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After the events Of Fake It 'Til You Make It, Fluttershy has to say farewell to three very special 'friends'. But do they actually want to say goodbye?

Set directly after the most recent episode. Of course.

Featured from 8/4/18 to 10/4/18. Thanks all!

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This actually makes sense. They never did really explain how Fluttershy was in three places at once in the shop.

I know, right? The first thing I thought while seeing that episode was "We already have a Pinkie Pie! That's enough!":rainbowlaugh:

Of course the Mirror Pool had to be invoked.
The episode half-demanded it.

Good job, I suspect you're not the only writer to fit this epilogue onto the episode.

I loved Manehattan Fluttershy, Valley Girl Fluttershy, and Goth Fluttershy. Can't wait to read your story.


LOL. Gothershy is the best.

Something else you should've figured out by now is that bats are mammals, not rodents.

You do know that rodents are mammals too right?

Yes, but bats aren't rodents, as Snob Fluttershy thought they were. That was the point Real Fluttershy was making. :pinkiesmile:

Yeah, usually I just think 'cartoon logic', but in this case it gave me the idea for a story... :raritywink:

Thank you, and I suspect I'm not. Hopefully, I'm the first though... :rainbowdetermined2:

Hope you enjoy it! :twistnerd:

Agreed. :pinkiehappy:

Makes more sense than anything else in the episode.

Hooray, casual murder!:yay:

Alas, my writing talents were never requested for this particular episode. Darn shame, I'd have offered them a discount and all. :fluttershysad:

Nah, I tried to make the end of this fic less macabre than Too Many Pinkie Pies, hence the reason the clones were sent back to the pool, instead of being wiped out by a blast from Twi's horn. :raritywink:

I’m just saying that it implies that rodents aren’t mammals so… Yeah.

>> 8850893
I don't think that's what she was saying, but everyone's allowed their own interpretation. :scootangel:

bats are mammals, not rodents

Technically, rodents are mammals -- the have hair, give live birth and feed their young with milk. That said, bats most certainly aren't rodents -- they're chiropterans.


8851031Okay, so we're both right then. Now I just have to find someone who uses the word 'chiropteran' in everyday speech... :twistnerd:

Thank you. I liked them all, it's a shame we'll never see them again now... probably. :moustache:

I think my favorite part was the bit at the end explaining Angel's horrid behavior in the Iron Will episode.

That's always puzzled me, too. He's always been a bit naughty, but never that outright cruel again. :rainbowhuh:

Oh well, head canons exist for a reason, and I thought it provide a good twist. :pinkiesmile:

My headcanon before this story was that Angel had always been deliberately as dominant/aggressive as Fluttershy let him get away with for two reasons.
1. To push her to stand up for herself against him, where she'd feel safe to do so (his assumption)
2. To make sure nobody else could get away with doing so who didn't have her best interests at heart (in essence, pantomiming a toxic relationship to ensure she never got into a real one)
This would explain why, at the end of the episode when she did stand up to him, he immediately began to happily eat the salad she made him even if it wasn't what he was demanding...because he was that happy she was standing up for herself in a healthy way.

...in essence, my headcanon was Angel had taken it upon himself to be Fluttershy's 'tough love' life coach...without bothering to tell Fluttershy or anyone else that's what he was doing.

Headcanon accepted.

Let's set the Mirror Pool in flames.


That would get you a reflection of fire.

This...actually answers so much and throws up so many questions at the same time. One thing I didn't like about the otherwise really good episode was the somewhat abrupt ending. Fluttershy just gave up her personalities and that was that. I'm not really saying I want repercussions but I do hope Fluttershy starts to deal with her new vice. She isn't nearly as shy as she was anymore if anything she's prone to nerves. Freaking out because you have no idea how to run a shop or are just out of your depth in general, is very different from being scared of any and all social interaction. She's managed to overcome that, but in doing so she's given wake to a completely different set of problems. She stops being herself and goes overboard, which was demonstrated clearly in this episode but crops up in others. She's actually quite aggressive when asserting herself, even to her friends. It's as if she hasn't quite found the balance yet. Which I love, problems evolve the same way a T. rex became a chicken, but they need to deal with this new problem to keep it interesting.

Your story took the episode in a different light, explaining why Fluttershy would be able to come out of her hallucinations so easily. Is hallucination the right word, or would it be machinations? Honestly, it's probably neither. Anyway... It does raise the question of how someone who is not Rainbow Dash is able to get from Manehatten to Ponyville in the space of a few minutes but that's no more egregious than the constant clothes changing. I enjoyed how you had all of the Fluttershy's play off one another, and the idea of Fluttershy actually teaching her counterparts those personalities is an interesting thought. It's sort of like looking at how you would react to certain people and situations if instinct and history were not factors. Remove those and even the same person can act wildly different to what is essentially the same situation.

