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Experimenting with the magical mirror that bridges dimensions have yielded strange results. Including magic underpants for some strange reason. Unfortunately for Sunset Shimmer and Twilight, one pair went missing. Surely nothing too terrible could happen, right?

This was a commission for a patron, and is a little different, though its still rated E technically.

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Comments ( 7 )

Very interesting idea for a story. Pretty well written too.

I’m confused.

I smell a Skirts...

Can we get glass slippers to go along with these weirdly dimensioned woman?

“It couldn't hurt, right?” She asked the empty room.

How do you like your words? Boiled or deep-fried? :ajsmug:

Okay. I'm no connoiseur of fashion, but by any standard, i think clothing that explodes isn't a good fashion choice.

Oh well. Either way, this story gets 10 points on the :yay:itude meter fo being so a,using.

Got a good idea who made the commission. Haven't talked with them in a real long time.

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