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I figured out what a short bio is- Luna will win, whoever questions it, I WILL use my pocket knife...


My Name Is ALEXANDER HAMILTON! · 11:14am Oct 7th, 2017

Hi, I'm obsessed with the musical Hamilton by Lin Manuel Miranda. Don't question it...
Honestly, I think it's making me want to be American. Not that there is anything wrong with America, I like it.

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2415299 I can't get any pics up on my laptop at the moment for some reason.

You must not have hit the reply button on my comment when I last commented, so the site never told me you replied. If it's still something you have laying around, I'd love to see the art you made! As an artist especially, I find it very flattering that my written work inspired you to draw!

I also want to thank you for adding Tantabus to your favorites! If you havent yet, maybe check out its prequels and it's sequel. You can find them in the story description of Tantabus if you're interested. :twilightsmile:

sorry about all the faves, it wouldn't work the first time, so I did it again.

Thanks, I love it, even if I haven't finished yet, but it's SO RAINBOW. It could never be UN-RAINBOW.:heart:

Thank you for adding my story, A Pop Star, a Princess, and a Prisoner to your Favourites. :twilightsmile:

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