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I appreciate the fave on "Equestria: Civil War". Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

2277596 Of course it's all an act. I've been trying to show bronies what they sound like this whole time every time they bitch and moan over something in a kids' cartoon. Even MrEnter had more mature responses to stuff that's out of place in any kids' cartoon than they ever will.

2277495 Er Pretend to be that way?

Yeah it appears that some in the community appears to have issues of oh I dunno actually respecting someone's opinion when they view the same whatever as someone else does.

Gee, those three groups that you're in? I've been kicked out of all of them. Dumb bronies really don't like the way I pretend to be obnoxious with them just to show 'em what they sound like.

You do know I have returned, right?

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