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The Lost Tribe - Mike Dugan

Twilight and her friends enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, when Rainbow Dash has a startling encounter that leads to an exciting undersea adventure. Featured on Equestria Daily on 09/28/2012

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Chapter 3

The Lost Tribe
Part III

By Mike Dugan

It was just after daybreak as Twilight Sparkle had risen from her slumber. She soon roused her friends who were staying with her at the Canterlot library on their brief vacation in the big city. Looking around, she saw that only four of her friends were counted for.

"Has anyone seen Rainbow Dash?" she asked.

Suddenly, Rainbow Dash blasted into the main lobby of the library, crashing into a bookcase and sending scrolls and books scattering in all directions. Shielding themselves from the papery cascade, the others stared dumbfounded at their pegasus friend.

Leaping to her hooves, Rainbow Dash frantically zipped from one pony to the other, babbling random words. "Sea ponies... Guards... They took him! Dragged him away! I couldn't help him! I tried, but too strong! I... I... !"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, darlin'!" Applejack grabbed Rainbow by her shoulders, steadying her. "Just slow down! What happened?"

The distraught Rainbow Dash took a moment to catch her breath. "It's Breaker!"

After the harrowing tale of Breaker's capture was told, the ponies were left aghast.

"Oh my stars!" Rarity gasped. "Those brutes were so terrifying! Oh, poor Breaker!

Rainbow began shooting back and forth across the library, agonizing over the fate of her sea pony friend. "We have to do something!" she cried. "They're gonna do something terrible to him! Oh horse feathers! What if they already did?"

Twilight Sparkle began gathering her papers and quills. "Well, one thing's for sure, we don't need to worry about what to tell Princess Celestia anymore," she said.

Rainbow Dash landed next to Twilight. "I'll say we don't!" she exclaimed. "Twilight, you tell the princess we need as many guards as we can get! I'll start organizing the other pegasi as best I can, and the rest of you, gear up! Everything we've got!"

The others gaped at Rainbow Dash in bewilderment. "Rainbow, what are you saying?" Applejack asked.

"Rescue mission!" Rainbow Dash said boldly. "We're heading for the sea pony kingdom! I'm not leaving Breaker down there! I'll kick down the front gate myself! We'll use the Elements of Harmony if we have to! Who's with me?" Rainbow Dash leaped into the air, hovering in a dynamic pose, awaiting the enthusiastic cheers of her friends. But instead, all she got was silence.

Rainbow Dash turned to her friends, puzzled by their lack of support.

Twilight Sparkle shook her head. "Rainbow Dash, that just isn't how it works," she said.

The blue pegasus's eyes widened. "What?"

"The sea ponies aren't evil, Rainbow. We can't just attack them," Twilight continued. "Remember? The goal was help them open up to us, and realize that all of pony kind has come together." Twilight dipped a quill into a bottle of ink, and began scribbling on a sheet of parchment. "I'm going to get a letter to Princess Celestia. I'll tell her what we've discovered and what's happened so far. With her help, maybe we can find a way to get in touch with the sea ponies, and try to make a case for Breaker."

"That's a good idea, Twi," Applejack said. The others nodded, murmuring in agreement.

Rainbow Dash dropped to the floor. Her hooves made a loud clacking sound as she hit the tiles, startling the others. Breathing heavily, she began to speak. "I don't believe this." Her voice started flat, but began to rise as she continued. "Breaker is out there, he's in all kinds of trouble, and you just want to write letters?"

Twilight was taken aback by Rainbow's harsh tone. "Rainbow Dash, relax. We just have to–"

"Letters!" Rainbow's voice cracked.

Twilight winced. "Rainbow! Calm down!"

Rainbow Dash reared up on her hind legs, kicking her forelegs frantically. Shrieking in frustration, she spun around and rocketed out of the library. The gust of wind from her speedy departure sent papers randomly fluttering about the room, and five ponies stood sadly in the center of the lobby.

Twilight Sparkle sighed, and trotted out of the library. "Guys, get things started for me..." The friends nodded, and set to their task.

In the skies above Equestria, the peaceful dawn was shattered by a furious pegasus blasting through the air. Rainbow Dash threw herself into cloud after cloud, punching and kicking them wildly. The white billows dissipated from the blows with dull, unsatisfying poofs, until the enraged pony shrieked in anguish, then dropped face-down onto one of the few remaining clouds. Her shoulders quivered as she lay there.

"Rainbow Dash?" a familiar voice called up from the ground.

