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Fellow Railfan Brony who thinks characters like Spike and Flash Sentry need more love.


Out of curiosity, Spike creates a successful love potion. Unfortunately, the Mane 6 drink it and fall in love with him. Will Spike realize what is going on and cure his friends? Or will he use this to an advantage? Based on Spike el Casanova by EMVARE on Fanfiction.net

(Rated Teen just in case)

Chapters (15)
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hm... (before I started reading) is it the same story as the english story that was on FanFiction? or just a similar one?

I always thought the day before the wedding is the Bachelor party.

Me:I bet the 12th chapter is a climactic 6 way brawl for is love, which will probably go-onger for enough time for them to not look a spike for an hour in order for the spell to be broken! Brilliant unless this potions effects are different from the one in the Hearts and Hooves day epis-

Derpy: I'm sorry but did you just say Go-onger instead of Go on?

Me: Yeah as in Engine Sentai Go-Onger!


2655232 Same from Fanfiction.net.

2655767We'll just have to see.

Snips: "Dude go for the harem!"
Snails: "...or herd!"

2656454LOL it might end up happening.:pinkiecrazy:

2656462 Sorry, what meant I was seeing how badly
everything escalated. Spike is in a lose-lose situation.

1.) Administer cure and come clean on his motives for the potion.
Deal with the wrath of the Mane 6, the residents of Ponyville
& the Apple family by extention.
Due to the amount of bits spent on invitations, the cake, the tux,
the dress, and train tickets; bits they aren't getting back.
Thick scales or not; Spike is likely to get his teeth knocked out.

2.) Stand idlely by and allow thier friendship go down in flames.

2656555 True. But he did manage to fix it.

2656559 Wow the Mane 6 six and everypony were merciful.

2656977Yes it is, but it's not over yet.

2656982 Perhaps. But also an epilogue.

2656986 Sweet.
A link to the sequel.

2656998 Sequel hasn't been made yet.

2657000 Ignore that earlier comment. It'll be a link to the sequel.

2657753Thanks. Which part did you like most?

:eeyup: hay isn't their a sequel?

Why is half the chapter italic, shouldn't that just be for the fantasy scenes?:unsuresweetie:

Rainbow Dash is in love with yourself.:rainbowlaugh:

I take it Spikes gonna make the real antidote it the sequeal?

:twilightsmile: "I did read it in the books, Spike."
:moustache: "Oh, horse..."

2662190Actually they were already cured before the wedding. Wedding was arranged.

2662252 but didn't Jokesterrap find out the cure was incomplete thus had only a temporary effect?

2662269Yes, but then they made an actual cure and cured them. But Celestia still arranged the marriage.

:eeyup:" Then, did you thought that could seduce my sister, eeyup?"

Didn't The magic fell after one hour without see Spike?

2662328This is a different love potion.

2663364Spike is doomed!:raritydespair: Not for long!:pinkiecrazy:

How will Spike get out of this jam?

2663377You'll have to keep reading to find out.

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