• Published 25th Feb 2013
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Winds of Change - Masterweaver

Rainbow Dash is a changeling. Who knew?

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Chapter One: A Joyous Day

"A sonic rainboom? At a wedding?!" Rainbow Dash bounced on her hooves. "Can you say best wedding ever?!"

Pinkie gasped, flailing her hooves in the air. "Best. Wedding. EVER!"

The pegasus smirked at her friend's antics; Pinkie Pie was just so random sometimes, but that was something that she'd learned to love about the pony. Heck, she'd say that everypony in the cart had their little quirks; Applejack just didn't care about awesomeness as much as she should, Rarity cared a little too much about her looks, Fluttershy needed to learn how to act out... and of course, Twilight went neurotic at the drop of a hat. But in the end, for all their flaws, these ponies just plain rocked. Rainbow Dash couldn't--no, she wouldn't imagine a life without any of them.

"So you all get to help with the big fancy wedding, but I'm the one who gets to host the bachelor party!" boasted the only nonpony in the cart. "I have just one question... What's a bachelor party?"

"PFffffhahaHAHAhahaha!" Rainbow barely managed to keep from falling out of her seat. SPIKE? Running a bachelor party? Oh Celestia that was just priceless! An image of the dragon wearing a mustache and holding auditions for poledancers with an absolutely stoic face passed through her mind, and she burst out in another bout of capricious laughter.

Applejack was the first to notice that Twilight hadn't joined in. She moved over to the unicorn and gave her a gentle smile. "Why tha long face, sugarcube?"

"I'm just thinking about Shining Armor," she replied with a shrug. "Ever since I moved to Ponyville we've been seeing each other less and less. And now that he's starting a new family with this 'Princess Mi Amore Cal-whatshername,' we'll probably never see each other." An aggravated sigh escaped her lips as she stared out the window.

"Come on, now," Applejack insisted. "Yer his sister. He'll always make time fer ya."

"...Couldn't seem to make time to tell me he was getting married."

"We're here, we're here!"

Pinkie Pie curtailed Twilight's grumbling with joyful bouncing. The mares all looked out the window, eager as always to see the capital city. Rainbow Dash narrowed her eyes at the purple bubble that seemed to encapsulate Canterlot; she'd seen it from a distance, of course, but now that it was close, it felt... weird. The train seemed to pass through without any ill effect, though, so she shrugged it off. More than likely it was just a side effect of whatever magic was causing it.

As she trotted out with the other ponies, though, she noticed something a bit more pertinent. "Whoa, what's with all the guards?"

"I'm sure they're just taking the necessary precautions," Rarity explained. "Royal weddings do bring out the strangest ponies."

She gave a sidelong glance at Pinkie, who sneezed out confetti as if on cue. Dash nodded in comprehension; Pinkie did have a sense of propriety, but other ponies like her may have been a bit more overeager.

"Now let's get going," the unicorn added. "We've got work to do!"

"And you've got a big brother ta go congratialate," Applejack added, nudging Twilight and giving her a grin.

"Yeah," she grumbled, stalking off. "Congratulate. And then give him a piece of my mind."

The other mares watched her break off and head her own way in confusion.

"...Yeesh. What crawled under her tail and died?"

"Rainbow Dash!" Rarity gave the pegasus a pointed look. "There is no need to be so crude, especially in this situation!"

"I'm just calling it like it is!" The pegasus glanced skyward. "Can we just go? That bubble is seriously freaking me out."

"I think it looks kind of cool!" Pinkie commented, bouncing up and down. "Like a big balloon! OOOOO maybe it is a big balloon! But who would put a balloon around Canterlot? Are they trying to make a flying city for the wedding? You can't make a flying city with balloons, believe me I've tried, you need ROCKETS."

"Or, um, clouds," Fluttershy pointed out. "Cloudsdale is a flying city."

"Yeah, but only pegasi live there. MY WAY WORKS FOR EVERYPONY. Que. Eee. Dee."

Rainbow rolled her eyes. Pinkie was just so random at times.


"Bet I can guess what you're all thinking!" Twilight shouted loudly, storming up to the table where her friends were eating together. "Cadance is the absolute worst bride-to-be ever."

"Who, me?"

