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[Reminder: This is HUMAN Sunset, not Sunset from Equestria.]
Sunrise Light and Sunset Shimmer were the best of friends when they were little. One day, Sunset left and they didn't talk again..until 12 years later. What happened, and what will happen to their friendship? Or..will they become something more than friends?
Cover art drawn by Snow Bullet !
A big thank you to my editors and proofreaders:
Grand Muff Ragga_Muffin
Also, a big thank you to all of the PoME CP authors that let me use their OC's in the (or later in) the story! Go check out their stories:
The Glimmer in the Snow by Snow Bullet
Don't Sugarcoat It by Lunar Shadow
Love Behind a Lie by Heavenly Quill
Through my Soul and Through your Heart by FrostGuardian
Bittersweet Romance by SkeletonsInYerCloset
(Also, another big thank you to BlueSun52 for letting me use human Sunset for my story!)

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(Gore tag for self-harm and dark thoughts.)
I know they fake it.
I know they talk about me when they think I can't hear them.
All the promises broken.
All the rumors.
All the nightmares keeping me up at night.
Is it even worth it?
[Set after Equestria Girls, but before Rainbow Rocks.]

Chapters (2)

(I am re-writing this story right now, that is why chapters are being deleted!)
Sunset is feeling something she's never felt before... love.
Even in Equestria , Sunset has never been in an relationship ..
Flash dosent count ... she just used him for popularity in Canterlot High.
But , now , Sunset feels it . For real this time.
[Set after Rainbow Rocks, but before Friendship Games.]

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