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Welcome to the place where 1000 years isn't enough to produce the ancient evil that awakens the Elements of Harmony! Here, we believe in the seven Elements:
Devotion, Honor, Compassion, Charity, Humor, Empowerment and, Magic.
We also believe in giving equal attention to the minor tribes (Thestrals, Crystal Ponies , Sea Ponies, Zebras, Flutterponies, and Changelings) of ponies as well as hybrids (Flutterborns (Flutterpony hybrids) Hippogriffs, Pegacorns, Zebronies, Crystalbloods (Crystal pony hybrids), Amphibis (Sea pony/dry pony hybrid), Kirins (Dracobloods (dragon/pony hybrid)), Taurians (Minotau/pony hybrid), and Batbloods (Thestral hybrids). New minor tribes/hybrids will also be accepted. We also support giving attention to the non-pony races. Human/anthro/both fics will also be accepted! We also have a main section that sports our OC evil Ultracorn, Dark King Eclipse! There is also a inverse where King Eclipse is good and his daughters Celestia and Luna, the Royal Pony Twins, went insane! Other alterations may also be accepted over time.

1) Standard site rules will be expected to be followed.
2) Any member can post a fic here, but not all will be accepted as "canon."
3) In your fics, use the accepted head-canon of our Multiverse on hybrid names whenever possible on stories that involve them.
4) Participation in our threads is encouraged, but not strictly necessary. Ideas for new stories/alternate iterations must be discussed on the threads before posting, however.
5) A timeline for fics following one of the sections of our Multiverse must be discussed in the threads for organization's sake.
6) Flamers/trolls will not be tolerated. Comments/threads that involve such will be deleted, and members that flame/troll will be suspended until The REAL Mister Pkmn feels that they can safely be allowed back into the group.
7) NSFW/clop fics are automatically non-canon.
8) This Multiverse is mainly for fics that are geared towards everyone/teens, but mature fics will still be accepted.

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