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Pinkie Pie finds herself unsure how to act after falling for another girl. While she tries to sort out her feelings, her sisters decide to check this girl out and see what makes her so special.

Things escalate.

Strong language warning, at least compared to my usual stuff. Part of the Oversaturated World. Original story here. Probably won't make sense without context.
Sequal already begun here.

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Don't forget the Crossover tag. In any case, looking forward to seeing what further madness ensues from here.

Well, this is interesting, given how I just caught up on its sequel... Gonna read...

Hmm... Link to 'Weaver's Patreon? https://www.patreon.com/user?u=191745

Title fits the story, though.

Ah, I wonder how this version will differ from the previous ones I've read...


Well... shit. I mean, I'm happy for her and all, but who the hell is Ruby to date our sister?

Ooh! This got new meaning, in light of the conversations in the 5th chapter of the sequel!


Really wondering if we've ever seen Pinkie's parents, in Oversat...




Esclation > Escalation


Big Description:

Pinkie Pie find herself > Pinkie Pie finds herself


Short Description needs a period at the end?


Chapter 1 Typos:

did't > didn't

With a reluctant sight > With a reluctant sigh


Esclation > Escalation

I was right the first time? Stupid computer.

Typo drops, 'cause I gotta go comment on PPPPPPPPPP...


Hmm... Short Description says "Her family overreacts"... Does that include her parents, or not??


With a reluctant sigh Sunset > With a reluctant sigh, Sunset

Of course that cavernous > Of course, that cavernous

." Okay, > . "Okay,

Sunsets eyes > Sunset's eyes

And sudenly Marble got a HELL of allot sceryer.:rainbowderp:

Fear the quiet ones.


This fight is different, and good!

... Do we know what Marble's Talent is??


Typo... And not the only one...

gauntlets that Marble knew from the internet were named Ember Celica worked like shotguns

gauntlets, that Marble knew from the internet, were named Ember Celica and worked like shotguns

[Or "that worked like shotguns". A missing word.]

Not that familiar with EG, the Over-saturation series or at all with the other half of the crossover, but this is good stuff!

Sunset pinched the bridge of her nose and didn't look up. She couldn't look up. The sound and smell were bad enough.

Fantastic opening sentence.

One of the weird things about MLP is how easily it can be tweaked to be that kind of fried adult/nine to five sci fi fantasy niche and this runs with that beautifully. The romance premise helps but I get the feeling just Sunset and Co trying to roll with all this shit and it's not even Monday yet would be great on it's own.

I love how concise this too, especially the fight! I always worry/struggle with bloating with that kind of stuff in Roomies and it's hard enough to make all out action in pros interesting, so really great job with that. It's a nice follow up to the second chapter, which is my favourite so far.

So yeah, no negatives and engaged despite near total unfamiliarity with anything here which is a testament to the strength of the writing and character work. Interesting to see how this'll tick over!

Typical earth aspects have technopathy as the principle part of their magic.

No matter the world, the Pie sisters are anything but typical.


The romance premise helps but I get the feeling just Sunset and Co trying to roll with all this shit and it's not even Monday yet would be great on it's own.

That's basically this whole AU. Applejack fights Kaiju and its barely special. The CMC are the Arbitors of Past, Present, and Future. Discord is a mad scientist and teaches at the High School. Ms. Fizzle... is exactly the same but she doesn't stand out anymore.

So many good things! So many good changes from the original!

Whoo! Expanding on Laughter Powers!

Ruby as Substitute Laughter?? I can't fanfic how...



Sequal > sequel

I dunno if she could be a Substitute Laughter—I'm not sure how it works. Its a cool idea!

Sequal > sequel

For Pete's sake...
I do not grammar well.

I like that I spent almost ten or so pages getting to Twilight giving a long breakdown of how magic and her emotional state work and you get Pinkie to do the same thing with her deal in a few lines.

This is a wonderful sisters chapter.

Thank you! Comedy is easier to explain.

Note that the local animation-company-inspired theme park is Whinnyland, borrowing from the comics rather than the Continuum.

You forgot some important strikethroughs in the paragraph where Pinkie describes her sisters and Ruby.

"I'm not keeping secrets from Pinkie," Maud said flatly. "She terrifies me."

"There are people who attend this church who worship her. For good reason."

Brilliant reason for why Pinkie fell for Ruby. It's the foundation of the Cheesepie ship applied to another viable candidate. Thank you for adding to the madness of this world in the best way.

"Subsititute" Elemental embodiments work about as well as transplanting organs. Sure, it's possible, but some are easier to replace than others, you need to do a lot to avoid catastrophic rejection, and you should only do it if the originals are damaged beyond recovery.

I can’t wait for the sequel, because this level of Pie is perfection. And I love the explanation for both laughter magic and how she knows Ruby understands her.

I linked the sequal in the notes.

A perfect example of when you begin doing something as a joke only to realize it's become sincere.

Author Interviewer

What the FUCK is going on in this story? D:

Author Interviewer

I sorely wish you had made this accessible to people who don't know what you're crossing over with. The link in the first chapter explained absolutely nothing.

Oh No, you were reviewing it.

FoME has a story called Group Precipitation that anyone can submit chapters to. This was going to be in that, but Masterweaver wrote a story for the ship using several of his scenes and I had to post this as my own story instead. Which isn't a defense per say, but it's not necessarily indicative of my work.

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