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Feline Fluff is very romantically unstable mare.:applejackunsure:

First it's Double Diamond-

(Art by XStellar_Bubbles)

Then it was Spellbound Amour-

(Art by FelineFluff)

And now it is Lightning Crystal!

(Art by Lightning Crystal)

The only problem is that Spellbound doesn't know she is cheating on him with another stallion.:pinkiegasp:

This ship is the OC's of Lightning Crystal and FelineFluff

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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage!!

408326 we would love one! I'm already one, except I do nothing:rainbowlaugh:

need a administrator? im very responsible!

408176 sure, i'll send you my email

408164 Google Docs? I can open one and invite you to edit:pinkiehappy:

408161 So do I, let's write it together!

408160 :pinkiegasp: it totally would!! I wanna write it:rainbowkiss:

408159 I think it'd make for an amazing story!:rainbowwild:

408155 its awesome, thanks!:pinkiehappy:

Awesome!:rainbowlaugh: Although people already know it's a group. Wouldn't "LightningFluff Shippers" or "LightningFluff" be easier to remember?:twilightsmile:

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