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The Red Parade

"i don't think you can stay," said the sea to the night


Scootaloo wakes up alone again and wonders if its her time.

Written for the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group's 100th Contest and in celebration of me hitting 100 followers! Dedicated to Moonshot, wishcometrue, Zontan, and Seer. Thank you for all you've done!

Read during the contest by Moonshot, wishcometrue, Zontan, TheLegendaryBillCipher, Vis-a-Viscera,MasterTheif, Shaslan, PearlescenT, Flashgen, Admiral Biscuit, Rainsilent, ScopingLandscape,Drider, themoontonite, and The Hat Man.

This story includes 100 references to fics by other authors. Check the index for proof.

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Comments ( 10 )

This is not a story, but it’s a great tale :heart:

Thanks for your feedback during the contest and glad you enjoyed it! ^^

Wonderful way that you managed to merge all the prompts we were given in the contest into one concise tale of Scootlaoo's coming of age.

I feel the need to read this.

Seer #6 · 1 week ago · · ·

I still can't believe you not only pulled this off, but did it this incredibly mate
As I said during the contest, I'm incredibly touched by this.
You're an amazing writer, a good mate and the server is better for your being there :)
Here's to the next 100!



Thanks guys, glad you liked it! <3

Ah, I remember this.
Incredible work. Absolutely incredible. Congratulations - seriously. Here's to another hundred speedwrites!

Thank you! Looking forwards to more of your stuff as well! ^^

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