I wonder where the clones went... Is walking back into the mirror pool different from being banished there? In Too Many Pinkie Pies, I'm pretty sure Twilight was banishing them rather than just fizzling them. What's it like in the mirror pool? Do they just go back to being spooky water or is it another dimension where all clones can party? Who knows, I don't have access to it myself funnily enough. Fluttershy did make a pretty big risk in going there with the clones since they can make copies of themselves. Three becomes six, which then becomes twelve and then twenty-four. Soon there's more Fluttershy's than you could shake a stick at and all of Equestria is brought to their knees under the tyranny of The Stare! Celestia resigns and goes into exile, Luna hides in Twilight's dreams and stalks her during the night, while playing video games by day. Animals are given equal rights to ponies(yeah I know technically ponies are animals but the show logic only stretches so far), and Discord becomes so powerful in the ensuing chaos that he breaks the fourth wall into a thousand pieces and has an eternal party with Pinkie Pie and Deadpool.

Okay...maybe I shouldn't have so much coffee this late at night. Actually, I haven't had any but who's counting. It's nice to see you back with a short, pretty enjoyable read that gave my brain too much to think about. Hehehe, I eagerly await your next piece, while I go and make sure that Discord isn't trying to sneak up my toilet pan again. Fourth wall breaks are strange. Have a nice day!

:facehoof: I'm slipping, I should have known exactly the concept behind this from just the title.

That said, headcanon accepted.

That headcanon was perfectly clear by the end of Fortressshy, :pinkiehappy:

How close is Manehattan to Ponyville, that she can just rush back, get some cloning done, and return same day? (Not to mention the problem of sneaking identical former supermodel quadruplets through a crowded city without it becoming news of the day.) :twilightsmile:

And Pinkie Pie Clone hiding in Manehattern is terrified at seeing more of her sisters meet their end.

About as plausible as Fluttershy being able to change costume in a less than a second constantly throughout the episode without anypony noticing, like the time when Rarity to fired her... them... wut. :applejackconfused:

Isn't it an ancient, historical, protected landmark? Ponyville's history must be preserved!! :rainbowdetermined2:

Don't worry, unlike the Pinkie clones, these ones are just... on hiatus. :twistnerd:

A great, thorough review as usual. How do you find the time to write them... :pinkiegasp:


Head canons are a beautiful thing. :moustache:


Perfectly normal for Pinkie Pie, actually. In fact, it makes more sense if all Fluttershies in this episode were played by Pinkie Pie, except for Pinkie Pie, who is Fluttershy in disguise.

Are you on a mission to confuse? Because if you are, all I can do is congratulate you on a job well done. Pinkie would be so proud. :derpyderp1: :pinkiehappy:


Then my work is done. Yoiks and away!

Mirror pool? I was expecting changelings.

Really clever idea introducing the Mirror Pool - the whole story fits together perfectly.
Good twist at the end too!
Loved it!

When is she going to figure out that wasn't me, back then? I was off visiting friends in the woods, so I used the pool myself to 'fix' the situation. If only I could talk, I'd have warned her and Pinkie not to mess with it in the first place. It never ends happily. Oh well...


8852696 Yeah, it's as if fanfic writers know the world-building better and how to make full use of long-standing continuity than the people who get paid to make the show.

PS: That tends to be a sign the show is in a coma, hooked up to a bypass machine and the electricity just went out. :unsuresweetie:


Eh... oh... 12,823 fics already did that idea. :rainbowlaugh:

Umm... it's a mix of really fast typing mixed with an even faster brain and the fact that my bedroom is actually a crashed TARDIS. So whenever I need to write a really long review I just eat some of the time vortex and voila. Hehe, but no in all serious my brain just goes at 100 miles an hour and travels down seven different trains of thought at once. It's fun until they all derail at once.

I'm more surprised the mirror pool isn't used more in general. "Starlight-vs-mirror pool Starlight clone" practically writes itself.

Nice concept. Though don't all the mirror pool clones have the same personality as the main host?

Who can forget the bouncy castle? Every big bash must have one, it's tradition after all.

clears throat

...one bouncy castle? One? It isn't a real soiree unless you can accrue a 2nd one, and a water slide.

I think the clones just take a single aspect of a personality, Pinkie wanted to have funs her clones were all single mindedly wanting to just have fun

Because you know I'm like, a level five raw vegan, which means I can't digest anything that casts a shadow

So she just lives off a liquid diet of literally just water.


didn't think it was possible to have negative character development but flutter-shy found a way

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