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Paradox Theory

You cannot just expect happiness, you have to create it. ~A great many people.



I suppose that's the first word that pops into my head when I think of this situation.

Here I am, in the Captain's Cabin of a spaceship. My captain's cabin. . .my spaceship. I was made a commander of a ship full of creatures known as humans, who are followers of some cult called "Cerberus".

A man who says he's like "The Illusive Man, but new" asked me and my friends to help him save the galaxy from this threat. He says they came after the reapers. Without these "Relays" to travel the galaxy, Cerberus is stuck in our solar system, and until the relay is fixed we won't be able to leave.

So, new aliens. New ship. New "Illusive Man". New Mission. New Home.

My name is Twilight Sparkle. Commander Twilight Sparkle of the SR2 Harmony. My mission is to find a way to take my home back.

Or die trying.

Note: While this fic may not give as many choices to you, the readers, there will still be choices for you guys to vote on. So please, be sure to read the author notes and vote with your comment.

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Stonewall, a wandering pony who just wants to find some peace and quiet goes to Ponyville after hearing that it might give him what he's looking for.

Now if only that one pink pony would leave him alone, he'd blend in.

Then the past won't follow him, right?

Rated teen for some language, and some sexuality.

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During one of their meetings in the Lloyd Center of Portland Oregon, Jeffery Cobalt and Freddie Hellingson find the main characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Can they help these displaced girls find their way home before all chaos happens?

Fat chance, but, it's still gon be fun.

Rated teen for innuendos.

Kombatant Champion is the one who gave me the title. Thx much.

April 8th 2016: Put on hiatus.

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This story is a sequel to Turnabout Time

A royal coup, a friend in need, and a murder that should have been forgotten.

These are the trials the new attorney Malum Prohibitum will have to face. Join him and a few others as they investigate murder cases to find the truth.

Takes place about a year after Turnabout Time.

Contains the last three cases in the Turnabout Equus series.

Chapters (18)

This story is a sequel to Turnabout Bully

Just after the events of Turnabout Bully, Rarity goes to Canterlot to defend Twilight after Twilight is accused of using a time spell.

Now, with a rookie attorney by her side, Rarity must take on all of Canterlot to find the truth.

But will the prestigious Durum Circa get his guilty verdict?

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to Diaries of a Traitor part One: The Letter

I suppose this is what I'm meant to do. . . . my father has gathered a group of villians by the name of "The Elements of Disharmony" and plans to overthrow Celestia.

Me and my friends are tasked with finding and capturing them. But first we are sent to the Crystal Empire, to discuss some matters with Princess Cadence.

And we have another mission: Find our missing friend.

This, is the diaries of a so called "traitor". But I intend to prove them wrong. Because I am Swift Justice, son of General Spring Gust. And Celestia's last hope.

EDIT: Rated teen for violence in later chapters.

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After finding out about a game that could help them find their cutie marks, The CMC and 9997 other people are trapped inside a death game.

Follow the story of Scootaloo as she learns what it means to fly, fight, and survive in a world of nightmares.

Arcs: (Will be updated as the chapters arrive)
Arc one: Welcome to Hell. Scootaloo and friends must adjust to life in the game. Chapters 1-

Based on the anime: SAO: Sword Art Online.

This used to be a collaboration with Wish I Was There, go check out her work!

The crusaders are pre season 5.

UPDATE as of April 8 2016: Put on temporary hiatus.
UPDATE: as of May 25th 2016: Cancelled due to leaving the site.

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A stormy night, a homely mansion, and Diamond Tiara found dead.
The main suspect? Applebloom.

Can Rarity and Applejack clear her name?

(just wanted to try out this kind of story, may not be finished for a long time)

Special Thanks to LightOfTriumph for pre-reading this.

This is the first book in the Turnabout Equus series.

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Swift Justice was an average Pegasus, who was treated like a traitor by everypony. Almost broke and completely homeless, Swift goes to Las Pegasus to gamble, only to be given the chance to prove his loyalty.

But can he deliver the message in 30 days? And will his five new companions try to stop him? Or help him?

Mane Six tag added for involvement in later chapters.

From Swift's POV

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This story is a sequel to Rise of the Creators

"So," I asked, "This was your plan? Bring the Creators back to start a never ending war?"

Death just stood there, quiet as ever.

"So, How should I stop you?" I asked him, pacing back and forth, Then I heard the song.

I smiled.

"Then that's what I'll do. . . " I whispered, "I'll tell you a story. The story of a man who united the universe, and survived the end."

It started with a blue unicorn, delivering a grave message. . .

Paradox created the void to stop the creators, but one got away.

The final chapter in the Creators Trilogy.

Chapters alternate between Twilight's and Paradox's Point of View. (POV)

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