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This story is a sequel to Emerald Gleaner: Viral Unicorn

[Prototype 2] X MLP:FiM crossover

Emerald Gleaner is now known to the world at large, seen as cruel and heartless at best for the slaughter of the Changelings, she has few true friends in the world indeed. And with every action she takes those few seem to shrink in number. Worse still in an honest effort to seek help Discord brings up an old savagery once thought buried and forgotten.

Can Emerald Gleaner overcome the stress and pressures of openly running a nation and being held accountable for her actions? Or will the darkness of her past rise up to consume both her and all that she holds dear?

NOTE:Thanks goes to Trondason and Nightmareknight for helping me with the planning and editing

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 651 )

Hip Hip Horay! Emerald is back!

very good first chapter. CONGRATULATIONS

...I feel really sorry for the griffons. Trouble keeps on coming to them and it really isn't their fault. I think any rational person would try to do what Villja is trying. And of course it will end with a lot of dead griffins...which will cause others to try to avenge them

Also, have your editor look at your main summary...it had a few grammatical errors.


Well now today the Enclave's leader is here to present herself and her nation to the League and hopefully also provide some answers for the questionable actions of her forces in Canterlot,” the Zzbra stated before turning his attention to the back of the room where Emerald stood, an action that many others mirrored.

Well now today the Enclave's leader is here to present herself and her nation to the League and hopefully also provide some answers for the questionable actions of her forces in Canterlot,” the Zebra stated before turning his attention to the back of the room where Emerald stood, an action that many others mirrored.

Hmmm, it seems the Crystal Empire is coming into play... Sombra better hope he doesn't harm Twilight...

Also, I feel sorry for the griffins. Villja is biting off more than she can chew, and she doesn't even know it.

You really don't want me to sleep.

Back to waiting a decade between every chapter. :applejackunsure:

Your writing quality has improved vastly since the last book. Well done!

Oh most glorious days indeed, to see the third book in a very awesome story line is just wonderful. As usual I enjoyed the read and can't wait to see more in time, though the Griffin stuff making me wince as I just KNOW this will end very badly.

before walking away.”

Extra quotation mark. Otherwise, it's good.

It was only a matter of time until she and the dogs had a difference of opinion and she solved it by pulling rank. I think they took it rather well, all things considered.

Shining armour is still licking his wounded pride.... I say he's just gone into full big brother mode and he’s really just pissed off that the usual ‘hurt my sister and I will destroy you’ threats won’t work against Twilight's current 'girlfriend'.

Sudden Emergency meeting has been called. But first let’s listen to this cat waffle on about cotton. Ha! If the league is anything like the UN I could totally see something like that happening. And on the topic of the league, Player 4; Emerald has entered the game of politics. Please insert your soul to continue... +500 Bonus points right off the bat because that 'reason' she gave for how the invasion turned out was particularly slimy. Good to know eating all those slimy bastards at Blackwatch came in useful. Hope it's worth having them swimming in her head.

And the griffins have started digging their own hole. At least it will be a quick job. They probably won’t need much of a hole to bury what’s left of them if this is going where I think it;s going. But like I said before, I can’t help but wonder if that Lady Villja’s feelings are shared by all of them. Seeing as the griffins have a game of thrones vibe going on, some may be more welcoming of Emerald and her little ‘balance’ tipping enclave, It' powerful weapons must be mighty enticing for some of the rivals of Gilda’s old family house.

Also, Diamond dog power Armour, nuff said... for the time being she could always set up a small, elite force (that she personally equips) from the dogs who took part in the wedding skirmish, and didn't take it as hard, emotionally.

We saw Twilight (I honestly think she should revise her 'Emerald needs therapy', thing if only for the simple fact that Equestrian therapists have never encounter a case like hers before. And would be totally under equipped to handle it. I can honestly see any Equestrian head doctor winding up in need of therapy themselves after a five minute talking session with Emerald) but I can't help but wonder how the rest of the main six will react upon seeing Emerald again after the wedding.

And it looks like Emerald isn't immune to a cockatrice, she just possesses a Logan like 'resistance' to it, where she can replace the cells faster than they petrify. Are the princesses susceptible to the stare?

6274332 Oh hush. I'd much prefer an author with regularly released chapters spaced a few weeks apart than getting a bunch and risking them just dropping off the face of the fandom later on.

I thought Emerald stopped having nightmares? Great book, can't wait for the next chapter.

Please don't Make Emerald the bad guy like they did for Mercer in part 2.

She needs to work on her infrastructure more education manufacturing ect.. it'll probably be about 30 to 50 yrs until the dogs can start producing their own power armor without her assistance.

my god its here, and by guess next up is the crystal empire, commence freak out orig12.deviantart.net/4ecc/f/2012/258/6/4/spongy_spazzes_by_evilcheeksdrybones-d5et0ni.gif

Alright! This is one of my favorite stories and I'm so psyched for this new chapter! looking forward too the next one!:pinkiehappy:

6274594 Only if she's A) sleeping with Twilight, or B) has Luna there to help her out.

6274683 Maybe the old-fashion way. But Emerald has SUPER SCIENCE! to help her teach her dogs. Like that mind-spell she's working on. If she could change it up so that others can use it (or she uses it for them), that would speed up education rates tremendously.

I rarely see Swedish wordings in story titles...

Comment posted by Your loving Discord deleted Aug 3rd, 2015

It is back again and starting out very strong. I really am curious as to what your plans are this time.
Now excuse me I have some things to take care of.

Before I forget again. I couldn't help but noticed that the other nations didn't seem to know about Emerald's conflict with the griffins- to the point where they were confused as to why they are demanding reparations, let alone why emerald agreed to them.