Rainbow Dash sniffled, and tried to wipe away the tears in her eyes. She leaned forward, peering down at Twilight Sparkle.

"Rainbow, it's me," she said tenderly. "Please. Come down."

Rainbow Dash sniffled again. Grabbing a wad of cloud with her hoof, she pulled the soft white tuft around herself and turned away from her friend petulantly. "Leave me alone..."

Twilight Sparkle's frown deepened. "Rainbow Dash, I'm sorry. I never meant to be insensitive. I understand how you feel, it's just–"

"Do you?" Rainbow Dash cut in. She was sitting up on the cloud, leering down at Twilight. Tears beaded her eyes. She zipped down to the ground, landing before the purple pony. "You really think you understand?"

Twilight blinked, then scowled. "Of course I do!"

Rainbow Dash turned away from her friend, rolling her eyes and snorting with derision.

A puzzled Twilight tilted her head, trying to comprehend Rainbow Dash's odd behavior. She stepped closer to her, putting a hoof on her shoulder. "Rainbow, I really do. After what Breaker did for you, we all understand."

Rainbow Dash looked back to her friend, and the sting of realization hit Twilight as she saw Rainbow's pained expression.

"You're not talking about just that, are you..." Twilight said.

"It was because of me," Rainbow said in a trembling voice. "I'm the one who wanted to stay behind. After what he did for me, I... He was caught because of me!" Rainbow Dash grabbed Twilight by her shoulders. "We have to help him!" she wailed. "We have to!"

Twilight Sparkle put her forelegs around Rainbow Dash. "We will, Rainbow. We'll save him. I promise."

On a low cloud above a lake in Ponyville, Rainbow Dash lay on her stomach gazing wistfully at the water beneath her. She touched the water with her hoof, making small ripples in the surface. It had been several days since she and her friends had returned home, and since she had last seen Breaker.

The pegasus sighed, and closed her eyes. Just as she began to doze off, she heard her name being called from the edge of the lake. Rainbow shook her head, blinking a few times before she turned to see her friends lined up along the water's edge.

"Rainbow Dash? Could you come over here for a moment? We have something to tell you," Twilight said.

Rainbow Dash sighed, and with a few flaps, made her way to where her friends stood. Since her outburst at the Canterlot library, she hadn't seen her friends much. She feared there may have still been some tension left over. "Hey guys..."

"Listen Rainbow," Twilight began, "I just got word back from Princess Celestia, and she said–"

"Look, guys, I'm sorry about how I acted the other day," Rainbow Dash interrupted.

Twilight shook her head. "It's all right, Rainbow. We're going to–"

Rainbow Dash turned away from her friends as she continued to blather. "It's just, I can't stand not being able to help my friends! It'd be the same for any of you!"


"And I owe Breaker so much! After what he did, I just–"

Suddenly, a familiar purple blob enveloped Rainbow Dash's head. The magic surface turned transparent, and the pegasus turned back to her friends. They all sported their own magic breathing bubbles around their heads, just like the ones they wore when they first began their undersea trip days ago.

"Rainbow!" Twilight blurted out. "You don't have to worry about that anymore!"

Applejack stepped forward. "We just got official word from the princess!" she said. "She's charged us with makin' our way to the sea pony kingdom, and try to give our pal Breaker a hoof!"

Rainbow Dash looked astonished. "Really? You mean it?"

The friends nodded, and one by one they held out their hooves, making a circle. "You in?" asked Twilight.

Rainbow Dash smiled excitedly, then placed her hoof in the circle. "You got it!"

"All right!" the ponies cheered.

Pinkie Pie burst out laughing, and wrapped her forelegs around the entire group. "Aw, you guys!" she giggled. She pulled her friends in, squeezing them tightly. Her smile vanished when a series of loud pops were heard, as hers and her friends' air bubbles ruptured. Pinkie smiled bashfully. "Sorry, everpony... Uh, Twilight?"

Twilight Sparkle grimaced. "Yeah I'm on it..."

The next day, the six ponies had returned to the sea. They retraced their steps as best they could from their first excursion to the undersea realm, making their way to where Rainbow Dash last encountered the sea ponies.

"Rainbow?" asked Twilight. "Is this where it happened?"

Rainbow Dash looked around. She frowned as she recalled the terrible incident. "Yup." She looked off into the distance. "They took him this way." With that, the six friends made their way off into the deep ocean, hoping to find the kingdom of the sea ponies.

