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Sunset dropped her contact lens and needs everyone to stay still until she can find it.

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Uh, you ok fam? :rainbowlaugh:

Majin Syeekoh

I’m perfectly fine.:trixieshiftleft:

Have to wonder how many teachers actually avail themselves of that particular culinary device.

Majin Syeekoh

Probably just the Principal.

Sunset is Haruhi Suzumiya confirmed.

Majin Syeekoh

At least she’s not melancholy.

The cover art begs to differ. :rainbowwild:

Majin Syeekoh

…so it would.

It would be a lot messier than that toaster robot debacle, which Micro Chips keeps insisting on calling “The Liberation and Sacrifice of Jean Valjeanny Five.”

When you endow a toaster with sapience and designate it "JVJ-24601," you know exactly what you're doing. (Though I maintain that the implacable doom toaster was actually model number J4-V3R7.)

Delightful bit of surreality. I look forward to the sequel where human Twilight convinces Sunset that external lenses are much better than shaking the fabric of reality every time she fumbles with scraps of cornea plastic.

And this is why I prefer to wear glasses over contacts.

On a different note, I loved all those fourth-wall breaking moments. They were executed so flawlessly that it's given me some inspiration to try it myself in my own stories when next I start writing one.

I damaged my glasses years ago and I'm too cheap to replace them--although people tell me that the US optometry system is a dirty fucking scam and you can get way cheaper glasses in almost any other country, or even in the US if you bypass them. So anyway the lenses can pop out.

One morning I was commuting as usual via an articulating bus when less than two minutes before my stop I brought my hand too close to my face and popped a lens out and listened to it bounce and clatter across the floor in the general direction of the articulating section. The construction of this particular bus is such that the inner accordion is suspended from the roof but not joined at the floor, and as I searched I suspected the lens might well have gone through that gap and ended up either in some inaccessible void space of the accordion or on the street some hundreds of meters behind during rush hour traffic.

I found the lens, but the incident woke me all the way up.

Despite all that, being able to use my peripheral vision is more important than the risk of occasional partially blind embarrassment. Stairs+glasses is a whole different and very annoying perceptive experience than stairs+contacts.


Yersinia pestis

Black Death.

🙂🙃*That was a nice story~!*

This was a strange but entertaining story XD

This story gave me a good laugh.

Equestria girls has so many of these random ass slice of life stories :rainbowlaugh: eventually some needs to compile a bunch of them into a book. It'd be amazing.

Great read btw. I love your writing style, it's like the narrator is a character in their own right and the way you excitcuted it was really good.

I can relate to dropping a contact and just wanting everyone to STOP so I can find the damn thing. Unlike Sunset, no one ever does.

She guesstimated that it was a dime.

How the hell is she that blind :rainbowlaugh:

Needing contact lenses is SUFFERING

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