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Case file A-0011, Incident Report.

Limited data distribution is acceptable. The following data may be discussed with civilians:

  • Event: Triggering of experimental magic, causing release of magical creature.
  • Death toll: 1,345 confirmed dead. 113 corpses identified. 57 individuals MIA.
  • Resultant action: Restricted access to Installation-Class Aztlan Artifacts. Guards are allowed to detain any unauthorized intruders.

Individuals registered as Evening class in any category are allowed to know the following:

  • Event clarification: Magical creature fully sapient.
  • Actual death toll: 23,759 confirmed dead. 109 corpses identified. 63 individuals MIA.
  • Resultant action: Restricted access to Installation-class Aztlan Artifacts. Guards are allowed to detain any unauthorized intruders. Guard captains are allowed to euthanize detained individuals at their discretion.

All further details are restricted to D-Gamma individuals or D-Beta approved personnel. See attached list for accepted names...

Coverart by TheDragonOfDoom. Part of the Oversaturated World.

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OOOH! ... Violence and Death... Ooh... :(

But woo! We're gonna learn about the Quetzalcoatl Incident! Eeee!

And the ones that came with that little affliction called Love

Given that this is Gladmane, one might go so far as to call it a crazy little thing called Love.

Wonderful to have you back in the ponyfic saddle. It'll be even more wonderful to see where you're going with this.


Whoever thumbed down... I meant that violence + death is sad. Not bad. Whoops!

Now commenting on the chapter:

Some very interesting events going on. Starting with a jailbreak! By Ahuizotl's catgirls! It took until Barbeque for me to pin that aspect down.

And it's for Ahuizotl! Why? What's the rush that needs breaking Gladmane out of jail and angering international communities or whatever?


And it's Horror too...

If this really leads to 24,000 people dead Sunset’s going to rip Ahizotl inside-out

Hold on a sec, they're lying about 4 dead people being identified?


I suspect that the 4 false dead are in the set of the 6 hidden MIA-s. The people making the report want civillians to think they're dead, but they're actually missing and the reporters are trying to find them?

But somehow not wanting the public to know that? Hmm.

Given their established interactions among the other demigods in Group Precipitation, it's more likely that Ahuizotl will be involved in the resolution and cleanup. He's not really a bad guy in this world.

I’m confused about a lot of things.

Okay then. Ahuziotl gets a minion.

But... that description. That description is frankly terrifying, especially since I’m at a loss as to HOW they managed to cover up thousands dead.

Whatever is responsible, Sunset is going to turn them inside out. And then give the remains to Discord.

Definitely looking forward to more.

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