconnected, and that was their source.
even fi pinkie pie dreams of home, its source is sitll of her trying to cope with ah horrific situation. and since she is both part of national defense and a pony that helped save luna, it would seem to me the mistress of the night would be keeping a certain amount of tabs on her and the others.

3545254 She's interacted with Pinkie Pie on one occasion, and they were not friends. They were enemies and ended with a truce, which means 'we're still enemies but we'll stop actively working against each other'.

She's visited dreams on exactly one occasion, which was to comfort a foal having recurring nightmares.

So, the bit where she's even *capable* of monitoring everypony's dreams just in case they were kidnapped and that somehow comes across in the dream isn't canon. There's nothing to indicate that she can or does do that.

The one thing that all the instances in the show where a pony goes missing have in common is that Luna did not, in any way, assist in their rescue. Even when her immediate family was kidnapped, tortured, and stashed in a cold, dark cell right underneath Canterlot.

Y'know, I was coming home from college today and I kept wondering "how come that fanfic in which Pinkie is abused never updated again?".

And then this here happens.

Oh, gosh, how come I don't win the lottery?

3545751 ........... so you ignore my repetition of the mane six wielding equistria nuclear missle? and i am not saying she can monitor EVERYONE"S dream, hell that is unlikely, but more than likely she would monitor and keep an eye on the six mares that both hold the keys to said nuclear missle and pretyt much saved her. even if she got frustrated with pinkie pie insighting a riot about her being nightmare moon, the fact pinkie pie played a part in her no longer being said fallen angel equivalent would probably make her more than a little lenient to the shenanigans.

//// how is her coming into a characters dreams and talking to them not make her dream walking canon if it is SHOWN? and why would scootaloo being a filly have anything to do with any limitations?........ fairly certain that cadance being scared and depressed under canterlot is nowhere near equivalent to pinkie pie in horrible peril and agony. luna would probably attribute that, considering the wedding, to nerves. however i doubt she can mistake the fear that pinkie pie is going through as anything else but trouble.

3544874 ........i remember that episode well, one of my favs, and she gave a vagueness to her duty as a dream walker. if she did not specificalyl say she can only communicate with fillies, then it probably implies that she can visit anyone. it was clear, however, that luna was fully aware that the source of scootaloo's nigthmares was not monsters, but her own personal fears. she could sense her distress.
basically my whole point is that while she would have no reason to closely watch ssomeone like cheerilee or lyra, considering the mane six as both her savior and the key holder's to equistrai nuclear weapon, then she owuld have reasons to keep an eye on them.

3545900 Yeah, I had to kind of take a break due to the fall semester. Now that it's almost over, I should be able to start updating regularly again.

Plz tell me she will be saved before he ends up killing her:pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2:

You killed dashie and soon pinkamena will kill you:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

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