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I'm new to the MLP community, but writing is my passion. So why not explore? :pinkiehappy: I'm a 16 year old girl named Rachel. Don't be afraid to talk to me! I love making new friends.


OMG IM SO POPULAR!! · 8:54pm May 5th, 2016

Like, just look at my follower count!!!:pinkiegasp::rainbowkiss: you're all my best friends!!:yay:

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2191132 Your story!

I have a thing for OC stories it's wierd...

2182485 yay!! :yay: I will not steal the cookies:rainbowwild:

2178040 Can't wait to see what? Who are you??:raritydespair:

Welcome to hell, also known as the FIM fandom, We're quite friendly her Unless you steal our hard earned cookies AND I AM THERE RULER!!!!

Boy, can't wait to see it :pinkiehappy:. You got me pumped.

2176066 Thank you for the kind welcome:twilightsmile:

2177046 Thank you for the watch. Have a follow in return! :twilightsmile:

2176071 that was such a funny video! Cool, thank you for commenting. I will go follow you.

Welcome to Fimfiction!

Welcome to my wolf pack. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the watch!

Oh, and if I can interest you in some new groups, you can find them here: New Groups. I'm a group collector, you see?

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