I'm guessing it must be a pride thing? The accusation that Emerald killed 300 griffin soldiers would bring with it the acknowledgement that Emerald killed 300 soldiers.... making the griffins look at best incompetent, or at worse inferior in comparison.

*känner sig lite osäker*


if I want to just incapacitate people I could just change the sound itself and make one that is agonizing and nothing else. Kind of hard to fight when your body is wracked with pain and you feel completely nauseous.'

Magical LRAD. Nice.

Bast dynasty: KITTIES!

Wolverines: I swear, I was waiting for him to say "Nom Nom Nom" as he ate, but "Moist and Delicious" works just as well.

The griffon's are why I'm not in politics. My first response to that kind of demand would be who gets the metals, because I'm not paying a fine for being too thorough with an enemy to a country that has no jurisdiction over that shit. It's one reason UN sanctions are kinda iffy to me sometimes.

Eagerly awaiting more.


6275543 Emerald felt very much like her namesake in the first book. Been slowly less so the case as the story goes on though.

6274577 They are susceptible, the issue is that they would have to just stand there for a while for it to work. Much easier to just hit them

Sound cannon... They have a LRAD spell? Awesome! Heat ray is cool and I love anything ice power related but sound cannon is best cannon. Increase the decibel decrease the frequency and you could kill with no one being the wiser. Of course you could keep it out of lethal zones and use it for crowd control like we already do. Everything is better with sound cannons!

I post this video a lot...(If you read it before the edit I'll have you know I haven't watched this in a few months)

17k words why it feel so short! it couldn't end that fast! :rainbowderp:

Anyway great work but I wonder what is a Diamond dog going to do with a computer?
they may go to Youtube or go to Finfiction?... were is the Internet?! :derpyderp2:

Guess whose back. Back again. Legions back! Tell a friend.
So good to see this shit again.

can't the Diamond dogs have a park or hot springs or something to relax?
I feel like Emerald should be open to suggestions she entertain herself with work
so she may not know or have forgotten what is to have nice things or just enjoy some tea
her dogs don't hunt anymore they only work the factories underground she needs to
do something at one point.

also what happen with that water Pony/Elemental does she have something to say about the
Hydroelectric Dam?

6276620 Emerald doesn't know, she did see Sovereign talking to her about something though and that was right after he gave permission for Emerald's dam so the Hippocampi obviously knew about it in advance

6276633 I see thanks but I was more into know her opinion she is so shy and a Hydroelectric dam
kind of flood an area of land to work so is she Happy or is she Worry about the fish?
yet I have to know if the H. Dam as flooded any land it was build into a water fall right?
I will wait to find out! :pinkiehappy:

also the Ponies version of their own power dam is Flawed I wonder when Emerald going to notice
could the ponies have a Power hub to power up their powered tools?
also power armor and power ponies too much power I say :derpytongue2:

6274251 Believe me. I know. But I'm only ever really given chapters and I work on them when they wrap up.

6274270 Hm. Looks like I glossed over that. Good find.

6274539 How very helpful of you to take a tiny bit of text out of the entire 17k word chapter. No context clues or anything. How. Very. Helpful.:ajbemused:

oooh dear. Sombra's "worst fear" spell. This could be very very bad.

Please don't make Emerald the villain. I like Emerald as Emerald. A mentally scarred individual with a horrid backstory and has done horrid things, but is trying to do the right things through the wrong methods but is continuing to learn as she goes.

6274904 Given everything that's happened recently, I don't see the Dogs lining up to let Emerald stick her woo woo in their brain space any time soon.... not until the dent in their trust has been buffed out a little more. That is, if the whole idea doesn't sing a little too close to Gorge Orwell's tune for Emerald to be comfortable with anyway.

I can see Twilight jumping at such things, though... like I can see her suddenly remembering that Black-light beings have a 'perfect memory' when and if she is has her little freak out about not being able to remember everything she has ever learned 'ever' in preparation for Celestia's upcoming 'Test'... cue her grabbing Emerald by the head and demanding that she infect her.

6275919 Probably not an option for the cockatrice.

6276839 There's a little thing called Ctrl+F
But anyways, here's a expanded selection

“Great. You can go back to what you were doing,” Emerald said, and was about to turn away when she paused. “Is Belvedere back?”
“Yes he is, Princeps.”
“...Tell him the time for our talk will be today if he can spare the time,” Emerald said before walking away.”

First chapter and going strong.


Ctrl + F and type it in exactly. The computer finds it for you. :trollestia:

6277627 How very unhelpful. You think I don't know how to use ctrl + f? Funny. Now explain to me how I use ctrl + f on a phone.

A) The author has explicitly stated that he writes on a laptop, B) depending on what browser you use on your phone you might have the option to find text on the page, and C) why do you care? You are not the author.

Hn, she could still add magic to her dogs to solve the rune situation.

Also, I look forward to the dogs reinventing the Internet and canine pornography. Though if they share their sudden Information Age with Equestria, they'll put Spike out of a job. Whats a baby dragon to do when everypony is busy texting?

Also, did anyone else expect Sky to start yelling about her Rasengan?

Woo! Glad to see its starting again!:pinkiehappy:

Please oh please let Mercer be in this story! It doesn't even have to be an important part as long as him and 'Emerald' have a nice little chat. :pinkiecrazy:

6277945 I'm the editor. It's my business to care if I miss a mistake. You would think those that read the chapter would know I'm the editor. Name's right to the left of my posts.:facehoof:

6278430 Sky?

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