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We all have sides to ourselves we don't like. Personas we take up on bad days, or strange days. Things we'd rather forget.

Fluttershy has plenty of those.

And they argue.

A lot.

Coverart is a fusion of works by UtterlyLudicrous, DaAfroMan, icantunloveyou, Kooner-cz, RainBowDash89, jhayarr23, and sonofaskywalker.

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Flutterbitch is best Flutter.

It's the 7 sins of Fluttershy.

This is confusing and wonderful. Thank you.:moustache:

:rainbowhuh: ......how might I order more? :pinkiegasp:

the voices in my head won't leave me alone.

I think GothShy would enjoy A7X:

(Avenged Sevenfold - Welcome To The Family)


the voices in my head won't leave me alone.

Madness does not always bay at the moon. Sometimes it is the small, quiet voice at the end of the day asking if there is room in your head for one more...

I found this boring, but it did remind me a joke from A Hat In Time;

"I had to do it, or the voices wouldn't stop!"

... i think sending him money works, more writers like getting paid...

FLUTTERCRUEL! Her name is mentioned!

I imagine Discord visiting once to year to give her a birthday cake!

And telling her how proud daddy is of her.

Pinkie Pie just have to put up with Pikamena.

Fluttershy has a whole poker league inside her head.

Ironically, some friends told me when they saw 'Opposite Fluttershy' they thought, "They let Fluttercruel out of her cage!!!"

Let's see... Cruel, Emo, Rager, Bat, the triplets, Opposite...

Throw in default Fluttershy and you have enough for a baseball team. And that's not counting whatever ego fragments failed to distinguish themselves from that base state and disintegrated as a result. I have to wonder if Discord knows about the Forget-Me Fortress, and what he might do with that information if he were so inclined.

Very fun concept. Thank you for it.

I was like "Wut", and "this sounds cool!" ... And it was! Congrats!


What's he got to be proud of? She's spent the last few years locked in the back of Fluttershy's head being a bitch and not doing much of anything.


Fluttershy seriously needs some therapy. She should whip up a new split personality for that!

CCC #16 · Apr 27th, 2018 · · 1 ·


I have to wonder if Discord knows about the Forget-Me Fortress, and what he might do with that information if he were so inclined.

I can only imagine that he'd visit it. And bring tea, sandwiches, and a back door leading into Twilight's basement.

Amusing enough. Though I'll be damned I can't recall where the one with the black highlights in her hair is from.

Visiting his daughter, and be peppered with questions about why he hasn't popped the question yet?

Well this was amazing. I recall thinking a while back that Fluttershy was getting to the point where she has Xander Harris beat for Alternate personalities, due to possession or other incidents, but holy cow. Looks like were going to need to get a vacancy sign for Fluttershy's head before long... I mean, let's do a quick rundown:

Xander Harris, the previous champion in my experience, had: Hyena Boy, Soldier Boy, the Thoth Clones (Cool and Joker, I think), Vampire Xander from the Wish universe, Fish Boy, and the Bug Eater. May have forgotten a couple in there.

Meanwhile, we have Emoshy, Fluttergoth, Hipstershy, Severeshy, Ragershy, Flutterbat, Fluttercruel, and maybe Oppositeshy. That's one more than Xander's total, and the Vampire is a bit iffy at that. Damn girl, you nuts. So, all in favor of confirming Ponyville as the new Sunnyhell?

Wow, this was not only an entertaining read but for assorted reasons I get what Fluttershy does to parts of her she doesn’t like. Also, FlutterGoth reminds me of my awkward preteen years. As in she is a painfully accurate reminder. “We are all pointless figments of dust in the overall cosmic void with no permeance or real purpose”.

Yeah, painfully accurate indeed.

Glen Gorewood

"Oh sweet Celestia, we've got TRIPLETS!"
Fluttershy, Fluttershy, and Fluttershy all looked up to see Fluttershy hovering near the ceiling and grinning evilly.

