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Eepl su bi hish shuploo. Zhshio shuplii bu zhshio wiipetliirupeshumee, iig ke reei bo klolv.
--Shre Leyshuroo bo Shoommlv (Scale's Grateful Regality), Sea Serpent Philosopher. Rough Translation:
"Water binds us all. To deny the current is to deny existence, and is the essence of foolishness."

Written for the ultimate crackshipping contest.

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The Shape of Water, starring Sonata (I'm kidding).
Jokes aside, this is pretty good. The artsy language keeps you entranced, and the way their relationship develops is interesting.

Fun story and I like the wavetongue.

I was simultaneously entranced and bemused from beginning to end. If you hadn't told me who the characters were, I might not have figured it out. So, this is literally shipping Sonata, a siren, with Engaurde, a swordfish. That's ... different.

Do air horns even work underwater?

Octopus gardener.


Now it was the outsider's turn to snap pictures, much more difficult to do without the handy abilities of the newcomer.


Puns aside, brilliant work. You were probably the best person to get an aquatic character, given how you had a conlang ready to go. And it just wouldn't be Enguarde if a primate of some kind didn't ride him at some point in the story.
You know what I mean. Swordfish don't even work that way.

Seriously, though, a great read. The lack of specific names and largely disconnected, almost dreaming text felt like the literary equivalent of Aquatic Ambiance. Plus the quotes make me want to make Magic cards just so I have an excuse for that flavor text. Thank you for this, and best of luck in the contest.

Octopus Garden
T: U
T: remove one card in your graveyard from the game. Add one mana of any color to your pool
"The broken bottle represents danger of clinging to things past their use, the empty shells are the transitory nature of the home, and the used sonky is the organic process of new life."
"And the crisp wrapper?"
"That's trash. There's always some jerk messing this place up."
--Reeipidoori bii Soori (Dancing Soulhearts), Octopus gardener

Cephalopod Meditant 2U
Cephalid Cleric
T: Target creature gains Hexproof until the end of turn.
"Is it not written: 'If you don't close your mouth you'll start catching flies?'"
--Reeipidoori bii Soori (Dancing Soulhearts), Octopus gardener



Totally didn't know who the other person was, but it worked!

Interesting tale. Though i'm not familiar with that character Sonata is interacting with.

I was worried for a minute there when you mentioned the wavetongue, but having the translations immediately after each quote helped. I'll wait on sharing my full feedback, obviously, but this was definitely a nice read.

And with this story, the contest is only one entry away from having as many entries as judges! … Which is kind of miserable.

I struggle to think of a more quintessentially Sonata shippy moment than underwater selfies with a swordfish :raritystarry:

This was so much fun! Both parties were so very adorable. It wasn't, like, laugh-out-loud funny, really, but still got a few smiles and giggles out of me. And the use of the proverbs in between scenes, I thought was a nice way to suggest what the characters were feeling without breaking the detached, impersonal otherworldliness of the rest of the story.

dominating a face of arctic pallor

Was that just a coincidence, or are you a Sonata Arctica fan?

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