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Some people do great things because they want to advance the cause of knowledge.

Some people do great things because they want to make the world better.

Some people do great things because they want to turn a profit.

And some people do great things because they are BORED.

Cover art by Liu Ting

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It’s so distinctly Weaver, yet so distinctly Dash.


Excellent story...but I'm left wanting more, but it's marked complete! I desperately want to know the results.

I think she might just be going for cloudwalking?

Why is this marked complete? I want more! More weather shenanigans! More angry momma Sunset! MOAR! :flutterrage:

But...but follow up! Where is the follow up!

This can't be complete already, I need to know what happened!

Great story! Love seeing sneaky Rainbow, most ppl write her as a little too impatient or dumb to pull something like that off.

One technical hang-up I noticed, low hanging clouds form only a few thousand or even less than a thousand feet off the ground so she wouldn’t need all that breathing or pressure gear. I mean, she could do it that way if it was a mostly clear day except for a high layer but it’d probably be easier to wait for better conditions.

I want magic! I wanna change the world! I wanna end poverty! I wanna make people happy! I WANNA SOLVE ALL THE STUPID SOCIAL INJUSTICES!! WHY DON'T I HAVE MAGIC?

I know right?

Maybe it'd make people terrible, but I think there'd be just as many good people.

Wait, it ended? I knew 2k looked short.

In any event, this was fun, even if the ending was rather abrupt.

*Finishes chapter*


Oh. :pinkiesad2:

Please sir may I have some more?:rainbowhuh:

Exactly, yes. There'd be many more good than there are bad- and because law enforcement would have magic to sniff out the illegal activities with greater speed, efficiency, and range, we'd have a much more Utopian world overall, much like Equestria. If magic were to appear on earth, we'd first get a bit of a disaster as people adapted- then that would happen, everything would calm down, and order would be restored... and strengthened.

... So why can't we have it?

In another vein, I've seen some stories marked 'complete' yet not fully published, simply because the writing/editing was complete behind the scenes. Hopefully, this one falls into one of those categories. (That's why I still get chapter notifications on my 'Completed Beauties' bookshelf).

"Hey Twilight, wanna experiment?"
"... I'm going to need you to elaborate."
"Practical experiments with pegasus magic and applied meteorology. You do get wings."
"That might not be the best idea. I... may have poked my head in Equestria, and I don't have any there. I can't explain the discrepancy yet, but I'll likely contaminate your data."
"That's fair. I won't tell Sunset if you won't."

In any case, fascinating bit of magical research, though the ambiguous ending comes as something of a disappointment. Still, it's not like they can replicate these experiments en masse. Not in this worldline, anyway.

I think I speak for all of us when I say we need MOAR! :flutterrage:

This just got featured!

Aw, c'mon! Why would you end it there?

But seriously, this was excellent. Thanks for making note of the fact that Rainbow is far from some brainless jock, she can put quite a bit of brainpower towards something she actually cares about.

Good story! I wasn't expecting it to be EQG but it still turned out well, with lots of good dash/fluttershy banter, which is what I really wanted!

I downvote because as every has said it has ended way too early ill change when it gets a conclusion

super-anxious Fluttershy? or maybe it is simply overpreparation. You know, Just in Case.


Possibly. The parachute getup would actually work better at a higher altitude. Sixty seconds would be wayyyy too long for only a few thousand feet up but would make sense if she’s going higher for whatever reason.

Sure does cut off abruptly for a story tagged complete.

Interesting but hate how it just ends right then and there. It feels like there could be more.

Good story, and I get that it was about Rainbow finding something to do and gaining confidence over the weather (and it did a good job at that) but I still hope to see a sequel to find out whether or not she can actually control the weather and if so what she does with it (it would be funny to jump ahead several months later and have Sunset sees a news report about bizarre weather patterns and put two and two together)

Aww c'mon, muffins!!

One of my favorite slice of life stories on the website. It's quite fun to read Rainbow's long journey to achieve something that's never been done before.

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