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Faded pictures bleached by sun, the tale's told, the summer's done. In memories, the pines still play, on a sunny summer's day.


When Sunset and friends are whisked away to spend a few weeks bonding at Camp Everfree, they're less than stoked. Greeted by a falling-apart camp, smelly food, moldy showers, and staff who don't seem to have their heads screwed on straight, the girls believe their fate is sealed.

That is until one fateful night when the girls happen across something that may just turn legend into reality.

Although part of the series, this does not follow my previous Friendship Games' canon, and instead follows the proper movie canon. Spoilers are abound, so read at your own risk.

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Continue on. The Emperor commands it.

Yes, do go on.

And yeah, I was wondering where Pinkie Pie was too. I was so prepared to glare at you over the Internet if you forgot the one and only Pinkie Pie.

great first chapter! you really did bring sunsets andtwilights feelings and emotions really nicely! well done to you! it will be a pleasure to wait for the next chapter!

Your wishes shall soon be granted, Emperor Hirohito.
It's great to know that people enjoy what I write, thanks so much! :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by King Shugoki deleted Feb 14th, 2016

No bear will be mauling or attacking her on our watch -- though it would be kind of awesome.

Nope. Very OOC.

6933574 ....I have no defense for that, it does sound super OOC. Oops! :twilightoops:

Yeah. Can you edit it? She wouldn't leave her friends behind.

6935165 Oh yeah, I probably should edit that. Thanks for the reminder!

Can't wait for Gloriosa (and possibly Clover Berry).

I don't recall any news over what EG4 is about but I noticed other stories about Everfree camp. Is this a prediction or have I missed something

6935936 It's revealed that the movie will be about the girls going to camp, and throwing a 'Crystal Ball' to save it from closing. (They will also meet a character named Gloriosa).

We just like to make story predictions / parodies on the movies before major information is revealed! :rainbowwild:

Ok good to know. Considering the end to eg3 will Equestria Twilight have some involvement?

6938434 I can't say, it counts as spoilers!

No I'm talking about the actual movie not the fanfic

6939838 Oh, sorry. I think she might have some involvement as in writing to her, but the creators said they want to shift the focus away from Princess Twilight in Equestria Girls.

Ok. Well guess we will find out soon

If this goes how I think it goes, I'm pretty sure that Twilight Velvet has reason to be worried. After all, since when have the girls had a major event in their lives (in the past year or so at least) that has not ended up with some kind of magical catastrophe that has left them fighting for their lives?

I was also wondering about Pinkie Pie until she woke up. Sleeping under suitcases is strangely comfortable. Please continue with this story. Ive been cautious about all the Legends of Everfree fics on this site but I think you have potential.

I'm wondering if either both Twilights will be in the movie or just one of them. I'd be cool to see how they'd both interact. Onwards!!

This is amazing. I mean... this might just be the cure to cancer! I'll call president Kanye West and let him know.
Really, though, this story is awesome. If I could high-five you, I would.

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