This was hilariously confusing and entertaining.
*Turns to talk to the voices inside my head*
"Who's in favor of giving this a thumbs up?"
*See the sea of hands held up.*

"All opposed?"
Flutterbat started gnawing on the decorative head of the cabinet.

Motion carries!

I bet MLP is gonna parody "Split" with every identity Fluttershy ever had, now that you mention it.

Where’s Flutterguy?

he's off quietly sitting in his own private room, away from this nonsense

multiple personalities

I don't think he would like most of them much. He loves his cute and kind Fluttershy, and they are mean.

I'm not sure but Emoshy is fanmade, right?



He probably wouldn't much appreciate their company, no.

But I think he'd love to let them roam loose around Ponyville, just so he can watch Twilight and the others scrambling to figure out what's going on...

How come no one has given Saddle Rager & The Power ponies their own story?

Great story. Though, I had trouble with keeping up who was who. And which Fluttershy had the pink and black mane?


Aren't we also forgetting 'New-and-Improved Fluttershy' from the Iron Will episode?

Pretty sure she was one of the disintegrated personas. ("New Fluttershy doesn't she why she should change her name. New Fluttershy thinks old Fluttershy ought to change her name!")

What if due to her so many personality's Flutters from time to time had another of her personality's in the driver seat so to speak.


What if an accident with the mirror pool resulted in multiple clones of flutters one for each personality. and unlike Pinkies dance with the pool these clones are more then just clones and cannot just be dispelled

Emoshy's appearnce is based on a poster of Fluttershy she modeled in Green Isn't Your Color. Making her anything more than a hairstyle and makeup for one photo shoot is all fandom.

Where’s Flutterweeb?...Oh wait.

Welcome to Fluttershy's Forget-me Fortress, where she sends all the things about herself she doesn't want to think about right now.

Any true web would never stop thinking about anime. Never mind.

Seems like that was Emoshy.

But what episode was she from?


They don't need a default, they can use New Fluttershy.


And your forgetting the ones that seemed to fade away.

Like Iron Will inspire Fluttershy....and a case could be made for Nightmare Night Fluttershy since she acted very different to pull off those pranks, even if she didn't like it.

I think its about personality rather then anything else and thus Flutterguy doesn't count. Flutterguy at heart was just Fluttershy with a deep voice. He acted the same (loves singing, but really shy)

The story states that Emoshy was unstable when Flutterbitch first arrived, a mess of ideas and personalities from when she was a fashion model. Flutterbitch helped her stabilize into a single pony and personality....which is unexpectedly nice for a Fluttershy who was the opposite of nice.

My one question is why Opposite shy got a personality in there. There were in an alternative dimension (as seen when Discord returned to the real world and Fluttershy hadn't moved quite so far) so its not a personality so far as a version of Fluttershy in a different universe.


About that last point; it was less of an different dimension as it was Discord inversing everything in the area

How can we be sure? Even ignoring his own words, "The dimension where everything is opposite," its worth noting that when he snaps his finger the second time, Fluttershy teleports, and her personality suddenly changes.

Obviously she is aware of both her actions and words in the opposite reality in this moment, however since she didn't get Discordified, I am not sure I like the idea that he controlled or manipulated her actions.

And its hardly like its beyond Discord to teleport people to another reality for a few minutes. Really, every time he leaves his home in the realm of chaos he does exactly this.

well either way Fluttershy wasn't herself there which was the main point


Well, its not an easy concept so I applaud it for making the attempt.

This is amazing, *incoherent garbled praises* ect ect. You get the picture. I liked how Flutterrage was really just kind, despite the name.

Headcannon The only reason fluttershy has all these is cus of discord 2 direcly and the rest from his influence

So, um, I lost my brain bleach, can someone help me find it?

So, will Angel be added to the lineup at some point?

Surprised Discord didn't pop in

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