After many hours of hiking along the sea floor, the friends began to feel their search was going nowhere. Panting heavily, Rarity was near collapsing. "Oh heavens," she gasped, "had I known there would be this much walking I'd have packed another set of horseshoes!"

"Come on, keep it together, everypony!" Rainbow Dash proclaimed. "Breaker is counting on us!" Rainbow was hopping along rocky outcroppings, tirelessly scanning the gloomy sea around her and her friends. "There's gotta be something down here that can give us a clue!"

As if on cue, the ponies heard Fluttershy utter a gentle gasp. "Oh my goodness!"

Rainbow Dash and the others soon converged on the yellow pegasus. She was ducking behind a large rock as she gazed out across a sandy expanse of the sea floor. The other ponies took cover behind the boulder as well, trying to catch sight of what had caught Fluttershy's attention. Soon, they all saw it.

Flitting along the seabed, a little sea pony filly was gathering small seashells in her forelegs and humming to herself. Rainbow Dash and the others quickly ducked behind their rocky hiding place. "This is it!" Rainbow Dash whispered. "We must be getting close to the sea ponies now!"

Twilight nodded. "Indeed. Maybe if we try to communicate with her, we can try to get some idea of where the kingdom is located. From there, we can figure things out."

"Hold on a minute, y’all," Applejack pointed out. "Remember what Breaker said, now. We gotta think this through, make sure we don't spook the poor thing. For now, I think we'd best lay low, and try to–"

"Oh no!" Rarity moaned.

The others poked their heads out from behind the boulder. At once, all of the ponies' jaws dropped.

Pinkie Pie had trotted out into the expanse where the little sea pony had been swimming about and was now standing before the startled filly, smiling broadly. "Hi there!" she chirped. "I'm Pinkie Pie! What's your name? Hey! Can you tell us where we can find your long lost kingdom of sea ponies so we can help our friend?"

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes and groaned. "Aw, Pinkie! What the hay!"

For a moment, the filly remained motionless, staring wide-eyed at the smiling pink stranger before her. The assortment of seashells she had been collecting clattered to the ground, and the sea pony child gave her reply.

"Mommy!" With a flick of her fish tail, the filly took off through the water at astonishing speed, and was soon out of sight.

A confused Pinkie stood in the sandy plain, not sure of what to make of the encounter. "That's funny. I'm pretty sure I took a bath today," she pondered aloud.

Soon her friends were by her side, and Rainbow Dash was scowling. "Well, that went well," she grumbled. "Now what do we do?"

Twilight took a moment to think. "Well... we could try heading in the direction she went, see if that leads us closer finding this place. But if that's how they're going to react to us, it could only make things worse."

"Twilight's right," Applejack agreed. "If we're even gonna get a chance to speak with any of them, we've gotta find a way to get on their good side first."

Twilight nodded. "Rainbow Dash, did Breaker tell you anything during your time with him that could help with this?"

Rainbow Dash thought for a moment. Then, her eyes widened as an idea struck her. "Well, there was one thing. It's kind of crazy, but it might just do the trick!" She turned to the farm pony. "Applejack, can you see if you can whip up an oversized bridle of some sort with the stuff around here?"

"Can do!" the earth pony exclaimed.

"Great! And Pinkie? I need you for the next part," Rainbow continued. "But I gotta warn you, you aren't going to like it."

Pinkie Pie blinked.

"Rainbow Dash," Twilight leaned over to her pegasus friend. "What are you up to?"

Rainbow Dash gave a confident smirk. "We're getting a ride to the sea ponies."

Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy had all taken cover behind some of the rocks on the seabed, while Rainbow Dash was perched atop a huge stone archway. The oversized makeshift bridle was in her front hooves as she readied herself for her plan.

"Applejack, are you sure that bridle you put together is sturdy enough?" Twilight whispered.

Applejack peered out to where Rainbow Dash was hiding. "Sure as I can be," she replied.

Twilight looked worried. "I hope Rainbow's plan works. From what she told us, the sea ponies have great admiration for anypony who can deal with sharks. I just hope Pinkie can handle it too."

Out in the middle of the open sea bed, Pinkie Pie nervously trotted along, her eyes darting from side to side. The others watched nervously from their hiding place. Across the way, Rainbow Dash kept her sights on her friend and the waters surrounding her.

"Okay Pinkie, just hang on..." Rainbow muttered under her breath.

Pinkie continued her trot, playing her role as best she could. As Rainbow maintained her vigilant watch across the seascape, she saw what she was waiting for.

The menacing form of a large shark soon swam into view. It first circled the area, then closed in as it recognized its pink prey from days ago.

