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Faded pictures bleached by sun, the tale's told, the summer's done. In memories, the pines still play, on a sunny summer's day.

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When Sunset and friends are whisked away to spend a few weeks bonding at Camp Everfree, they're less than stoked. Greeted by a falling-apart camp, smelly food, moldy showers, and staff who don't seem to have their heads screwed on straight, the girls believe their fate is sealed.

That is until one fateful night when the girls happen across something that may just turn legend into reality.

Although part of the series, this does not follow my previous Friendship Games' canon, and instead follows the proper movie canon. Spoilers are abound, so read at your own risk.

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It's time for the 10th annual Friendship Games, and the Wondercolts are determined to beat Crystal Prep to end their losing streak.

Until they realize that Crystal Prep has a new student, one who might change things up a little. And that she is starting to get on to the six magical girls that go to Canterlot High.

Which school will win and earn the title of Friendship Games Champion?

Made entirely before the trailer came out.

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