"Spike!" Applejack reprimanded, giving the dragon a stern look. "That goes on tha cake." She raised an eyebrow as he sheepishly put the models down.

"Twilight, whatever are you talking about?" Rarity turned to her friend, nonplussed. "Cadance is an absolute gem!"

"Rarity, she was so demanding!"

"Well, of course she is!" The ivory unicorn tilted her head in confusion. "Why shouldn't she expect the very best on her wedding day?"

Twilight huffed, turning to the farmpony. "Applejack, did you know that after she told you how much she just 'love-love-loved' your hors d'eouvres she threw them in the trash?"

The orange mare blinked in shock, but quickly shook her head and smiled. "Aw, she was probably just trying ta spare my feelin's."

"No, she was just being fake, and totally insincere!"

"She did raise her voice at one of my birds during rehearsal," Fluttershy admitted reluctantly.

"See?" Twilight pointed in triumph. "Rude!"

"But..." The pegasus gave her an embarrassed smile. "He was singing really off-key." As if to demonstrate, one of the songbird next to her grated out something vaguely resembling a tune.

The unicorn scowled, turning to her next friend. "Pinkie Pie, you had to have noticed how Cadance treated--"

She stared for a moment at the party pony, currently engaged in steamy cake model role-play with her number one assistant. Her eyelid twitched.

"...Nevermind." Twilight finally rounded on her final hope. "Rainbow Dash, you're with me, right?"

The pegasus considered mentioning what had happened when Cadance checked out her practice session, but the unicorn was already under a lot of stress. "Sorry Twi. Been too busy prepping for my sonic rainboom to pay much attention to the bride's bad attitude." Hearing that her sister-in-law to be had mentioned princesses were easily dominated would be, even in Rainbow Dash's world, a bit much.

She privately filed away the image of Shining Armor in tight clothes with a whip, though. Sometimes her imagination rocked.

"The princess is about to get married," Rarity gently reminded her friend. "I'm sure any negative behavior she might be displaying is simply the result of nerves."

Twilight stomped a hoof. "And I'm sure it's the result of being an awful pony who doesn't deserve to even know Shining Armor let alone marry him!"

Applejack reached a gentle hoof out to the heavily breathing unicorn. "Think maybe yer being just a tiny bit possessive of yer brother?" The rest of the table nodded in assent.

"I am not being possessive," Twilight screeched, "and I am not taking it out on Cadance! You're all just too caught up in your wedding planning to notice that maybe there shouldn't even BE A WEDDING!" She slammed the table, making all the dishes jump up a few inches, before spinning around and tromping off. Angry, half formed words poured from her mouth as she rounded the corner.

Applejack sighed, rubbing her forehead. "That filly's getten' all worked up about this. Ah hope she can calm down before she does somethen' she'll regret..."

"Ah! There you girls are!"

The five friends turned to see princess Mi Amore Cadenza trotting up to them with a small entourage of unicorns. Rainbow Dash waved casually, getting up and pulling out a chair for the bride-to-be.

Rarity raised an eyebrow. "Why Rainbow, I don't think I've ever seen you so courteous in my life!"

"What can I say?" The pegasus gave her a cheesy grin. "I guess weddings bring out the best in me."

"Well, thank you miss Dash." Mi Amore Cadenza nodded to her, sitting in the chair gracefully. "I feel I must.... apologize to you all. I've been horrendously dismissive and harsh to each of you."

"Oh, there's no need to apologize, princess." Fluttershy smiled, putting a reassuring hoof on the alicorn's shoe. "You're about to devote yourself to one person for your entire life. I... I can only imagine how stressful that could be."

"...yes, you're right. That would... Indeed, that is something of an issue." The princess pulled her hoof back, rubbing it nervously. "In fact... well, I seem to have, in a foolish fit of stupidity, fired my previous bridesmaids."

Rarity gasped, covering her muzzle in shock. "Why? Darling, whatever happened?"

"It's... not something I would like to discuss." After a moment, the princess glanced up. "However, I thought... It might be best to ask you all to attend to me during the wedding."

"Of COURSE we'll be your bridesmaids!" Pinkie Pie bounded over. "I could never see anypony not enjoy a party cause there won't ponies at the right places!"

"Pinkie, Ah'm not sure that a wedden' really qualifies as a party."

