• Published 2nd Aug 2015
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Oskar Osäker: Your Worst Enemy - Legionary

The third entry into the Viral Unicorn series

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Author's Note:


AN: This is mostly here to tell people the next book is up, or rather it soon will be once it is approved and stuff. However if you wish to know why the next book happens they way it does, you might want to read below.

Orion sighed in irritation as the image of Sunset Shimmer sneaking out of the mirror and off to steal the Element of Magic filled the massive crystal ball.

“What's the matter?” Astrid asked.

“The next part is extremely boring and predictable.” Orion crossed his arms in a huff.

“I'm not bothering to look ahead, cause I don't want spoilers,” Astrid said as she lounged on her couch.

“It's not about looking ahead, it's merely thinking about Emerald and how she would behave as dictated by how we've seen her act so far,” Orion said with a sigh as Sunset ran off with the Mane Six in close pursuit. “Emerald won't play along here. She'll cut the knot and simply deal with the situation as quickly and simply as possible.”

“Well you don't know that,” Astrid said. “Maybe she'll decide to hang back and see how it plays out for a bit before acting?”

Orion simply stared at Astrid for long moment before waving his hand at the crystal ball, making it fast forward through several scenes before stopping at Sunset Shimmer sitting in class. The door to the class opened suddenly and in walked Emerald in her human form, she looked over the class until her eyes landed on Sunset Shimmer. Suddenly, the Evolved got an amused look on her face from an idea and cleared her throat loudly.

“Sunset Shimmer,” she said and got said girl's attention. “Princess Celestia would like a few words with you.”

“Kay...” Sunset said boredly and moved to get out of her seat when Emerald's wording hit her and she paused. “Wait... you mean Principal Celestia, right?”

With shouts of shock and surprise, Emerald teleported with a flash of light and appeared right in front of Sunset's desk. She leaned into the girl's shocked face with a small smile on her own.

“No, I don't.”

The image on the crystal ball changed as the perspective was shifted to outside the school, more specifically on the windows. One of the windows shattered as Sunset Shimmer went flying through it and went rolling across the ground. Suddenly she was surrounded by a pink aura and flew through the air back into the classroom through an unbroken window.

The scene shifted again. This time it was Emerald dragging Sunset shimmer behind her as she exited through the front doors of the high school with the Element of Magic in hand. Behind her were several dozen students, staring after her and more than a few lain out on the floor after they attempted to stop her. Twilight stood in front of the statue that was their exit, biting her fingernails in worry. Beside her was a purple and green dog and small human child.

“Couldn't you have been a bit more subtle?” Twilight asked pointedly.

“Could have, probably should have.” Emerald shrugged. “Didn't. Doesn't matter now. We got what we came for. Let's just head home.”

“What about them?” Twilight pointed to the teenagers.

“Just barricade the portal for a few days,” Emerald stated as she threw Sunset into the portal. “Simple enough solution.”

“I guess we aren't going to explore a bit?” Twilight asked as Emerald ushered the other through.

“Maybe the next time the portal opens,” Emerald said absently. “Come on, let's go.

With that, they passed through the threshold.

“See?” Orion stated pointedly.

“Okay so it is a bit predictable and short.” Astrid shrugged. “So what? Not like there is anything you could do about it.”

“Nothing I can do? I think you forget what we are,” Orion stated after a moment and changed the perspective.

“I know exactly what we are and I know you don't like interfering more then you need to,” Astrid stated pointedly and sat up as she saw Orion continue to act. “You can't seriously be considering doing more than you already have, Orion!”

“It's just another little push,” Orion stated absently as he narrowed his eyes at the mirror portal Sunset just left. “Nothing more, nothing less.”

“It's more than that. How is she going to get back?” Astrid asked in irritation. “Spent all this time watching her and her actions in Equus only to throw it all away?”

“Hmm... I guess we'll just have to see what happens, shall we?” Orion asked with a knowing smile after waving at the mirror.

Astrid narrowed her eyes in suspicion at Orion before giving a scoff of disgust and lying back on her couch. Orion leaned back in his own, willing a cup of soda into his hand.

“Lights, camera, action!” he said cheerfully.


EN: I hate Legionary now. This is fact.

AN2: *Puts cue ball on head* Hehe. Hoho. Haha.

(Treats for anyone who gets the reference)

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Comments ( 26 )

So, they will spend an extended period of time in the mirror? Or am I understanding this wrong?

:rainbowderp: :rainbowkiss:

I wonder how many people will notice that little thing left there to be noticed...

If you have to ask then you're not ready to know yet.

Of course your editor hates you. He is envious of how excellent a host you are.

7314744 But of course, it was an obvious fact that none may deny. Here is your treats my good fellow


7314709 It might also be that they will spend some time on the EQG side of things.

Wait...... Are you seriously going to trap Emerald in Canterlot High? And who's the small child? Navi?

Small child? Navi?

Oh god it better not be Flandre

7375641 Now that would be telling

7421147 When she started out? Sure. As she is currently? Uhhhh... no

7421147 Okay, I am going to have to say this now. Emerald is a physical pagan god. A GOD! At this point Emerald is the most powerful creature of the entire prototype universe [that we know of]. Mercer got the name zeus and he wasn't even a hundredth of emeralds current power. All Emerald would need to do is snap her fingers and she could wipe out all life on a planet. Even that is assuming she doesn't just blow the planet up like she probably could. The only person on that list who could possibly hurt her without resorting to trickery or technology is Pariah and that's only because we have no idea what that kid can actually do. For all we know he might be able to shoot taco truck from his eyeballs.
Look I am glad you are voicing your opinion but Emeralds in her own class. It would not be a fight between a dog and a slightly bigger dog, No. It would be a fight between a chihuahua and a motherfucking elephant who happens to also be a wisard.

7421576 Understatement of the century.

This one has less chapters.

7871169 There is a person, old dog Fenrir was rejuvenated by such method but as an "on the go" reconstruction rather than a brain to new body operation.

7421576 What about Pariah? He's essentially a god after all, isn't he? At least, that's what I'm guessing "the ultimate life-form" should be, essentially a god.

7871367 Did read that part but, as you said, that was just the body being rebuilt. My point is that, as already admitted by Emerald, the brain is just too complex an organ to recreate, even if she has the memories of the being she is recreating. Just look at all of our attempts as AI: robotic and without any real personality. It would be a blocky imitation of the real thing.

8139000 This is so long ago...

Wait, what about the sentient cloud?

So to sum up what's going on next. Emerald and Twilight are.... indisposed, there are powerful spirits that have woken across equis and haven't come into play yet, a possible biblical scale catastrophe that is well on its way to make other biblical scale catastrophes look like a casual Saturday night of trenching of someone's yard, and all this while Emerald is still dealing with the lasting affects of that awesome fight. :rainbowdetermined2:

I really want to get to the next story in this but I've only slept 4 hours in the past... 2 days I think? Oh well who has time for silly things like sleep anywu9-gharqgrrrrrrrrrrrr *passes out on keyboard*

Is it a reference to the song The Funny Farm?

Nope, Homestuck

It might be possible to bring someone back if Emerald continues researching mind magic. She can already construct a body, and the brain could be created 'blank' by just regrowing it from the DNA. The person revived might experience some minor changes, particularly if they have some minor brain damage from concussions and the like, which would be repaired, but the overall personality and the memories would be there. It would still take a large investment in studying mind magic to even have a shot, and even then it may not work though since the soul or spirit may have been gone too long.

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