"Oh, nelly..." Applejack gasped. "If I had fingers, they'd be crossed right about now..."

Pinkie hastened her trot to a full gallop, her heart pounding. She made her way to the stone arch where Rainbow Dash had hidden herself. Taken in by the increased activity, the shark picked up speed, and shot after the now terrified Pinkie.

With a yelp, Pinkie scrambled for the stone arch. She first sprinted along the sea floor, then paddling wildly with her hooves through the water. Behind her, the huge shark was closing in fast. At last Pinkie was upon the rocky structure, and crying out in dismay, she threw herself past the threshold, the shark close behind her.

Pinkie dove behind the rocks, and just as her vicious pursuer cleared the archway, Rainbow Dash threw herself down at the shark, jamming the bridle into the beast's mouth. She gripped the tethers in her front hooves tightly as she seated herself on the shark's back, just in front of its dorsal fin. The shark thrashed wildly, trying to shake off the pony that had unexpectedly planted herself upon it.

Rainbow Dash tugged at the reins, doggedly trying to tame the ferocious sea creature. "Easy, big guy! Easy!" she called out. Gradually, the shark ceased its flailing, and soon Rainbow Dash guided the creature to a steady undulation through the water. Grinning with satisfaction, Rainbow steered her new mount towards the spot where her friends were hiding. "Yeah, that's right. We're gonna be pals for a while now."

The other ponies stepped out to the open, staring in awe at their friend as she was perched atop the mighty predator.

Applejack gave a low whistle. "Now ain't that somethin'..." she remarked.

Suddenly, Pinkie Pie hopped into view, bouncing excitedly. "Oh! Oh! What should we name him? I vote for Mittens!" she exclaimed.

The other ponies looked at her with befuddled expressions. Twilight giggled. "I think we better save that discussion for later, Pinkie," she said.

Rainbow Dash readied the reins in her hooves. "Now, which way did that sea pony head again?"

At the bottom of the ocean, the long since forgotten city of the sea ponies was abuzz with rumors and gossip. News of the one who had violated Sacred Law had spread fast among the sea ponies, and soon, talk of yet another encounter with the ponies of the surface world were circulating among them.

"Did you hear what little Minnow claimed she saw earlier today? A land pony! Just walked right up to her, just beyond the seagrass meadows!" a lavender sea pony mare prattled. Like nearly every other sea pony in the city, she and her friend were absorbed in the scandal involving Breaker.

"Good heavens!" the green hued companion exclaimed. "Ever since that... that miscreant broke the Law, it's been land ponies this and land ponies that! I just hope someone thinks of the children!"

Suddenly, the outcries of various sea ponies were heard throughout the kingdom. "Shark! Shark!"

Terrified sea ponies scattered in all directions as the enormous predator made its way through the city, around the towers and spires, and soon circled down lower to one of the plazas of the undersea city. The cries and screams had caught the attention of the guards, and within moments the valiant protectors of the city scrambled to defend against the oncoming threat.

As soon as they met their opponent, however, the astonished guards stopped cold, staring at the oddity before them. After a while, a burly form pushed past them, making his way to the center of the commotion.

"Move aside! What's happening here?" demanded Riptide. Soon, the guard captain was upon the disturbance, and even he could not help but utter a gasp at what he saw.

Rainbow Dash and her friends were seated in a row atop the shark. Rainbow slowed her mount to a steady lap, as the population of sea ponies, once fleeing in terror from the threat, had begun to crowd around the amazing sight before them. Twilight Sparkle and the others glanced nervously around them at the countless wide-eyed faces upon them. Rainbow Dash, however, maintained a steady glare at Riptide.

Easing the shark down, Rainbow hopped to the stone floor. Keeping her eyes on the guard captain, she strutted up to him. Riptide was nearly three times Rainbow Dash's size, but it was the sea pony who looked intimidated. He glanced back and forth at the brash sky pony before him and the mighty sea predator nearby, seemingly unable to comprehend what he was seeing. Neither of them spoke for a moment.

"Not to sound cliché," Rainbow Dash finally said, "but take us to your leader."

A vast stone amphitheater made up the chamber of the sea pony elders. The tiers and arched windows were dotted with countless sea ponies. An event unlike any other in their history was about to unfold. In the center of the room, three ancient sea ponies, the mysterious elders, sat behind a tall podium, with Riptide floating by their side, as they awaited the audience of the six strange creatures who had come to call.

