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Dont question the ship. Because shipping is magic. Also the alt/new main account of RainbowLightin

Who the fuck is this Scrub

well I good sirs am just a random scrub on the internet.

I'm an artist
I am obsessed with Undertale and Gravity Falls
My best internet friends. Too many to list

WELL HAVE FUN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2294385 I was just asking because of this. My bad.

2227008 I'm pretty sure I would remember if I was

Didn't you used to be following me?

2203162 because of your awesomeness and whatnot, also Discorded Whooves

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The rules to my ships.

1. Never question them.

2. Never critisise them.

3. Have fun.

Ma Art be Priceless

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