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A Cease and Desist letter may spell the end for the Rainbooms. They'll need to fight for their band's future in this tale of music, litigation, the 60s being kinda weird in general, and Rainbow Dash being a frickin' idiot.

Winner of the Quills and Sofas "3-Lines" speedwrite challenge.

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Delightful stuff. I don't know what I love more, Dash overdramatizing, Rarity being distressed by her own whining complaining, or Fluttershy being wise in the ways of forgotten technology. Thank you for it.

Seems like you saw a chance to cram in band-references and you took it. Kudos to you. 9/10. it was funny

Well, now I want to show my youngest siblings my old cassette player and see what they think.

When I show my niece and nephew old stuff, they're actually kind of fascinated, or at least amused.

1968? More like Tree Hugger's grandparents band...the 60s, alas, are long gone.

They were teenagers at the time and had her very late in life. I imagine Tree Hugger has a bunch of older siblings and she's the baby of the family.

Okay, yeah, I realized that the age was a problem, but the 60s references were too good not to include.

Thought for a second Tree Hugger would want a nude portrait to keep things quiet or something else.

Not sure what I just read, but I like it.

Everything was perfect and on point here. You left me a bit of a chuckling mess, and for that I’m grateful!

Copyright. The bane of all creativity.

Out of curiosity, was the Rainbooms an actual IRL band?

So, either Rainbow Dash overreacted, or Treehugger would make a good lawyer.

Kind of wished there was a Hasbro element in the story somewhere. But interesting nonetheless.

I enjoy CGP Grey's videos. I'm pretty sure he watches MLP.

“So, you say this belongs to your parents, right?”

Rainbow held up the strange, plastic object in her hands. It was rectangular, grayish, and about the size of her hand. On the front was a very faded image of some people with very long hair, baggy clothes, and floral print designs. She then held up the large object that Fluttershy’s parents had handed her.

“Um,” she began, looking at the larger object through squinted eyes, then looking to Twilight for help “do you have any idea what this thing does?”

“No, but it appears to be a musical device of some kind,” Twilight said, holding it aloft like a small child. “It says ‘Play’ here, ‘Stop’ here… this is definitely something, but I certainly have never seen it. It’s probably some relic lost to time and—”

“It’s an 8-track machine,” Fluttershy said flatly, taking the player from Twilight and the 8-track tape from Rainbow. “Here, I’ll play it for you.”

...I think that's a character quirk I'd like to see be added to Fluttershy; knows outdated tech that the others don't.


I don't think Dash overreacted. Copyright is a very potent law. And there are people craven enough to exploit those laws for their own gain.

As an MLP fan, this is a funny little slice of life story. :rainbowlaugh:

As a fellow Quills N' Sofas speedwriter, bravo, well done, and congrats on the feature. :yay:

As an IRL lawyer, this s**t right here is why I despise copyright law with every fiber of my being and would rather gouge out my eyes with ice cream spoons rather than practice in the field. :ajbemused:

Allow me to be "that guy" for a moment: you can't copyright a band name. This fic is actually The Rainbooms vs. Trademark Law ®, although it's not really "vs." since the prolonged period of disuse almost certainly means that Tree Hugger's parents have long since lost the trademark to the Rainbooms name (assuming they ever filed for one in the first place).

Having said all that, this was a fun little fic! :twilightsmile:


What is the difference between "copyright" and "trademark"?

“Oh, by the way, Dad? Those Imagine Dragons guys actually did send us a letter. They’ll pay us 20 bucks if we let them have the name.

Really? I guess that’s cool. It's hard to believe there's all these bands that like our old names. That’s crazy!”

And that's how Imagine Dragons spend 20 bucks and later made millions of dollars

10361786 There's a good article about that over here if you want to learn more, but the basic answer is that copyright protects an original work of authorship (e.g. a story, a song, a movie, a piece of software, etc.) and in the United States is something that you benefit from automatically once you create the work in question (though registering it helps to increase the protection). A trademark, on the other hand, protects a representation (e.g. a word, a phrase, a design, etc.) of a source of goods (e.g. a company), and is something you have to file to get.


Copyright has effectively created "creative cartels." Companies that effectively have control over large swaths of popular culture, block others from being able to engage in the creative process themselves.

I hope to God they don't extend it again.


So basically, if I start a publishing firm called Red Literature, the name of my company is a trademark.

But any books I publish require copyright protection.

10361819 That's basically right, but the trademark for the name "Red Literature" would need to be filed for (and subsequently defended), whereas the copyright for what you publish would need to be sold to you by the authors of the original works (since, as the ones who wrote them, copyright protection would go to them first unless you had some sort of work-for-hire contract with them).

But yeah, you have the gist of it.

I don't think it will be extended again. The public is more aware of the problem now than they were the last time an extension was legislated.


Yeah, but I feel it is too little, too late.

If the old copyrights had remained on the books, stuff in the 1920s could've entered public domain in the 1970s and 1980s.

Instead, 90+ years worth of literature or film that could've inspired a new generation of artists has been left to rot on the vine of societal oblivion.

“It’s an 8-track machine,” Fluttershy said flatly

Techmoan might be interested in that...

Believable scenario and great use of comedy with some of them not knowing what an 8-track is. I may be a devout Rarijack shipper, but the Appledash jokes were golden. :rainbowlaugh:

She held up her phone and hit a button on it, causing it to play a recording of Rarity shrieking “The! Worst! Possible! Thing!”

That’s amazing. Why haven’t I heard of anyone else doing this:rainbowlaugh:

Aye, I found it a fun little story. :)

Sorry to interrupt but this serious talk of copyright law made me think of a couple things.

A few years ago (i think before the Mummy 2017 came out) i had found out that the Creature of the Black Lagoon's copyright had been close to expiring and it was going to enter public domain, only for Universal to renew it while claiming that they where going to make a new Creature of the Black Lagoon movie. (which i don't think they ever did.) Though that said in 2017 the movie "The Shape of Water" came out, which was heavily influenced by the original movie and its monster Gil-man has some notable simulates. (Universal also claims ownership of the bolt in neck version of Frankenstein's monster)

I also noticed how at least in the past some video game companies had a habit of taking copyrighted monsters from Western sources and using them with minor changes, a example of this is the Mind Flayer from dnd which in the past has been used both in games made by Square Enix and Fromsoft, with the same name but some physical differences, though more recently with the WN/LN/Manga/Anime series called overlord, they have used the same monster but it has been remained to "brain eater" so maybe the loop hole that Japan used has closed.
(i also noticed how some series have started using a monster called a Gazer as a expay to dnd's copyrighted Beholder.)

Good job, this was pretty funny all of the way though and i really liked the use of Tree Hugger near the end.

and Rainbow Dash being a frickin' idiot.

So a normal day, then?

The easysolutionwouldbe becomeablackmetalbandandcallthemselvesthersindooms

Groovy, man, groovy. I like enjoyed reading this again, Hat, and I look forward to doing a reading on it too, man. Peace.

Seriously, though - really enjoyed reading this. Really do look forward to doing the reading. Nice job.

If only Apple Corps vs Apple Computer went this smoothly. Personally, I just think they should just change their name to something that's definitely not intended to bypass copyright, like the Rainboons, or maybe even the Raimbooms :trollestia:

Actually "The Raimbooms" was taken by Sam Raimi's teenage rock band. :trixieshiftright:

Greetings. Your reading has been completed and can be found here. I hope you enjoy.

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