Twilight Sparkle and her friends slowly strode into the center of the chamber. Despite the tremendous number of ponies present, the entire chamber was nearly silent, save for a few quiet whispers among the assembly. Ever wanting to be friendly, Pinkie Pie waved cheerfully at random sea ponies in the crowd, but her efforts were only met with scornful glares. Mothers clutched their children defensively, some ponies even swam away as if in fear. Pinkie sulked.

The six friends paced across the floor, meeting the trio of decrepit looking sea ponies. Applejack leaned over to Twilight. "Well, we made it this far," she whispered. "What now?"

"Try to make the best case we can, I guess," Twilight replied.

The elders surveyed their visitors for a moment, then exchanged narrow-eyed looks. "A long time since we encountered ponies such as you," the wrinkled, brick-colored old mare seated to the right croaked.

Applejack tried to make a motion to tip her hat, despite the precious air bubble surrounding her head. "Mighty pleased to make your acquaintance, ma'am!" she exclaimed.

The old mare sneered. "It was hardly ever a pleasant experience," she continued, as if ignoring Applejack's greeting. Applejack blinked, then frowned.

"Tut-tut, Sargassa," the breathy voice of the gaunt old stallion seated to the left rebuked. The snobbish old creature took a moment to preen his flowing white mane. "Mind your manners. Just because we leave beneath the waves does not mean we must sink to their level..."

Applejack's eyes narrowed, and her scowl deepened. Rarity scoffed at the insult.

Twilight Sparkle stepped forward. "If you please, elders," she said as politely as she could, "we've come to your city on behalf of our friend, Breaker. He was–"

A snort escaped the bitter old mare. "Him. Ah yes. The Law-breaker." She spat the words.

"Yes, ma'am," Twilight continued. "Please. We ask that you to forgive him for what he did. He was only trying to help."

"Oh isn't that darling!" the wispy old stallion cackled. "Perhaps he was just looking for a new pet!"

It was all Rainbow Dash could do to keep herself from attacking the arrogant creature. Even Twilight herself was beginning to lose her patience. "Please," she said, "while we mean no disrespect, we only ask that you rethink your ways, and set Breaker free. You must understand, all of pony kind are no longer enemies, and we–"

"Rethink our ways! You dare?"

"What insolence!"

"Four-legged brats! We ought to–"

Suddenly, the imposing old stallion seated at the center held out his forelegs, halting the tirade from his peers. He settled his eerie, iridescent yellow eyes on the purple mare. "Go on, my dear," he said. His voice was deep and rich, and could be felt almost as well as it could be heard.

Still shaken from the tongue-lashing she had received, Twilight took a breath, and continued. "You must know, ponies all across the land have embraced friendship, and things are better now. We only wish to share that."

"That's right!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed happily. "Everypony is friends with everypony!" Pinkie reached out to her sides, reeling in Rarity and Fluttershy and hugging them tightly while sporting a nearly deranged, toothy smile. "See?"

The sea pony elders peered at Pinkie's bizarre display with dull expressions. Pinkie kept her ample grin, but arched her eyebrows in dismay. "C'mon guys, it's the sea ponies..." she said to her friends. Her words were slurred by her outstretched cheeks and clenched teeth. Rarity and Fluttershy forced uneasy smiles.

The old sea pony stallion sat in thought for a moment. "Bring him in."

By the order, Riptide gestured with his foreleg, and soon two guards wafted into the chamber from behind the podium, clutching a blue sea pony by his forelegs. It was Breaker. He kept his head lowered as he was ushered into the room, a pair of sturdy iron manacles fastened to his forelegs. Slowly, he looked up, as if in fear of what he would see, but his eyes widened the moment he saw Rainbow Dash standing across the way. He started forward, but was restrained by one of his armored escorts. Rainbow Dash's eyes pricked with tears at the sight of her friend in his predicament.

Twilight sighed. "Please, elders. There's no need to punish Breaker for putting your kind in danger, because there is no danger anymore." Rainbow Dash stepped forward, emphasizing Twilight's point. "Can we be friends?" Twilight pleaded.

The chamber fell painfully quiet. The elder seated at the center closed his eyes, occasionally tapping his hoof on the podium as he ruminated. His companions simply glowered at the six mares, unimpressed. Then, the old stallion opened his eyes.

"Child. Your pleas are certainly heartfelt," the elder began, "and perhaps your world of the surface has changed since we departed so long ago."

Twilight and her friends felt their spirits rise at the elder's words.

"But, be that as it may," the elder continued, "our ways have not changed for ages, and there is not nearly enough reason to alter them after all this time."

