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Everybody in T.A.C.T.I.C.A.L. has heard about agent Doodle's exploits. He's managed to befriend a sea monster, taken on a Tarripus, and even earned a knighthood rescuing Celestia from... something highly classified. There's not a pony, donkey, cow, or [redacted] in the administration that doesn't respect the donkey and his contributions to Equestria.

So when Agent Sweetie Drops is paired up with him on her first assignment, she is understandably very excited. And a little bit nervous. But she'll try her hardest to help the legendary agent out!

Even if the target has... other plans.

(Image created by Bonmod. Be warned: The original is ANIMATED.)

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Seven ponies have been transported from ancient times to the modern era. In their own time, they were heroes, and to this day they are (mostly) remembered fondly. However, the time between their departure and return has left society completely different.

Princess Luna, remembering her own period of adjustment, wisely decides that the Pillars of Equestria need personal guides to this new era.

She, not so wisely, selects them herself without consulting anyone and assigns them to their select heroes.

This... may not end well.

Cover image composed with vectors by thebosscamacho, Hendro107, davidsfire, SketchMCreations, SLB94, FloppyChiptunes, and of course the MLP staff.

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People say that light is good and dark is bad.

The truth is far simpler... and far subtler.

The light reveals.

The dark....


A short little story for All Hallow's Eve. Let Nightmares reveal what the dayborn will leave.

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"From all of us together, together we’re friends. With the marks of our destinies made one, the journey is without end!"

With those words, Twilight Sparkle accidentally teleported herself, Spike, the rest of her friends, and the elements of Harmony into another world. Trapped as they were for a thousand years, they made do; mingling with the natives, accepting their new-found longevity, and coping with the separation from their home world.

It's been a long ride, not without its bumps. But now, at last, the spell is winding down. The seven of them have gathered in their mansion to say farewell to their new friends and family. And even as the tears are shed and goodbyes made, some part of them is looking forward to returning to Equestria. It's true that everypony they knew is probably long dead (aside from the princesses,) but it's still their home.

There have probably been a number of changes, of course. But it can't be that bad... right?

Cover by fleebites.

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I am lost and that is okay

I cannot find the normal

but I do not need it

I have the ones that find me.

Cover art by WubcakeVA. Part of the Oversaturated World.

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Once upon a time, a merchant was going to set up a stall in a convention to sell enchanted artifacts to cosplayers in order to send them to a variety of iterations of a particular world for honestly rather stupid reasons.

He was probably expecting somebody familiar with the RWBY series--especially Blake Belladonna.

He was not expecting me.

So, yeah, things got off to a weird start...

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There's a little shop in Canterlot that moves around the town
And the unicorn who runs the place is quite hard to track down
But she'll grant your wish, make dreams come true, and be ever so nice
Just do beware: Nothing is free, and you may not like the price.

Coverart by Joakaha.

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This story is a sequel to Unfriendly Competition

Lemon Zest: Crystal Prep's looniest lover of ludicrousness and local lady of looking after lackies. Currently the student with the third highest grades in the school.

Sunny Flare: A student devoted to doing her best in school, works hard to maintain her GPA, and will not tolerate unnecessary nonsense. Currently: fourth highest grades in school.

They are definitely not dating.

That's probably the only thing they can agree on...

Cover art by Maran-Zelde. Part of the Oversaturated World.

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Svengallop cultivates all these.

Troubleshoes complicates them.

And Moonlight Raven just wants to worship her dark goddess.

Fate, it seems, has a funny sense of humor. But before the month is out, the Raven shall Sing!

Coverart a combination of works by Brony-Works, missgoldendragon, cheezedoodle96, and BlueThunder66.

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Octavia had hit a block in her musical career. She just can't figure out any new songs to write. And all the tricks she's tried to come up with something new are just failing. Vinyl Scratch, worried about her, puts her in contact with a friend who just might have the very thing she needs....

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