The baker gave the farmer an incredulous look. "There will be a bunch of ponies, in one room, celebrating something. There's going to be decorations, and cake, and PUNCH! HOW IS THIS NOT A PARTY?!"

Applejack chuckled, holding up a conciliatory hoof. "Simmer down thar, sugercube. Ah guess when ya put it like that, Ah can't really argue."

"Well, if we're going to be bridesmaids, I suppose I should start designing some dresses for us." Rarity turned to the princess with a smile. "Do you have any preferences, dear?"

"Well..." She sighed. "I'm sorry, I feel I must retreat to my private quarters. This whole day has been stressful for me, and we still have the rehearsal to do! Miss Dash, would you care to escort me?"

"Huh? Uh..." Rainbow blinked. "Sure, but... why?"

"Well, I feel I have been groundbound for too long and, unfortunately, none of my guards have wings at the moment." The princess gestured at the group of unicorns still standing at attention behind her.

"Yeah, I know what it feels like to be grounded." The pegasus turned to her friends. "You guys don't mind, do you?"

"Nopey dopey!"

"So long as ya keep her safe, Ah'm alright with it."

"Well, um... I suppose it's okay."

"Darling, I wouldn't dream of robbing you of this glamour."

"Go on, I'll stay with the girls." Spike smirked. "New Rainbow Dash, at your service!"

The pegasus rolled her eyes. "Please, don't bring that up." She turned around, saluting the princess as she hovered into the air. "Escort Dash ready to go, your majesty!"

"Very well then." Mi Amore Cadenza turned to the other ponies and granted them a polite smile. "Farewell. I will see you all at the wedding!"

The princess took to the air, as graceful in the winds as she was on the ground. A strange feeling rose up in Rainbow Dash as she followed her, and she shook her head in confusion. Did she have the hots for Cadenza?! That was wrong, the princess was getting married!

After a rather fast moment of self analysis, Dash calmed down. She didn't feel any attraction to the princess, at least, not in her heart. She was just able to appreciate a hot flank, and the pegasus knew better than to act on anything so shallow.

"...the dragon mentioned he was the... New Rainbow Dash?"

The blue pegasus gave an awkward laugh. "Yeah... well, you remember back when Discord was released?"

"Ah, yes. Horrible day for ponies."

"See, my friends and I are the bearers of the Elements of Harmony. So Discord sort of... flipped our personalities. Pinkie Pie was angry, Fluttershy was cruel... I bear the element of Loyalty, so...." Rainbow waved a hoof, embarrassed.

"Discord... made you abandon them?"

"Yep. Twilight tried to get Spike to be the new bearer, but it didn't work out. We did beat Discord though," she added quickly. "Took some doing to get us back into our right minds."

The princess nodded. "Yes, I can see that. Bearer of the Element of Loyalty? Quite an accomplishment..."

"Yeah, I guess I am pretty awesome."

For a moment, Mi Amore Cadenza was silent. Then she shot Dash a sly look. "I've been meaning to ask.... what is your rank?"

"My what?"

"Your rank. Your position. What is it?"

The pegasus looked at the princess, nonplussed. Then suddenly it clicked, and she burst out laughing. "Oh man, hahaha! Ha, I'm sorry! You've got the wrong mare."

"I... what?"

"I'm not actually a Wonderbolt." Rainbow Dash smirked. "I mean, I am going to get in one day, don't get me wrong, but right now I'm not part of the team."


"Seriously though, I'm flattered. Thank you, princess." The pegasus bowed in midair, still grinning. "Don't worry, this whole thing can stay between us."

Mi Amore Cadenza stared at her for a long time. Then, suddenly, she began to descend. "Well, this is my destination. Thank you for escorting me."

"Heeeeey wait." Rainbow landed next to her. "This doesn't look like a princess's place!"

"Well... to be honest, it belongs to Captain Shining Armor."

The pegesus smirked, raising an eyebrow. "Oooooh, I get it. A little premarital bliss, huh?" She gave the princess a playful nudge as she rose into the air again. "Go get him, tiger."

With a final salute, she zoomed towards Rarity's studio. Hopefully, the unicorn hadn't made another heavy dress....

Author's Note:

Oh there's a Celestia one too. Has anypony fund a Luna one? Or any CMC?