Twilight's heart sank. Rainbow Dash gasped, and the others muttered in disbelief. Twilight started to speak again. "But–"

The elder shook his head. "A handful of ponies from the world above seeking 'frienship' simply does not justify undoing centuries of tradition. With or without your friendship, we are no worse off. There is nothing you have that we want." His voice turned hard. "Breaker has broken Sacred Law. He must be punished to the fullest."

The other two elders held expressions of grim satisfaction as the the decision was rendered.

Twilight's mouth hung open in dismay. She racked her brain for some kind of way to persuade the elders, but nothing came to her. She looked to Breaker, mouthing a sorrowful apology to the doomed sea pony. Breaker's gaze fell to the floor, convinced that his fate was sealed. Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy all hung their heads in sorrow.

Suddenly, Rainbow Dash stepped ahead of her friends. She stood boldly before the elders with her wings proudly outstretched. The elders peered at the impudent sky pony standing before them.

"Then take me instead."

Nearly every pony in the chamber gasped. The elders, the guards, Twilight and the others, and Breaker himself all gawked at Rainbow Dash in shock.

"Breaker did what he did because he believed things between our kind could be different," Rainbow Dash said. "If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't even be here. But if things can't be different, then..." The pegasus stopped. There was nothing left to say.

The elders stared at Rainbow Dash, lost for words. The center elder leaned forward. "You, a sky pony," he said, "you would... take his place?"

Rainbow Dash held her proud stance. "Yes."

"No!" Breaker thrashed frantically. This time it took both guards to restrain him. "Rainbow Dash, stop! You can't!" he cried.

"Sky pony," the elder said sternly, "do you understand what you are doing? What it means?"

Rainbow Dash blinked. Her expression suddenly filled with sadness. She looked back her friends. The five stricken ponies were nearly in tears. Rainbow Dash's eyes welled, and she stifled a knot in her throat. "Yes..." she replied. Turning back to the elders, she made her final plea. "Just please... Don't hurt him..."

A long, tense silence was held, as every pony in the amphitheater tried to comprehend the situation. The elders looked to each other, clearly moved by Rainbow's bravery. Even Riptide's expression had softened.

The center elder spoke again. "A sea flows to many places, and the tides change constantly. It has been a long time since we have allowed ourselves to do the same. As I said before, our ways have remained unchanged for so long, so perhaps it is we who have forgotten how to go with the flow, as we once so often did."

Rainbow Dash almost allowed herself to smile.

"However," continued the elder, "a law was indeed broken. For the sake of stability, a sentence must be carried out. Bring him forward."

Rainbow Dash uttered a gasp of protest. She stepped back, as the two guards pulled Breaker to the center of the room.

The sea pony elder addressed the prisoner. "Breaker, you have brought about a great disruption to our kingdom. Such is the case with any great change. Therefore, we charge you with a task."

Breaker swallowed.

"You are to live amongst the land ponies, to learn from them, and teach them of our kind as well. And above all, respect their laws."

Breaker blinked. A wave of relief washed over him, and his guards undid the fetters around his forelegs.

"We have spoken," the old elder said, rapping his hoof on the podium.

Riptide nudged Breaker toward the group of mares standing nearby. "Keep your snout clean, lad," he grunted, and gave a wry smile.

Breaker turned toward Rainbow Dash. The two ponies stared at each other, lost for words. Rainbow Dash suddenly burst out laughing, tears escaping her eyes. Breaker did the same, as he and Rainbow threw their forelegs around each other. They twirled briefly in their embrace, drawing a long, low, "O-o-oh," from the throngs of sea ponies around them.

"Oh my gosh!" Breaker exclaimed. "Rainbow, I thought I was never going to see you again!"

Rainbow Dash held Breaker tightly. "Hey, you..."

It was sunset when Twilight Sparkle and her friends returned to Ponyville. Seven ponies gathered at the edge of the large lake that was to be Breaker's new home. As the ponies helped Breaker settle into his dwelling, Princess Celestia herself had arrived to greet the newcomer. Twilight eagerly recounted the tale of the adventures she and her friends had during their mission to the sea to her teacher.

"Boy howdy!" Applejack declared. "We're gonna need a vacation after that vacation!"

Princess Celestia looked impressed. "It sounds to me like you all had quite an adventure!" she said. "And it sounds like an important lesson was learned as well." The kindly monarch turned to Breaker and Rainbow Dash. "Having the courage to question authority is nothing to be ashamed of," she said. "It can lead to many great things. But always remember that rules are in place for your protection." She peered at Breaker, tilting her head toward him. "I trust you'll keep this in mind while staying in our fair kingdom?"

