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Saddlesoap Opera is a Canadian Brony who loves to write and read fiction of nearly all kinds.

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Having passed the fourth anniversary of first posting one of my favourite works recently and having been asked about a sequel, I took the time to look back at History Repeats and explore my old notes and files and unused concepts.

Consider what follows the break to be potentially spoileriffic, and also to be a Blu-Ray Director's Commentary on some of the hidden jokes and references and deleted bits and pieces that didn't make the cut...

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>>2432443 *Nods* Fair enough. Just thought I'd ask as it is a great story, but I always thought when reading it "Huh, if this is Megan's reaction to returning to this land of magic ponies, what kind of mental trauma (if any) would her siblings have had from their own visits to Ponyland?" Anywho, thanks for responding and have a good night!

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I have considered a few scenarios, but I was extremely pleased with the ending and execution of HR, so if I was ever to continue it would have to be a really fantastic concept...

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Just curious, but have you ever thought of making a sequel to History Repeats? Perhaps not only using some of the later season stuff (Tirek's return, etc; obviously not a good Smooze as you clearly have it behave like the original G1 version) with perhaps Megan returning with her brother Danny and sister Molly as they too would remember Ponyland aka Equestria (Danny moreso given he was older; Molly probably thought it was all just dumb make believe of her adolescent mind)?

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I made use of this blank template, the excellent resources of the MLP Vector Club, and my own modest shooping skills!

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