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I like writing about the worst day of a character's life; it lets us see the mettle inside. (Pronouns: Sock/No!)


Sci-Twi tests the entire electromagnetic spectrum on Wallflower Blush.

A collaboration between Sockpuppet and Samey90.

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Where are the extremely low frequency radio wave experiments? We need to know if Wallflower grows pointy ears!

Also, can we do a re-run of UV and X-ray? You know, FOR SCIENCE :rainbowwild:

11557670 I asked about VUV testing, but apparently Wallflower is far less funny in a hard vacuum.

what...did I just read?

Moonlight is just reflected sunlight.
Might just as well put her before a Mirror.

Twilight and Sunset retreated behind a steel mesh and aimed the industrial magnetron at Wallflower. The room was loud with a half-dozen dehumidifiers, ensuring water molecules and their damnable 2.45 gigahertz resonance wouldn't interfere with the experiment.

At least one of you two knows how to tease and tantalize me...with SCIENCE!

"We have not yet begun to crime against nature," Twilight said.

That's the spirit!

Still, it's not nice to exploit your photosynthetic friends like that, Twilight. Even when it's for science.

The question is, does she reflect in the mirror?

At least it didn't become a game of "which body orifice she sprouts flowers from next?"

I didn't realize the impetus behind this was that she's a plant until it was pointed out, but damn if this still wasn't glorious.

I feel like I just read a physical manifestation of a dream, with none of the dream logic patched out. Not to mention it was wildly sexual in a completely blasé manner.

Now that you mention that she was a literal plant in this story, I get the joke so much more, but some aspects of it still elude me. How did the x-rays affect her in such a way that it made everyone around her horny? And did darkness make her hungry because she was starving for UV light?

Imma go with "thanks," I think. This was an experimental piece and I wrote it in a fugue state in about forty minutes, so comparing it to a dream? I like that.


How did the x-rays affect her in such a way that it made everyone around her horny?

It's implied that she grew a rather large dick.

Although one of the strengths of writing prose, compared to, say, TV, is that every reader can get their own take on the story, make their own inferences, what I tried to imply was Derpibooru tag: "x-ray".

Cute, completely nonsensical, and funny. 👌

Magic plays by different rules.

"Uh-oh," Pinkie mumbled around some churro, "Twilight's got 'science' face."

Pretty sure she has resting science face.

This doesn't seem safe.

"I'm never going to forgive you," Dash said to Twilight, spraying disinfectant on the bottom glass of the tanning bed and scrubbing with paper towels. "And how can a lab this big not have gloves? I can't believe I'm touching this mess with my delicate human hands."

I mean really, no gloves!? Even the maddest scientists have that much PPE. This laboratory is a death trap!

"I was kinda hoping to go all incredible hulk, honestly," Wallflower said.

probably for the best they couldn't get it.:facehoof:

That was chaotically wonderful.
I wonder how much actual science could be applied here…

this was delightfully silly, how come though they didn't do variations of the visible light spectrum?

Thank you!

And they didn't do visible light sub sections because this sort of story needs to stay short to stay funny. Belaboring the jokes would have killed it. Better to leave the reader wanting more than to leave the reader wishing there had been less.


stop youre ruining science

Sciencing Wallflowers is not something to...

(puts on sunglasses 😎)

...take lightly! :pinkiegasp:

Dash said, "Wallflower's already a little too spectrumy."

What did you mean by that? I'm sorry if I'm being rude


She's got the 'tism.

But that's not a bad thing. Why does Rainbowdash say it like being autistic is bad?


The casual insults of a friend group, my man.

Gotcha. Not good at reading those things. Sorry

Just the right side of implicative without being too over the line. Bravo!

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