The sea pony and the pegasus grinned at each other. Breaker bowed. "Yes, your highness," he said. Princess Celestia smiled.

Soon after, the princess excused herself, vanishing in a magical flash, and Twilight and her friends began to make their way back to Ponyville. Pinkie Pie was bouncing with excitement, blathering randomly about all the ideas for the party she wanted to throw to celebrate the arrival of their new friend. Soon, all the ponies had all gone their separate ways. All of them, except Rainbow Dash, who still stood by the edge of the water alongside Breaker.

Rainbow Dash scratched the side of her head. "So are you okay with all this? This works? I mean, it's not exactly the ocean..."

"Of course, Rainbow. It'll suit me just fine," Breaker said. "Hey, it sure beats the the alternative!"

Rainbow Dash giggled.

Breaker looked around, as if trying to make sure he and Rainbow Dash were alone. "Actually, I really wanted to say thanks. I mean, for what you did back there."

Rainbow Dash shrugged. "Aw, don't mention it."

Breaker suddenly looked very dire. "No, really. I mean it," he said. "I've never had anypony stick up for me like that before. I didn't want to make a big deal about it in front of your friends, but... it really means a lot to me."

A warm smile crossed Rainbow Dash's face. "Hey. What are friends for?"

Breaker smiled back. "I think I'll like being friends with a pegasus," he said.

Rainbow Dash took a step closer to Breaker. "I think I'll like being friends with a sea pony."

The two ponies remained silent, smiling at each other. It was funny, Rainbow Dash thought, how startled she was the first time she stared into those big green eyes she once again found herself lost in. It was not long ago that Breaker seemed like something out of a fairy tale, and nothing more. But now, after everything that had happened and everything they had been through together, now he was someone special. Rainbow Dash slowly began to lean forward.


Rainbow Dash blinked. "Huh?"

"A hippocampus pony," Breaker repeated. "That's what I am. It's what all my kind are called, actually."

Rainbow Dash blinked again. "Oh! Good to know!" she said. She flapped her wings, taking flight. "Hey, it's getting late," she said. "I sure am beat after all that traveling and shark wrestling and stuff! But we should totally hang out tomorrow!"

Breaker nodded. "You got it! As long as Twilight doesn't want to spend the whole day asking me questions!"

Rainbow Dash giggled again. "See you later!" she sang. She fluttered away, as Breaker waved farewell.

Breaker pulled himself further into the lake, and dove beneath the water and into his new home. His new life among the land ponies was going to be pleasant. He was sure of it.

The End

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Hey everypony! Thanks for reading my story! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! And if you'd like a real treat, check out the fully illustrated version I'm working on at my DeviantART page, starting here! --> http://mikedugan.deviantart.com/art/The-Lost-Tribe-Chapter-1-Page-1-357867352

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The End? Already?


It better not be.

I see this as a mid point into a bigger story. Something that transitions into something bigger for the four equestrian tribes. Please do continue building this universe.

"as we once so often did" This phrase feels a little awkward to me; I really don't know how to fix it, I'm not much of a writer, sorry.
Also, I see what you did there. :raritywink:The hippocampus is where new information is condensed and synthesized in the brain, which makes it pivotal for learning. It also looks like a seapony without forelegs. My congratulations to you dear author, that is very clever.
Ciao :duck:

Terrified sea ponies scattered in all directions as the enormous predator made its way through the city, ... The cries and screams had caught the attention of the guards,....As soon as they met their opponent, however, the astonished guards stopped cold, staring at the oddity before them. After a while, a burly form pushed past them, making his way to the center of the commotion.

This came to mind right about here.

"Not to sound cliché," Rainbow Dash finally said, "but take us to your leader."


"A long time since we encountered ponies such as you," ...
"Mighty pleased to make your acquaintance, ma'am!" ...
"It was hardly ever a pleasant experience," ...
"Tut-tut, Sargassa," ... "Mind your manners. Just because we leave beneath the waves does not mean we must sink to their level..."

Wow! You sure know how to welcome guests to make them feel all warm and squishy inside.

I personally don't mind if this is the end of this fic. Just as long as there will be a sequel that is.:pinkiecrazy:


Possible soundtrack for reading:

Even though that ended kind of quickly, it kind of feels right. The three chapters almost feel like a two-parter episode. Especially with Celestia addressing the lesson at the end. It almost feels like they were episodes written for the show. Even the whole shipping tease was handled nicely, especially at the end. Although maybe Rainbow Dash was a little more emotional than what I'm used to but who knows. In the show, we're surprised by new bits of their personalities with every other if not each episode.

Even though mermares and seaponies are now canon thanks to the new book coming out, this was still a treat to read.

Sequel! Sequel! Sequel! There must be sequel!:pinkiehappy:

This reminds me a bit of the little mermaid
Unda da sea

Sequel Sequel SEQUEL!!!

I did enjoy it but I don't understand why you used "Hippocampus" as the name of the race.
Other than that I thought it was pretty good.

Oh I can answer that for you. In Greek mythology, the hippocampus was a horse-like creature that had a scaly fish-like tale for its hind quarters. Interesting, no?

why isn't this an episode it has all the elements of a good MLP 2 part

Breaker really ruined a moment with a single word. "Hippocampus."

The 'no take me instead' and than the 'nah, we'll just let him go and let you go' was pretty cliche, other than that, it was awesome


Not bad. I wouldn't mind seeing more of this if you ever decide to write a sequel.

1883461 Just a personal request... -us is the traditional Latin plurl, while -i is the traditional Greek. So it should be Hippocampi... :raritywink:
Also, that way no one will think you're talking about the human-brain either! :twilightsheepish:

I expected the punishment for breaking the law to be banishment among the land ponies (taking away his tail and giving him hoofs somehow) so i wasent too far off

I'd be interested in more if you decide.

Thank you for your kind words. I'm really glad you enjoyed my story and appreciated it for what it was, and I'm especially grateful that you noticed the lesson preached at the end, and how it echoed the spirit of the show. This was all very important to me while I was writing it, so it really means a lot to me to hear someone say that.

This was a nice story. I hope you'll continue with it with either a sequel or some mention of Breaker and the Sea Ponies in some other story of yours.

Nice read. Hope we'll see more soon. *hint-hint* *nudge-nudge* :raritywink:

It may only been three chapters long but this is one of the most awesome stories I read! I just read the whole story now and loved very inch of it! It is awesome!

Short, but sweet. Loved the story good sir.:moustache:

This NEEDS a sequel. Make one now, NAOW!:flutterrage:

What an adorable little story! You've perfectly caught the spirit of the show. The whole "let's abandon our millenia-old isolationist dogma" part came about a little too fast for my taste, but that's all I could possibly criticise.

I found it through your ongoing comic adaption, which is a remarkable feat all by itself. Well done, all of it!

[Found this story on DA and going into my read later list.]
[Good job on the art work comic by the way.]


Porfa? Me gusta tu estoria. :pinkiecrazy: Lol spanish :3

This story is So. AWESOME!:rainbowkiss:
Just one question: Can I use Breaker in one of my stories? Just one? I'll give you credit for sure!:twilightsmile:

This is far from my normal reading level, but I'll try to be fair.

This story clearly tries to be like the show, and that is exactly why it falls below my bar. All characters are two dimensional at best. Even Breaker and Rainbow Dash don't do anything to make the readers care for them. If it wasn't because everyone who reads this watched the show, then we wouldn't care if both of them had been eaten by a shark. :ajbemused: This only hurts the story seeing as RD plays the most important part.

RD plays such a central role that she outshines everypony from the start, but that can be considered apropriate as the protagonist. What is unnacceptable is to break from reality and bite off more than you can chew. The tone of the story took a turn towards boredom as you dragged out the parts that had all the girls doing stuff. Rarity and Applejack might as well have been left in ponyville for the first part, since their only involvement was to make you go, oh hey, they ARE still here. If they aren't needed, why write em in?

Then there was downright trying to shoe horn the plot where the sun don't shine. You completely ignored Twilight- shooty mclaserbutt -sparkle and Flutter-will kiss a manticore:yay:-shy during the shark scene. There is no good excuse for this.

Other then that, the story was just plain meh. There wasn't anything interesting, nothing to keep people hooked, and nothing we didn't see coming a mile away.

I cannot up vote this story, not by my standards, but I make it a rule to tell people why I down vote stories. This was not an entertaining use of my time.

good story defiantly something I want to a sequel to till next time stay pony my friend. :heart:

The theme of this story:

This is what I think raibow was thinking.
"Hippocampus? WAIT WHAT!?!? I'm not marrying a hippo!"

This is an awesome fanfic! I'm surprised that it doesn't have as many likes as "Pink With Your Heart".

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